Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jackpot winner - spoiler alert: it wasn't me

When training for my first marathon, hitting new distances for the first time on my long runs was always an exciting little boost. Now I'm getting that same adrenaline high on the bike while training for the half ironman. Yesterday Lily and I hit 40 miles for the first time, and while it nearly killed me, it also felt good (when it was over).

I had a half day of work to kick off spring break, so once I was finally freed from that never ending hell, it was time for the big ride. I was actually pretty nervous going in, 40 miles just seemed SO far. 

This ride had it all - busy rush hour traffic with little to no shoulder, uphills that destroyed my will to live, and downhills that I was positive were actually going to take away my ability to live. I honestly haven't been frightened (nervous maybe) going down hills recently, but we went down one never ending, winding route that looked like it was going to drop us off the edge of the earth. When we finally reached the bottom, Lily pulled up next to me and said "I'm not scared of hills, but I was praying for my life on that one" and even Mike, the expert cyclist, had to brake on the way down. We had plenty of time to discuss all this because we couldn't continue until Lily and I waited for our hands to stop shaking.
40 miles and still smiling
40.5 miles, total ascent 4,031 feet, top speed 38.6 mph. Next time you are going around 36mph in a car, stop for a second and imagine going that speed without all that nice protective steel around you. It's a little nerve wracking.

Despite all that, I really enjoyed the majority of the ride. We got to see all sorts of beautiful views and multi - million dollar houses.

After the ride, we enjoyed a night filled with all of my favorite things - pajamas, delicious food, wine, and frozen yogurt. Last year, I kicked off spring break by going to dinner with Lily and Jackie. This year, we decided to up the ante and get Indian takeout and eat it on Jackie's couch in our pajamas. It was the right choice. Jackie introduced me to my new favorite red wine. 

I never would have guessed that my late 20s would have just as many slumber parties as my early teens did, but I'm quite pleased with that fact.

As always, I was quite the wild party animal.

I would have thought such a fabulous night would have been impossible to top, but I returned home today to a package in the mail. My mom got me this:

Seriously - best mom ever.
I did have a bit of a let down when I woke up this morning and realized that someone in Baltimore County was $640 million dollars richer, and yet it wasn't me. I can't believe the winner was so close!

What's the FIRST thing you would do if you won the jackpot? The absolute most immediate crazy purchase you would make? Don't say donate to charity, that's all well and good, but it's no fun to fantasize about. I can't decide on the first thing, but I'd definitely start my own marathon. The way to qualify would be to prove you are slower than me, so I would win.


  1. I'd enter every race I've ever dreamed of entering and oh yeah, QUIT MY FREAKING JOB! But I like your idea better.

  2. The first thing I'd do if I won the jackpot would be to pay off our house. Man, I'm thrilling.

    40 miles is a long ass way to go. Doesn't it boggle your mind that you've run further??

  3. Does it count if I pay off my mortgage and our student loans right away? If that's unacceptable, then I'd probably go out and hire a maid right away. I hate cleaning.

  4. I would quit my job ASAP!!!!
    Holy crap 36mph? I'd be terrified.

  5. That's an awesome marathon idea.

  6. Yeah, I'm not so exciting either...I'd pay off students loans, etc! But after that? Probably open an outdoor ed program for special needs kiddos... will the excitement never end?!

  7. The first thing I would have done with the money would be to buy a bigger house and pay off my student loans and van!! Then I'd hire a maid. Scary fast times on your ride, wow 36 mph eek!! LOVE the shirt!! I cannot wait to see who they use for Finnick in the next movie, yum!

  8. Great start to Spring Break! That sounds quite scary to go that fast on a bike. You guys are intense!

  9. hey - give yourself some credit, you made it to 11pm before you passed out on the couch...that is way past all of our bedtimes :-) and i would also pay off the mortgage and student loans IMMEDIATELY...and then maybe buy some cute running gear :-) great riding with guys today!

  10. I'm with Kara, I'd pay off the house, then renovate it.

    You guys are animals with that bike ride!

  11. I wouldn't pay off my house, I'd buy a different one. And hire a nanny to make training easier. I know, wild woman.


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