Monday, March 19, 2012

How the old people celebrate St. Patty's Day

The transition from my early 20s to late 20s turned St. Patrick's Day from this:

Into this:

I was supposed to go out for another wild St. Patrick's Day like the good old days, but after getting back from the race at close to 6pm, it didn't happen. Eric could barely move, I wasn't feeling great, and we were both totally over being in huge crowds.

However, I'm never too tired or ill to meet my BFFs for some frozen yogurt.

Check out that hot outfit.
 We had to walk through the bar scene to get there so we took a "drunk pic" to fit in.

Not spending Sunday hungover was especially beneficial for my Half Ironman training. Lily and I did our longest ever bike ride, 36.5 miles. The weather was gorgeous and my legs felt fantastic, but for the last ten miles my neck, shoulders, and back were killing me. I think I need to work on shifting my posture more. Or bring advil.

Goal this week: Don't suck at life. In terms of waking up to work out. So far, I'm one for one with a one hour swim this morning. Tomorrow I have an evening bike ride planned so I'm really already 2 for 2. 

Happy Hunger Games week! 3 days until my life is complete.


  1. Happy Hunger Games week to you too! I was so excited when Jeff told me yesterday that we should get a babysitter because he wants to see it too. I guess all of those times I made him watch the trailer actually paid off. :)

  2. I'll be going to see Hunger Games alone next weekend. Blah! You and Kara need to both come down and watch it with me :)

    1. what's this? I'm not invited!?

    2. You can probably see it with us on Friday night unless you are unavailable.

  3. I ate tons of treats last night and still woke up this morning. I wonder if it'll last.

    Happy Hunger Games week to you! I can't wait!

  4. oh, i guess i should read the hunger games now!

    i was rockin the compression gear on SPD and went to bed at 9:30.

  5. When your back gets too sore, you're supposed to stop, climb off the bike, pick it up, and jog until you feel better.

  6. I refer to st. Patrick's day as amateur hour-- cannot handle it! I went home after spending the day outside and read a book...all night.... by myself. Is this what happens when you turn 30?!

  7. I love the "drunk picture to fit in"! Great job on the bike ride!


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