Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A nagging concern

This past weekend I saw The Hunger Games twice within 24 hours. Now all I want to do is watch it every single day. There is also one, and only one, concern in my life right now. 

WHO WILL PLAY FINNICK? This has really been plaguing me. Especially with my plan of going to NC when they start filming to be a professional stalker. 

I do have one other slight concern. Seeing the movie made me a little nervous about my eventual motherhood (notice I said "eventually", this is not a hint). Not because I fear a new government policy that will involve reaping children into death arenas, but because I got only 5 hours of sleep after the movie, and was completely unable to function the following day. (Obviously I pulled it together to see the movie again, but that was it). Then I slept for like 10 hours the next night. I've reached the age where I have many friends with children, and from what I hear, that's not going to fly.

I know it's not exactly typecasting, but I really feel Dolvett could nail the Finnick role. 
Can't you just see him with a Trident?

One time this used to be a blog where I talked about training for races, so I'll try to get over my HG obsession and move back to that. I woke up Saturday to a notification (I love you iPhone) that my group ride was canceled since it was pouring outside with crazy thunderstorms. That basically killed my entire motivation to do anything movement related all day. I managed to get in an hour on the trainer with Felicity, and an hour of intense dancing at the bar later that night. I was sweating and had to put my hair up, so it counts.

Sunday was also supposed to be full of thunderstorms, so Lily and I decided to postpone our long bike ride until this Friday, when she has off and I have a half day of work. The sun was out by 3 or 4 pm, so, technically I could have done something other than read a book all day. FAIL. To be fair, I did manage to walk to the car so Eric could take me to DQ for a blizzard. I'm a true role model of health.

Monday was full of further fails. I didn't get up to swim in the morning. After work, I took my bike off the trainer, strapped it to my car, and headed to a group ride, only to discover that the beltway was a parking lot, so I got off at the nearest exit, went home, and put the bike back on the trainer and did a spin DVD.

Football players motivate me

One time Ray Lewis had a restaurant, and I went there, and there were mice running around under the tables. This was a better experience with his products. I nearly died doing this workout.

This morning I made up my missed swim workout, and even managed to use my own towel afterwards. Additionally, Emily from Journey to the Center of Manhattan suggested I do a ladder speed workout in the pool. Having looked up the time cutoff for my HIM yesterday, it wasn't a moment too soon to work on some speed in the pool. Doing speed intervals felt insanely tough but it also made the hour fly by, and apparently made me look hardcore, because the lifeguard complimented me after I was finished.

Are you able to function on a lack of sleep? Should I start building up my tolerance now so when the time comes I can easily survive on 40 minutes a night?

Does dancing count as a workout, if it's serious dancing? We were the only ones on the dance floor and we were really working it.


  1. When you have a kid, you're able to get by on less sleep. It's like biology magic at work. I was once like you.

    Dancing must be a workout or those Zumba chicks are living in a fantasy world.

    I pictured Finnick as a Ryan Renolds type. Rawr.

    1. Ryan Reynolds. Yes. Please.

      Also, I feel you on fearing parenthood. I get annoyed when I'm petsitting and my parents' dog wakes me up early.

    2. This is true. I swear I needed less sleep the second that peestick said pregnant.

  2. i like sleep and lots of it. i can function on 1 night of little sleep then i need to make up for it.

    serious dancing does count as a workout, especially if you had to put your hair up :)

  3. I started to re-read hg last night in preparation for finally seeing the movie this weekend....and it promptly made me stay up WAY past my bedtime. I'm working on 5 hours today and I don't like it!! :)

  4. 1. Dancing is absolutely, 100% a workout.
    2. Chris Hemsworth would be a perfect Finnick but I don't know if both brothers could be in the same movie.

  5. You completely neglected to mention our marathon of text messaging on Saturday. It's ok, I see how it is.

    I sleep for like 9 hours a night and could go for more. Having children is out of the question. Good thing I didn't want any to begin with.

    My weekend was full of workout fails, too, but yesterday's running was fantastic, so I'm willing to deal with weekend failure.

  6. I'm sorry, I didn't really hear anything you just said after that picture of Dolvett. He's yummy.

  7. Dancing totally counts as a workout, it's cross-training! Especially if you get sweaty!
    And I have no idea how people get by on less sleep. I can barely get out of bed when I get 8 hours.
    p.s. What plan are you using to train for the half Ironman?

  8. I'm glad you liked it!! The ladder is one of my favorites.

  9. Is there anything that Dolvett would be bad at honestly?

  10. It depends on your clothing. If you're wearing a running costume, or a workout costume of any type, it counts. Otherwise no.

  11. If you put on your running shoes and your camelbak to go swimming, it counts triple!

  12. Sleep while you can. Trust me, once you have a baby your needs will change and being up all night will be blissful....okay, not every night. But the first night I didn't want to shut my eyes for a wink and baby was zonked out all night.

    And hey, once you have a baby you should take naps too. Have you heard when the baby sleeps, sleep. DO IT! I didn't for awhile and it caught up to me. Granted, I was taking classes online to get my MBA so nap time was homework time but hey, life is great with kids!

  13. I'm still missing sleep and my kid is almost 8 months old, so I get that.

    But after reading about the rodents running around under the tables, I lost every other thought about this post.


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