Sunday, February 26, 2012

Valentine's Day

Saturday was supposed to be my first long bike ride. On Friday night, when there were tornado warnings and expected 30mph winds, it was canceled. My plan said to do a 75 minute run on Sunday, so I flip flopped the two days. It's weird to think of running in minutes, not miles. I did 8 miles in 73 minutes and called it a day. Even with the winds, I felt great.

My actual Valentine's Day was excellent - tons of chocolates from my students, a hilarious card from my parents, and flowers from my husband. Let's be serious though - Valentine's Day is all about romance. And no one does romance better than girls. So I was truly excited to celebrate (a tad late) with my girls.

Quite a while ago, Carolyn, Casi, Lily, and I planned an epic celebration. We started out with some romantic ice skating, complete with hand holding. Not much though, as we were busy dodging the 864 small children that were on the rink. 95% of them were better skaters than me.

We risked our lives attempting to stop and take this picture, and it didn't even have our skates in it.

Another guy risked his life when Carolyn grabbed him and demanded he take this picture.
After about an hour, we decided to quit while we were ahead with no broken bones, and left to get some coffee. A night this epic required extra caffeine.

After coffee, we got my favorite dinner ever, Wegmans subs, and ate them in my favorite way - snuck into a movie theater. 

Action movies are strictly to do funny poses in front of, not to watch.
 We saw The Vow. Two of us thought it was just ok, two of us loved it. Personally, I thought it was no Breaking Dawn, but staring at Rachel McAdams for two hours made up for it.

After The Vow, we stopped for frozen yogurt. We planned to eat it at my house, with wine, while watching a second movie where Rachel McAdams can't remember who her husband was, so I brought a cooler.

Food porn
 You can't tell but mine had 4 kinds of yogurt, brownies, reese's, oreos, and nutella, among other toppings.

Tell me this doesn't look like the best night of any woman's life

Eric was too frightened to come take a picture of all four of us.

Now The Notebook - there's a good movie. Combine Kiwi and Pear flavors into wine - also a good choice. Eric hid in the bedroom all night terrified. Probably another wise choice because he would have come out to the tissue box being passed around to four sobbing girls.

Be honest - would you rather spend Valentine's Day with your significant other, or have a day like this with friends? Eric is great to hang out with and all, but a husband will never sob to The Notebook. Sometimes you just need your besties.


  1. This is enough to make me wish I lived closer to Baltimore and knowing my opinion of that city, that's saying a lot. :)

    I think girls are much better at Valentine's day! Plus with girls you can cry at stupid movies without your husband laughing at you. Not that mine would. Nope.

    I have to admit that I didn't think The Notebook was romantic. I was upset that James Marsters got the shaft and he seemed nice. Poor sucker.

  2. i love the notebook - it's one of my favorite movies. and i generally hate all that sappy crap too. but, yes, that sounds like an awesome v-day.

  3. I wanted to see the Vow but the hubby wouldn't do it. I am jealous of your girl's night. Totally need to stage one! Yum!

  4. Yeah, your night with the girls looks better. Although, um...I needed hubby a little on V-day. Men are good for something, let's not forget that.

  5. That looks like such a fun night! I would definitely rather watch soppy movies with girlfriends than with hubby. Wine, frozen yogurt and the Notebook? Heaven.

  6. Next year, I want to be your valentine.

  7. I'm with Kara on The Notebook. And Ryan Gosling was so pushy. Anyways, I would love to do something like that with friends! My husband is not romantic and he hates movies like that.

  8. Food porn! Man, we need to live closer. I could probably live on frozen yogurt.

  9. I spent V-Day with my running group, so I guess that answers that question. :)

  10. Allan will never read this so I'll go ahead and admit that if he isn't being romantic I'd rather spend Valentine's Day with my girls!


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