Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A self esteem boost for YOU!

Sometimes you need to feel better about yourself, and the only way to get there is to compare yourself to someone inferior. For example, going to Walmart if you are feeling ugly. I'm privileged to have to opportunity to  give everyone who reads my blog that self esteem boost this morning.

Our friends left our Super Bowl party around 10 or 10:30 Sunday night, so I could have gone straight to bed and gotten up to work out, except I stayed up until midnight watching To Catch a Predator with Eric. We've been addicted to Chris Hansen's one liners for years. I didn't even set my alarm for a workout Monday morning, and barely made it up in time to head to work in time as it was. 

I intended to do a trainer workout when I got home on Monday, but after a soul crushing meeting at the end of the day, I had no motivation to move, much less workout. Before I went home I took inventory of my body, hoping I had some symptom that I could blame an unplanned rest day on. Headache? No. Legs sore? No. Stomach troubles? Other than hunger, no. My body felt fine, so I decided to try and forge on with the workout plan.

Nope, the second I walked in the door the Forever Lazy started its siren's cry and that was that. To sum it up, instead of working out, I ate chocolate and meringues in my Forever Lazy. 

Tuesday morning I was up at 5:30 for a run (due in no small part to Lily arriving at my house at 5:45). My legs felt great, my lungs felt great, it would have been a great time to push the pace. Yet again, laziness won out. Chatting while barely being short of breath seemed so much more fun. We did a total of 7 miles at a leisurely 9:53 pace. (Note - I'm not calling this pace slow, I'm just saying that I should have run at a pace that required more effort.)

It would be nice if my laziness and utter lack of discipline were for a higher purpose. I've never really believed much in fate, but recently I've had reason to give it some thought. Eric works at a bar, but he hasn't worked there since November. We actually thought he was fired for a while, but apparently not. He got called in to work there this weekend after months of hearing nothing from them.

Now, is it or is it not fate that he is suddenly called in to work the same weekend that this comes in to my life?

I'm seriously considering going to Target at midnight on Friday to get it (they are playing a preview of BD part 2!!!). 

You know what's going to be really awesome about watching the movie on DVD as opposed to when I saw it in the theater?  Other than being able to pause it to use the bathroom, drinking wine, and wearing pajamas (ok, a Forever Lazy)? Not having to get up and run 50 miles the next morning. That's going to be pretty sweet.

It seems like most blogs I read are written by completely focused athletes that never do crap like skipping a workout to eat chocolate. If you have, please let me know so I feel less pathetic.

Should my friend and I go to Target at midnight to get the DVD on Friday? Can we even stay up that late?


  1. I know you follow my blog so you read at least ONE that skips workouts! Sometimes, it just needs to happen! I met my friend at the gym a few Fridays ago with plans to workout and then go out to dinner. We took one look at each other, skipped the gym, and went straight to dinner in our workout clothes, sans workout :)

  2. I have definitely skipped runs. I'm kind of obsessive, so it doesn't happen often, but it's because I'm crazy rather than dedicated. And holy crap do I want to go eat chocolate despite the fact that I haven't worked out since August.

  3. I skipped my workout on Sunday because making Superbowl Party food was much more important.

    Today I bought a pack of chocolate chip cookies because we were down to just two types of chocolate in the house.

    I don't have a forever lazy, but I am frequently in my pajamas by 4:30 or 5.

  4. Oh I totally do that. I usually spend my weekday nights on the couch, in pjs, eating dessert. I got fro yo tonight and it was awesome.

  5. I'm not a focused athlete. :) I eat my chocolate and THEN run. It's a system.

    I still haven't seen Breaking Dawn. I'm not sure I'd stay up until midnight though. I'd just pick it up the next day. :)

  6. i'm currently eating an entire sleeve of thin mints as i type this. what? i ran 9 miles this morning. i earned it!

  7. I've skipped plenty of workouts, but since Sarah likes to remind me that I could die on the mountain, I'm trying to do that less lately. :)

    I won't be seeing Breaking Dawn until and unless I can do so for free...

  8. Maybe after you watch it on DVD you will go run 50 miles the next morning for fun.

  9. You are so funny. If I had a desire and a friend with the same desire to go to Target for that movie at midnight...I would totally do it...sounds like fun!

  10. Um, yeah...I have had more than a handful of those days. For some reason rest days magically transform into "eat tons of crap and sugar" days too. Magical.

  11. I've literally gotten to the gym, hopped on the treadmill for a quarter of a mile, decided it just wasn't in the cards today, and then gone home. You're not alone.

  12. You definitely need to go to target. If there was one close to me, I'd do it.

    I wish I had someone to do leisurely runs with. When I run with Chaz, he feels like he's walking at my fast pace, so that never works out.

  13. You should definitely go to to Target at midnight! I definitely don't run every day or even every day I plan to so you are not alone!


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