Thursday, February 9, 2012

Random Crap Thursday

1. Wednesday ruled

I had a great 5 mile run Wednesday at a fast (for me, for the morning) pace of 8:49. Sometime in the early afternoon Wednesday I got an email saying that after - school activities were canceled for the evening, ergo, my grad class was canceled as well, due to snow. I immediately ran to the door to my classroom to check out the snow. 

Thank goodness they canceled after school clubs. We need to think of the children's safety!
With the three hours I had just gained, I organized the hall closet, did my taxes, cleaned the baseboards, and had long meaningful talks with 3 friends I'd lost touch with. HA. Obviously kidding. I put on the Forever Lazy, folded the laundry, and ate more chocolate while reading blogs and watching TV. A wonderful day, indeed.

2. I love my bike trainer

I thought trainer workouts were for the afternoon only, since I have to turn the TV to nearly top volume to hear it over the trainer. I had plans tonight though, so I watched Felicity on the laptop with headphones and I thought I was in Heaven. 90s TV drama is the best way to start a day. I rode for one hour, aka "15 miles".

3. Frightening obsession

Having my mom in the movie theater business, I've always heard crazy stories of obsessed fans when movies with cult followings open, such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. While I may have blogged about, and talked about my excitement over the opening of the fourth Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, even I shook my head when I heard about tent city.

Obsessed fans camp out for days hoping to get a glimpse of the actors on the red carpet at the official premier.

However, the closer we get to March 23rd, I'm starting to become uncomfortable, because the gap between myself and these crazy fans seems to be growing smaller and smaller. Particularly when the Teen Vogue that I had to order to be elligible to win Hunger Games Premier passes arrived in the mail. 

I'm not proud, and yes I flipped straight to the Hunger Games special.
4. Marathon next week - WHAT?

I can't seem to get on board with the idea that the Myrtle Beach Marathon is next week. As in, we've entered the ten day forecast (which is good, as of now!). In my head, it's so much further away. I need to start doing things like....hydrating....packing......OCD planning. 

It's going to be epic though. Eric, Lily, and I are meeting my friends Mike and Nicole, and Emily, and all staying together in a villa. Pasta dinner Friday, marathon Saturday (Mike's first, and Emily's first half!) and then celebrating race victory Saturday night (which for me involves eating chocolate until I can't move). 

5. Middle schoolers

Eric coaches 8th grade girls basketball, and today I was finally able to make it to a game. I love seeing him and his team, but I was sitting in the stands with all the adolescents, and after the game I had to remove myself for their safety. It's not their fault, it's just an annoying age, but DAMN is it an annoying age. I have no idea how Eric, or anyone, gets through the day surrounded by middle schoolers. I'd rather be a garbage man. I took some pictures of Eric, but they all have middle schoolers in them, and I don't want to go to jail for posting pictures of children without permission, so you'll have to imagine him looking really intense and making wild hand gestures.


  1. At first I really thought you cleaned the baseboards and I was going to hate you. :)

    Middle school is awful age. They are still kids, but smart ass kids who want to be teenagers.

    Your marathon weekend sounds so fun. I'm jealous. Damn romantic weekend getaway plans stopping me from randomly joining you.

    1. LoL! I was thinking the exact thing about the baseboards!

    2. Thirded. I don't think I've ever cleaned a baseboard. And I've never understood the teachers who post pictures of their students on their blogs. I think that would upset me if I were their parent.

    3. Me too on the baseboards! Ha! And agreed on the teachers/students pictures. ;)

  2. ha ha, i really thought you were that productive with those 3 extra hours. i totally felt like a lazy ass.

    i cannot believe your marathon is this weekend. i feel like you just started training recently (i feel the same way about my training). how does it go by so fast?

    1. Ha! As if! It takes all my motivation and focus just to vacuum my tiny apartment every weekend. I did just start training - I only trained for like 2 months!

  3. I always have lofty goals like that when given back time in my life and never accomplish them. I was thinking go you for doing it!

    Good thing you didn't post the pictures. You wouldn't have wanted to be arrested.

  4. Your joke about what you did with your bonus time is what I would have done. Now I feel bad about myself.

    I kind of wish I had been at the basketball game with you. Seeing you freaking out would have been worth the annoying middle schoolers.

  5. Uhm... Being surrounded by college kids all day is torture enough. If I had to be around middle schoolers, you'd have to wheel me out in a straight jacket and helmet. Eric must be a saint.

  6. Hope you all have a blast at your marathon this weekend...already looking forward to the race recap (and hoping it isn't ANYTHING like the Hot Chocolate "event").

  7. I'm glad you didn't actually do anything productive with your bonus time, it would make me feel really bad about the fact that I always spend mine laying on the couch stuffing my face and watching crap tv! I hate middle school age, I am not looking forward to it at all, only 2 more year!

  8. Your race weekend sounds fabulous! I can't wait to hear all about it!

    I hope we get pounded with snow just like you did. :)


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