Friday, February 3, 2012

Chocolate is his life

The other day I posted my struggles with spelling due to a certain rapper. This is absolutely my husband's influence. My sister even mentioned in her maid of honor speech at our wedding that one of Eric's positive influences on me was my new found love of rap. I guess that influence goes both ways, because when I went to bed last night, there were no brownies. Actually, much to my regret, there was no chocolate in the house whatsoever.

When I woke up, there was this.

In his defense, there were a few brownies left, but he took them to work.

I really don't know how I slept through brownies baking, especially since I hadn't even had any dessert myself.

I had big plans last night to ride the trainer. Eric is usually not home when I ride (hence the Felicity entertainment). It's extremely loud - think trying to watch TV while using the vacuum cleaner, so I decided to get his input on the entertainment I'd be blasting for 90 minutes. I texted him to ask if he wanted to watch the new Justin Timberlake movie. He thought I meant this one.

Looks nice and guy friendly, right?

I meant this one, because I didn't even know about "In Time".

I highly recommend you watch this movie immediately.

The time on the trainer flew by, particularly the parts where JT was topless, and for all his whining Eric was hysterically laughing and almost cried when I was done and we had to pause the movie so I could shower. My sister gave him one of his favorite all time movies, Bride Wars, for Christmas, so I'm not sure why he ever opposed my movie choice. We are watching the other JT movie tonight - can't really ever get enough JT, can you?

Seriously, I had plans to see Bride Wars in the theater with my girl friends, and he asked me if he could come along, and now he has memorized every line.

That means that yesterday, I finally followed through on my plan for a two-a-day. Swimming in the morning, biking in the evening. I feel like the Half Ironman training has actually begun, even though it was all indoors. In other news, I took a closer look at my current training plan, and realized it calls for workouts that will take me 2.5 to 3 hours to complete - on weekdays. Several times a week. I don't know if this is normal for Half Ironman plans, but I don't really see that happening for me. I knew training was going to be a huge time commitment, but that just seems unrealistic. I found another plan that seems much more reasonable, so I'm switching. I'd link to them, but the old one is just a printout my friend gave me and the new one is saved at work, and I don't think anyone cares. If anyone has experience though, let me know that level of training is normal and my new plan is only for slackers.

I have a 20 mile run planned for tomorrow, and then I guess it's time to taper for the Myrtle Beach Marathon! Crazy. I have no idea how it got here so fast. 

If you live with your significant other, what things have you rubbed off on each other?


  1. I love that you say "I might just be slacking" and follow it with "I'm running 20 miles tomorrow" haha.

    Also, I love my mental image of you huffing and puffing and sweating and Eric sprawled on the couch next to you watching the same movie. It would be like if Jeff pulled up a chair next to my treadmill downstairs. Hilarious.

  2. He's learned the Cat's litter box is his to clean, he's gotten used to cleaning the bathroom. He does dishes when I whip him with a wooden spoon. This is the kind of stuff you were asking about, right?

    I don't think either of us have rubbed off on each other. He still uses a cup of ketchup with each meal and I still cry when he adds salt and fat to food that's perfectly good without out.

  3. Hubby has taught me to appreciate shows like American Pickers and Big Shrimping. I genuinely like them now. I've taught him that dishes can be washed. Crazy.

  4. My little sister did a half ironman last year. She altered her entire life schedule to get up super early and do at least 2 hours of training before work, so I think that level of training is normal.

  5. I wish my movie taste would rub off on my husband. He still think Japanese monster movies are the best (they are super phallic if you were wondering). Anyways, we've been squabbling over a pie in the fridge because I'm terrified that I'll wake up and find an empty tray like that. My pregnant butt will go Apocalypse Now on him if her finishes my dessert. I really want to see In Time and Friends with Benefits. I love that curly haired muppet.

  6. Missing out on brownie making/eating is tragic. Take appropriate time today to mourn.

    What workouts do you have on your HIM plan that are 2-3 hours on weekdays? I'm not sure why anything much beyond 90 minute would be necessary. Sure, you might need some doubles (morning workout/night workout), but 2-3 hours in one shot?

  7. I can just see the husband eating brownies while you're working your butt off on the trainer. Haha.

    I am jealous of your Myrtle Beach race. I want to enter b/c I am sick of marathon training (and mine isn't until mid-March!), but it would be an expensive trip.

    No idea why HIM plan calls for such crazy mid-week workouts. I've never done one...biking scares me!

  8. I can't believe what Justin and Mila are doing with their hands in that movie ad! How dirty!

    Haha, I would totally do something like Eric did with those brownies. That is too funny.

    Nice job working out twice! Three hours/day during the week does sound like a lot.

  9. I finished the Felicity series last night and was so disappointed...the ending got kind of stupid :( Sigh.

  10. I love that you just confessed on your husband's behalf, that he loves a chick flick. (Bride Wars was pretty good, though).

    I'll send pictures of our race shirts tonight. Exciting! Should we puffy paint our names on the back?? Also, I'll make our Noodle Huggers this weekend, too. I'll make an extra one for Lily.

  11. Two to three hours during the week would definitely be difficult to do. If you can't reasonably split that effort into two workouts (which would still mean you literally start and end those days with 1.5 hour workouts), that would be tough. How many total hours per week did they have you working out..?

    I'm beginning to think that automatically "adjusting" the plans I find into the reality realm is going to be more of the norm for least until I can shake this whole job and other life thing I have going. :-)

  12. That movie poster is ridiculously inappropriate and I like it.

    Mike says that my sweet tooth rubbed off on him, but I don't know that I've really picked up any of his habits. I am my own person!

  13. taper time already?!?! that went fast! good luck on your 20-miler.

    i loved "friends with benefits"...way better than the other similar movie with natalie portman and ashton kutcher. i love me some JT. ummm, ever see the cry me a river video? HOT!

  14. I'll guess most prospective half-iron athletes do not have 50milers under their belts -- so you don't need to worry about the sheer endurance nearly as much, and just need to get the technical swimming down and the ability to endure the bike for a long time.

    Plus, the amount of time we spent at Stone Mill is as long as most people spend in a full iron triathlon.

  15. Vanessa and Sarah's cracked me up because I was thinking the same thing about Allan. Today he loaded the dishwasher and washed dishes WITHOUT being asked. Miracles happen I tell you!

    Bride Wars is hysterical and one that we should probably own! Hope you guys enjoy the new JT movie tonight! Oh and good luck with your run tomorrow!

  16. Yeah, my husband's attitude towards life has completely rubbed off on me. I'll say something and he'll go "I've raised you well." Thankfully I do have my own personality - I swear.

    How the heck did the smell of brownies cooking not wake you? Sheesh! I am ashamed!

  17. I feel completely deprived because I've never seen Bride Wars now.

    I have trained my husband well. He cleans...and actually SORTS the laundry when he does it!


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