Monday, February 6, 2012

My weekend in food (alternate title: I'm a fatty)

This weekend was one of those ones that caused me to make that corny joke to coworkers during the typical Monday morning chitchat: "It was great, but I need a whole other weekend to recover from it!". Hardy har har. 

Saturday morning started out bright and early. I was in the car by 5:30 am, headed downtown. I had a group run at 7:30. The group was planning on 14 miles, and I was aiming for 20, so I wanted to get an early start. I was feeling good right from the beginning, so I decided to bump it up to 22 miles. 

Running at the harbor during the sunrise helped with that good feeling.

I finished 7.5 miles before meeting my buddies, and then we completed another 15 together. For them to reach 15, I ended up getting to 22.59, so the only logical solution was to run circles in the parking lot until I reached 23 miles for the day. This was the first long run of this training cycle that I truly enjoyed. The miles on my own flew by, and then I was having so much fun chatting with my friends that I barely even noticed we were running. 

I rushed home, hit the showers, and then Eric and I hopped in the car for a three hour drive to Williamsport, PA, to visit my Grandmother. My sister and her boyfriend met us there (they live about three hours away in the opposite direction). 

We spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with her in the nursing home, and even taught her to use an iphone.

7:30 in a nursing home is equivalent to 1:45 am in a bar. I got lucky and all four of us instantly agreed on my favorite dinner location of all time - Wegmans salad bar. Conveniently located next door to the luxurious Hampton Inn, where we were staying.

I always get the same sub for dinner, but dessert presented more of a challenge. Wegmans makes GIGANTIC whoopie pies that I am always eyeing during my shopping. Somewhere in my nearly four hours of running I decided a whoopie pie would be my "I just ran 23 miles so I can eat whatever I want" treat. However, they are made by hand, so the amount of frosting varies. I had to perform extensive frosting analysis to ensure that I found the one with the maximum amount.

If you know me, you know this picture was not staged.

We feasted in the hotel room while watching all the Jimmy Kimmel skits where he has parents trick their children
I think I chose a winner.
In the morning, I did an hour on the elliptical and some free weights in the hotel gym with my buddies Zack, Kelly, and Mr. Belding. I also made friends with an elderly woman who came in to walk on the treadmill in her pajamas and slipper socks (no shoes). 

We spent a few more hours at the nursing home with Gram before heading home. We got back a little before five, which gave us just enough time to throw the bags down and get some food ready before our friends arrived for our Super Bowl "party" (just 7 of us, but enough food for 50). 

This was just the snacks - there was also pizza and homemade wings.

Casi made everyone their own crab pretzel - genius.

Carolyn's team neutral cupcakes.
I'm still traumatizing by last year's Superbowl experience - no talking during the game, everyone talking over the halftime show. For someone that hates football and loves Fergie as much as I do, this was upsetting. I think I've come across the secret to a successful Super Bowl Sunday though - host the party. My house, my rules. As soon as everyone arrived, I informed them there would be no talking during Madonna and/or any Hunger Games commercials. Then, I happily spent the game chatting with Carolyn while the football lovers yelled words I don't understand, and was able to give Like a Prayer the attention it deserved. Although, apparently the Hunger Games commercial during the pregame was it. 

This was totally the first time I'd seen it. My friend Kristin and I didn't find it online last week and then spend the weekend obsessively texting trying to analyze this scene. 

I have problems

Do you prefer to go to parties or to host parties? I love hosting parties, and I love hosting gatherings with a few friends like this one even more. No driving, being down the hall from your own bed, being the boss, hosting is the best.

HG fans - Have you seen the new preview? What's going on with Cinna? Is the Mockingjay pin a secret in the movie?


  1. I watched the HG trailer like 15 times online! I didn't get the Lenny Kravitz scene either. Maybe they are spicing up the story line. :)

    Um, did you bring me back a whoopie pie? Please say yes.

    I haven't had a good "long" run (past 13 miles) since the 50 mile race. I should probably do something about that.

  2. OMG, I want that whoopie pie! I have my first 22miler this weekend, so maybe I should find one after. :) Usually day-dreaming about Chipotle gets me through the last few miles of a long run.

    I like hosting and the husband loves to host. He would host everything, but it's expensive! And I'm neurotic, so the clean up drives me crazy.

  3. Yeah - I think 23 miles entitles you to weekend of good food. I love hosting too, just because I get to booze and not worry about driving anywhere. Close second - party at the neighbor's house so I can walk home. :)

  4. Okay how cute is your grandmother with that iphone?!?! I love everything about this post. I analyze treats when I get them too. Even if I cut slices of cake, I always make sure mine is bigger, has more frosting, more filling, whatever it may be!! You earned it anyway!! I don't think I've ever had a whoopie pie but it looks mighty tasty!

  5. Whoopie pie = awesome.

    I hadn't seen that trailer - I was chasing kiddos during pregame - thank you for posting it!

    I prefer hosting as well!

  6. I'm pretty sure eating a giant whoopie pie after running 23 miles hardly classifies you as a fatty ;)

    How are the plans coming along for your Hunger Games birthday party?

  7. i prefer to go to parties. too much work to host!

    i had a similar experience with cupcakes on saturday at a kid's birthday party. "i just ran 17 miles, i can eat what ever i want"...i almost elbowed a toddler en route to the cupcake table. after downing 2 cupcakes, i felt sick (they were big with tons of icing). when will i learn?!?!

  8. This post just makes me want you to move into my guest bedroom even more than before. I want to be best friends.

  9. I prefer to go to parties because I'm lazy!! I don't want to clean the house! One whoopie pie makes you a fatty after running 23 miles?! Shit, I'm a HUGE fatty!!
    I love Hunger Games, am obsessed. I don't know what's going on with Cinna(but can I say how I'm not sure that Lenny Kravitz is the best choice, although he's grown on me as I've watched the trailers). Maybe it is a secret, maybe they revealed that it was a big EFF U to the Capital early for the movie. And what was the deal with Katniss giving the pin to Prim? I could talk Hunger Games ALL day!!

  10. I thought Lenny was giving her the mockingjay pin, because it must not be allowed in this version or something. Just my guess. Also, why does everyone have the same iPhone case as me? I need a new one that is less popular.

  11. OMG what gorgeous photos! Gotta start using photos in my blog too. By the way, the NaBloPoMo challenge is every month, so you can join for March. Depending on how it goes this month and how much I get from it, I might just do it again.

  12. How far is the Wegmans from where you live? That place is amazing. And the whoopie pies are incredible. So jealous!

    You should teach Kara how to run in a parking lot to increase mileage. She turned in some weird 9.32 mileage the other day. She clearly did not read this post.

    I like to host - we just don't do it enough!

  13. What a fun day with your grandmother and I can practically envision the woman in pajamas and slipper socks on the treadmill!

    Confession: I've never had a whoopie pie!

    This is the first year we haven't had a Super Bowl Party at our house. I looove to host!


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