Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A love letter to my husband

That's a little Valentine's Day joke.

On the off chance that I would ever write a love letter to a person I live with, I wouldn't be posting it on a public blog. 

I am curious to see if my stats for this post are way down since who would want to read that?

Here's a funny Valentine's Day story (at least it was funny to me). When Eric and I were engaged in 2008, I really wanted to cook him a steak, but I'd never cooked meat. Everyone at work had different opinions on how to cook it so I got overwhelmed and pulled into Outback on my way home and got takeout. I hid all the  takeout containers and told Eric I'd cooked it myself, and he was duly impressed, which shows he's a man. A woman would have noticed that not a single dish appeared to be dirtied in the process.

The next morning a local radio show was asking for listeners to call in and share if how their Valentine's Day went. I called in and bragged about how awesome I was for fooling my fiance, and they asked if they could call him and reveal the secret on the air. So, we totally got to be February 15th radio celebrities and at least one person I know heard us by chance. 

In 2009 I was a real live wife so I felt obligated to cook Eric and actual steak. 

The watch wasn't a v-day gift. He went through a phase of needing it in every picture.
Good story, huh? In 2012 Valentine's Day exploded in our apartment.

Flowers from Eric, the rest from children
Really generous students + zero willpower around sweets = textbook fueling for a marathon. Runner's World should do a special on me. 

So far my taper has included an hour on the trainer on Monday. Check out my sweet setup.

Good thing I had him take it right when I started. Apparently he was exhausted.

I can't type anymore, in fact, I can barely see straight due to my sugar induced delirium. I've already made one questionable race decision and I need to step away from the computer before I do more damage.


  1. Your legs are moving so fast that they are just a blur!

    I love your Outback trick. I swear I could do that now and Jeff wouldn't notice. I cooked lobster for the first time ever tonight. I only vomited a little in my mouth a few times too, so win! Ugh, I will never understand why people go crazy over eating what is essentially a water bug.

  2. Ha! My dad didn't find out until he married her that his first wife could not cook. She had her mom cook meals and then served them to my dad. He was shocked!

    Did you make Eric a steak again this year?

  3. I seriously clicked on your post first because the title seemed so opposite of what I had imagined for you! Good thing I'm not mistaken :)

    PS GoRuck WHATTT?!

  4. There are two times I envy teachers- during summer vacation and when they receive tons of gifts from students.

  5. The best part about this post isn't the radio celeb story, it's that Eric needed to have a watch in every picture.

  6. I love the Outback trick...men will accept anything if it means they get to eat steak. :)

  7. I would so do the Outback trick, but my husband would never fall for it because I never do the dishes. I have set my marriage up for failure.

  8. felicity!!! i would probably poison matt if i tried to cook. meat scares me too, i'm afraid i'll undercook it.

  9. My favorite part of this post is the watch needing to be in every photo.

    Plus, you are WAY behind on Felecity :)

  10. Haha, this is awesome! I'm not sure Allan has managed to fall asleep with his controller in his hands but I'm sure that day is coming!


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