Friday, February 24, 2012


Sometimes the stars align for bloggers. The very same day that I do something completely stupid that I plan to embarrass myself by sharing on the blog, I get an email with my Myrtle Beach marathon race photos. Now I have a theme for today's post without even trying!

One time I told a friend on Facebook that I don't really get embarrassed anymore. Whoever runs Karma must have seen that message, because the very next week I was pulled on stage during an assembly and forced to do some sort of African dance in front of the entire school. I was embarrassed.

But, before I get to that, I must share the exciting news that I did manage to make it through yesterday's hour long swim. It wasn't fast or done with good form by any means, but I did move back and forth across the pool continually for the entire hour, with no help from floaties or inner tubes or the like. The pool was pretty crowded, and I did kick a guy while sharing a lane, so it did sort of simulate triathlon training. I still think my idea of having Eric come to the pool and just randomly attack me and swim over me while I attempt to do laps is the best bet, though.

My training plan had 90 minutes of spinning on the schedule this morning. The YMCA has spin class at 5:45, but it's only 45 minutes long, so I got up at 4:30 to do another 45 minutes before class. I'm noticing that triathlon training means the 4am hour is about to become my friend.

Luckily, I had something exciting to get me out of bed. My new noodle hugger - a headband that the talented Emily makes and sells for super cheap prices. I'm cheap too, so I bought three and had her bring them to Myrtle Beach. I'll spend money on headbands even though I already have 400, but I'm not throwing the post office an extra $2.

It's just that perfect.
My bike hadn't been shifting gears correctly for a few weeks, which wasn't a huge issue on the trainer, but would be for my outside ride tomorrow. I finally got around to bringing it to the bike shop to find out the problem, really hoping it wouldn't need some expensive repair. 

Eric had diagnosed it with a bent rim, so I walked in the bike shop announcing my bike had a bent rim like I knew something. The guy took it in the back and figured out the problem in approximately half a second. Turns out there was no problem, except the owner. Apparently you are supposed to clean the chain. Frequently. Buying the bike in April and cleaning the chain in February doesn't qualify.

This is why I like running. You get shoes, and then you run. No other work required.

They sold me a little contraption that attaches to the chain and then you pedal and the brushes inside clean it. Now my bike shifts gears nice and smooth like it's coated in butter.

After my first marathon, my own mother said my race pictures looked like I was a member of some sort of program where the Special Olympics helps their contestants run marathons. So based on that sort of photographic past, plus knowing how I actually felt during the marathon, I thought I was prepared for the worst.

Somewhere near mile 12, I was still with Lily, it was still early in the race, and I saw the photographer in time.

At least in this one I appear to be a somewhat normal runner.

I look like I'm about to smack her for bringing a fanny pack.
Lily's aunt's theory is that if you are smiling in race photos, you didn't work hard enough. I'm pretty sure she would approve of mine. Here's what I probably looked like in 99% of the race.

In my defense, the orange barricades in the background show I was almost at the finish line.

Don't hate because I can run a marathon with my eyes closed.
 I hope these photos brought some joy to your day. 

Do you agree with the theory that smiling photos means you didn't work hard enough?
I can usually smile easily in the first half, but after that, not so much.


  1. All of my race photos look like that last week. I really don't think I'm hideous, but you'd never know it from racing. I generally agree that if you're smiling, you aren't running fast short races. Marathons are so long, you should be smiling at least for the first half.

    The noodle huggers really don't slip? I bought one headband at a race, they SWORE it wouldn't slip...and it fell off during the race and now won't stay on for more than one mile. I may need a noodle hugger.

  2. I love the photos where my feet aren't touhing the the one of you giving the evil eye to the fanny pack lady. You are flying! I had different intentions for many of my races last year. When I was focused and going for a PR - there weren't many smiles in the race photos, but when I was doing a race as a training run - it was all high 5s, peace signs and "woot-woots"...I am a cheese ball.

    I think the idea of having your husband randomly attack you in the pool is a good one. That made me laugh. That is one thing that keeps me away from tris. Well that and I don't have a bike and I have yet to really swim a real lap in the pool. Ha.

  3. OMG, I love your mom so much.

    I can't imagine running a marathon with a huge fanny pack like that. What on earth could she possibly have in there that's so important??

    These race pictures are still better than our facial expressions at the finish line of Hot Chocolate.

  4. I feel bad now - most of my race pictures make it look like I'm not working that hard. I actually usually have my eyes closed, not sure what that is all about!

  5. Your race pictures are amazing. Most of my pictures look like that, too, so I don't really post them.

    If you have Eric attack you at the pool can you also plant someone there with a video camera to capture it for my viewing pleasure?

    1. Ditto! that would be a video worth watching!

    2. I'm in on that one too! :)

  6. I have yet to flash a smile for the camera. Your mom's theory is, by far, my favorite. Thank you for sharing your awesome race photos. I laughed out loud when you emailed them to me yesterday. No offense, of course. I'm just jealous :)

  7. Oh I really dis like it when the photog checks me running with my eyes closed! I'm only trying to trip and get hurt so I can stop running. ;-)

    Cute headband. I love Emily's name for them. Noodle hugger. heehee

  8. You don't look like you are going to smack her for the fanny pack - I was thinking it was a poop face.

  9. This entire post just made my day!! Literally laughed out loud at what your mom said!

    PS In addition to cleaning your chain, don't forget to buy some lube for it too :) Otherwise, it won't be a happy chain!

  10. Your cool photos ALMOST successfully distracted me from the made-to-do-african dance comment. Please tell me THAT has a video. :)

  11. I agree with your mother. My smiling photos were from the first half. The death march photos are all from late in the race.

  12. I ALWAYS look terrible in my race photos. There's no smiling or waving and I always look HUGE so in comparison these look fabulous!


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