Monday, February 13, 2012

Hermit Success

I could never, ever work at a bar. This is what I found when I woke up Sunday morning. And pretty similar to what I saw Saturday morning.

Sorry for the blurriness....hadn't had my coffee yet.
Eric worked from 5pm until 4am with no break for food or anything. I can't deal with drunk people for even 5 minutes without getting annoyed or go more than 4 hours without eating without turning into an evil wench, so I really can't imagine doing this job. 

Good news. I'm starting to get on board with the fact that I'm running a marathon in five days. A six minute video of the course on the website and exchanging emails with Emily planning our outfits did the trick. Now it's time for the excessive hydration all week. Luckily for me I get even fewer bathroom breaks than ever now. Yay teaching!

Yesterday I'm proud to say I stayed true to my plan of refusing to leave the house all day. I woke up with this strange feeling of.....motivation. I was confused, but went with it and knocked out a few hours of grad work. 

I stayed in for my workout (the temperatures in the 20s and scary winds helped with that). I found a spin workout on YouTube that I did on the trainer. It was only 30 minutes, but it was intense and left me gasping.  I did another 30 minutes to Felicity when it was done, then the first four circuits of No More Trouble Zones. I swore I'd do the whole thing this time, but it was already like 3:30 and I hadn't had lunch yet and was too hungry to go on. The first four hit all the important muscles anyway.

I was getting concerned about the lack of dessert in the house and how that would affect my "no leaving" decision. While I was working out I decided to freeze a banana and make a smoothie, because I see on all these blogs that you can make a smoothie and it's just like ice cream. 

Of course, when dessert time rolled around, I laughed at my crazed workout self - a smoothie, just like ice cream? What had I been smoking? I commented to Eric that I wished ice cream could be delivered, and he hopped up and told me if I typed his paper he'd go get us brownie sundaes from Burger King. Best deal ever.

I posted the other day that my love of sweets has work off on him. Never has that been more evident than when he came home with two brownie sundaes from Burger King, and two McFlurries (from McDonalds). I somehow managed not to completely disgrace myself and only ate my one brownie sundae.

Anyone out there who would have eaten them both? No shame.....if I hadn't been so full from dinner, I probably would have.


  1. I had no idea that BK had brownie sundaes! Man, I've been missing out I guess.

    So...your lazy day involved hours of school, then an hour of hard cardio and then weight training? Oh yeah, you're soooooooo lazy. :)

    Are you guys going to puffy paint your shirts for the race? Do you need any help thinking of inappropriate things to say?

  2. I totally would have eaten them both. Pregnancy card. And what? BK has brownie sundaes? How did I not know this?

  3. The winds here were scary too. I took Bungee to the beach, but after 20 minutes, I couldn't feel my face anymore, so I came home.

    How did you manage to convince yourself a smoothie was like ice cream? I made a huge batch of chocolate chocolate chip cookies last night.

  4. OMgosh Eric is the best ever! I don't think I wold have been able to eat both either. Even if I wasn't full...I think I would feel my teeth rotting by the time I got to the McFlurry!

    Awesome workouts, girl! So exciting to have a race just days away. I love that feeling :)

  5. I'm getting super excited about this weekend! My pile of things to bring is getting a little large. I may need to just switch to packing them in my duffel bag. That would be the earliest I've ever packed for a weekend trip.

    I could never have ERic's schedule. I need lots of sleep, and my tolerance for annoying drunk people is nonexistent.

  6. After those workouts - I would have eaten both of them, or at least made an effort.

    I couldn't work at a bar either - I am very evil when hungry.

  7. That is usually what our living room looks like after a night out. Only difference is Jack in the Box bag instead of McD.

    I could not have eaten both. Out of the two I would have went with the Sundae

  8. i would have tried, especially after a 20 miler. when we buy a 1/2 gallon of ice cream, it lasts for 4 servings in our house (2 for me, 2 for my husband).

  9. You were exceptionally productive...especially on your "lazy" day.

    I would have tried to eat both. I don't know what was with me, but I was eating everything in sight. No brownie would have been safe.

  10. Wait, BK is making brownie sundaes! Maybe I could lift my I worked their HS ban on them and go there for one. Yum!


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