Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Hour

The past two Fridays in a row, my happy hour activity has been cleaning. Yes, I realize this means I need to get a life. Badly. (For the record, I did get a call inviting me to an actual happy hour, but it was like an hour away and it was rush hour). However, while I have to summon every bit of strength I have to force myself to grab the Clorox instead of collapsing on the couch, starting the weekend off clean is so nice. I honestly can't manage to get any cleaning done during the week, so by the time I come back from my long run Saturday morning things can really be looking dismal. If you don't suffer from chronic laziness, be thankful. It is an excruciating, debilitating condition.

Here's something awesome now that I'm home from work on this lovely Friday afternoon: I'm done going places for the weekend, unless I want to. More than 48 hours is available to me with absolutely no plans. Even my long run is here - Lily is meeting me at my house, which makes me so happy. Between that, the Breaking Dawn DVD, and a new book I just got, this weekend is likely to be a winner.

So, so much chocolate will be consumed this weekend.

Confession: While I posted Tuesday that I was considering going to a big Target event at midnight tonight to get the Breaking Dawn DVD, I passed out on the couch before 9:30 pm that very night. A midnight vampire party is not in the cards for this wild child.

Confession: Sometimes I feel obligated to post pictures of me with friends, and relieved that pictures like that exist. Because it gives me hope that other posts declaring my undying love for a weekend alone with a vampire movie and a book won't make me seem like a complete antisocial lunatic.

if we watch it together it's socially acceptable!

There's really no way to smoothly segue into this, but since this is officially a running blog, I feel obligated to include that I ran 6 easy miles with Lily this morning. I'm also super excited that I "only" have to run 12 tomorrow. It's still a long run, but after 23 miles last weekend, it's looking pretty short. 

What is your absolute ideal weekend? 


  1. My ideal weekend is what you're doing. I think that's why we get along :) After my run in the rain/wintry mix tomorrow, I might go get a hair cut or just sit in my sweat pants the rest of the day and stack blocks with Faith. I'm wild.

    Good luck on your long run tomorrow. Ha. Stay dry!

  2. Hey guess what I just finished doing? On Friday night?

  3. I feel bad saying weekends are meant to be spent laying around the house since I work....around the house, but it's true. Long run, movies, book, food. Repeat - except no long run. Sundays are the best.

  4. My ideal weekend would be if I got to do what you're doing this weekend, with you. Kidding, I just want to lounge with Bungee.

  5. My ideal weekend is either lounging around with a good book and lots of chocolate - or camping when it's not too cold or too really just depends on my mood. LOL.

  6. My ideal weekend involves never leaving bed, but apparently that'll give you DVT or some crap. Also, that picture reminded me that I want to get a shirt that says "I'm not pregnant, I just really like cake".

  7. Jealous! I overbooked myself but boo me, I get to fly to Orlando tomorrow for "work."


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