Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vampires, wine, and Forever Lazy

This morning Lily and I completed our last long run before the Myrtle Beach marathon. I was prepared to be soaked due to the forecast of rain and snow, but luckily it was just snowing/raining the tiniest bit when we started at 8am, and by the time we finished 12 miles, we were only getting hit with droplets falling from the trees and power lines. The 12 miles flew by, and we even did 125 crunches afterwards. 

I may have totally half assed my training for this marathon, but one thing I never half ass is the really important part of marathon preparation: the food. 

Marathon runners are known for their healthy eating choices.

I swore I wasn't leaving the house on Saturday and was going to be a worthless pile of lazy crap all day, but Wegmans was calling my name. Because I love to eat. So as long as I was there, I figured I'd get some necessary items for next weekend. The candy and cookies are for the sundae bar I plan on creating after the race. 

I continued to fail at my "no moving" plan as the day continued. Lily's strong powers of persuasion got me out of the house again.

It's a good thing my friends were on the straight and narrow in middle and high school because clearly I'm highly susceptible to peer pressure. Or maybe not. I refused both Carolyn's invite for a zombie bar crawl (for real) and Lily's invite for a party downtown. I'll do insane yoga poses in a 115 degree room for 90 minutes, but I'll be damned if I'll get dressed up to drink at a bar. Since so many readers said that my weekend plans coincided with their ideal weekends, I imagine most of my fellow bloggers are on board with this choice.

I wasn't about to cancel on this hot date.
My friend Kristin was at Target shortly after they opened to secure copies of the DVD for us. When I arrived at her house to pick mine up, she was on the final scene. For the second time. That day. We're not ashamed to be Twi-hards. 

Between the wine, movie, Forever Lazy, and delicious Wegmans bulk chocolate, I swear I was experiencing euphoria.  

Except for the parts of the movie that were making me dry heave and hide my eyes. The wine did nothing to help with that. I won't give away spoilers, but I'm sure my fellow vampire fans can figure it out.

Now we all have to wait until November for Breaking Dawn, Part 2. Thank god we only have 40 days until the Hunger Games comes out! I promise not to do a countdown or obsessively talk about it though. No I don't. 

Have you ever drank an entire bottle of wine by yourself before writing a blog post?


  1. Now your speaking my language! Swap out bottle of wine with a six pack of Wild Blue, Twilight with Sabres hockey, and throw in a $5 Little Caesar's pizza and you have the closest to heaven I'll ever get...

  2. I ran 22mi today. I totally flaked on a Mardi Gras party with my husband and his college sit at home with pizza, Oreos, a bottle of wine and old Grey's Anatomy episodes. Awesome.

    And yes, I've drank a bottle of wine before. Easy.

    Your weekend sounds awesome. I'm impressed with your motivation to go to hot yoga after a long run! Long runs make me want to nap on the couch.

  3. Mmm wine. I drank most of a bottle after I got done with jury duty earlier this week.
    Love that movie!

  4. That is exactly what I did tonight, only I subbed beer in for wine :) Even better? We got our copy of Breaking Dawn on WEDNESDAY. Are you jealous?!?!

  5. drinking and blogging?! since i started running marathons, i've become much more of a homebody. no one understand how good it feels to wear sweats, drink, and watch a movie after a LR...except other runners.

    and hot yoga after a LR - damn, that's impressive.

  6. If I blogged after drinking, I don't even want to think about what kind of rant I'd go on...

    I don't think I could watch Breaking Dawn again. The first time was pretty painful (in a funny way). At least Bella has the "pain" face nailed. What acting.

  7. Did we finally agree on meeting in CT for the Hunger Games premiere?

    When I saw Breaking Dawn in theaters, my friend and I spent the whole time cracking jokes. I want to watch again. It's so bad it's awesomely good.

  8. I cannot wait for the Hunger Games premiere! I am taking my oldest daughter and we are both psyched!! hubs sighed through all of Breaking Dawn in the theatre so I need to get my butt in gear and buy it so I can rewatch it. I could drink a whole bottle of wine, but I'd really pay because I always get a migraine from even a glass and since I nearly never drink I'd have a killer hangover and it would be a terrible double whammy!!

  9. I have got to stop reading your blog when there is no chocolate in the house. I really should post after drinking a full bottle of wine. It would probably look like a cat was walking on my keyboard because I am a lightweight and not a particularly good typist.

    1. I recommend you stop having times when there is no chocolate in the house.

  10. I haven't watched the last one (or two?) Twilight movies. Clearly I suck at life. Can I come over post marathon? You can do the running on your own, but I'll help you out with the sundae bar.

  11. I really am not good for more than one glass of wine these days.

    But I did discover Neapolitan Oreos this weekend. And for some reason, have a strong desire to eat one after this post. LOL.

  12. Thankfully I have not drunk blogged YET! This is shameful but I haven't seen Breaking Dawn Part 1 yet!


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