Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ginger Balls

I didn't feel great during my race on Sunday, and I felt god awful on my run on Monday. Wednesday, I was desperate for a good run. Back in the day, before I had all sorts of fancy, overpriced equipment, and before I was required to share every detail of every workout on Daily Mile with all sorts of amazing athletes, I used to just run, as far as I felt, for as long as I felt, as fast or slow as I felt (since there was no way of knowing my speed or distance anyway), and I loved it. I decided to try that again.

I did bring my "fancy" knuckle lights, because it's just dumb and unsafe to run in the dark without lights, but nothing else. I had a vague idea of doing six miles, and I ended up enjoying it so much that at some point I made the executive decision that if I skipped washing my hair I would have time for another mile. Obviously I'm not ditching the Garmin for good, but it's nice to take a break every once in awhile.

Wednesday night I started a new semester of grad school. The class is called instructional video, and we are supposed to be learning a lot about taking good videos and video editing, so expect some vlogs that will blow your mind in the near future.

I'm so glad I put my plan of swimming Tuesdays and Thursdays out there on my blog. This morning, I was so, so extremely tempted to just hit snooze and skip it. I remembered I'd already vowed to swim and it was all over the internets so I'd have to follow through.

Confession: I posted that I skipped Tuesdays swim because we lost power. That may have been true, but it wasn't the first swim I skipped, it was just the first one where I felt I had a good enough excuse to mention on the blog. I would never just skip a run for marathon training for absolutely no reason like that, and I really need to bring that same commitment to swimming.

Besides, I finally got to try out my fancy new googles which were recommended by Victoria, an amazing swimmer who is training for a Half Ironman (and a full Ironman!) the way I really need to be.

Pink and didn't make me feel like my eyeballs were about to be sucked out - win/win.

I started out with that whole "YAY I LOVE SWIMMING I FEEL GREAT THIS IS GREAT" feeling. I only did 20 laps for a total of 1,000 yards, so I feel pretty dumb breaking it up and talking about it like it was a 20 mile run, but at lap 15 I got really nauseous. It's at least the third time that's happened, and I'm blaming the chlorine, even though Wikipedia doesn't back me up. I need to figure out something to do about that.

When I got home, these little babies saved me, and now I'm happily sipping coffee, totally back to normal.

Check out those super healthy ingredients.

My sister got me these Ginger Balls for Christmas. I really, really like ginger. Both my sister and our friend Marc are fellow ginger lovers, but they both spit these out with a reaction similar to someone being poisoned. I'm trying to ration them so I only eat them when I truly need one (like this morning) rather than just eating them like candy (which is just so tempting). 

What weird thing do you like to eat that none of your friends can stomach?


  1. Skipping hair washing for an extra mile? How long does it take you to wash your hair? I like that idea, though.

    Ginger balls. Why does that remind me of Kara?

  2. It takes you over 2 minutes to wash your hair? Wow, maybe that's why I smell...

    I don't have to pay for my ginger balls.

    1. Those balls have no soul.

  3. I get super nauseous when I swim and I actually figured out that it dehydrates me more than any other sport I do! I have to keep a water bottle at the end of the lap lane and drink it every 500 or wonders :)

  4. That is so funny! I often skip washing my hair to get another mile in the morning. My coworkers know if/and how long I ran given my hair style for the day. And it just take toooo long to wash this mop!

    I rarely wear my Garmin when I am training. Probably only if I am on trails in the mountains and then to help keep track if I go on a new trail and need to double back to a familar spot. I often like to run more for time then miles. I just have a lot of routes "pre-mapped" so I know the distances after all these years.

    ginger balls. I don't think they sound very good. Give me chocolate instead.

  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmm balls. And nice color selection on the goggles.

  6. I've gotten sick to my stomach swimming before too - no idea why. Cute new goggles!

  7. Nice goggles! I've totally done the - I did this because I already blogged that I would thing. :)

    I don't really have a food like those ginger balls...

  8. GU chomps in the strawberry flavor are like that for me. I almost want to go for a long run so I can justify eating a bag of them!

  9. "Just a 1000 yards?"

    Now you sound like one of them lunatic ultra runners saying "just 15 miles".


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