Friday, November 18, 2011

50 Miler Eve

Well, I'm as trained as I'm going to get, my bags are packed, my Garmins are both charging (yes, I'm bringing two, thanks to my sister for loaning hers to the cause), and the 50 miler is happening tomorrow, ready or not. 

A friend reminded me after my last blog post that this was something I've been training for for quite a while, and that I actually signed up for because I wanted to do, so I should really stop acting like I'm headed to a death march (my words, his were much nicer).

Luckily I have a foolproof plan that saves me whenever I'm being a whiny little bitch - I think of everyone that can't run, or even walk, and while they may still call me crazy for trying to run 50 miles, I try to be thankful that it's even an option for me. In particular, I always focus on my grandmother, who is the picture of determination in the face of adversity. She got me through quite a few rough miles at the Marine Corps Marathon.

So, with that in mind, my goal today is working on getting excited for this race. I forgot to mention in my last post that I do have one goal: To have fun! Sounds cheesy and ridiculous, and most likely impossible at many points, but I want to at least enjoy as much of it as I can.

Things that are helping me with my goal:
  • Pajama day (today): Not directly related, but fantastic. Tell me you are not reading this and wishing you could go to work in your pajamas all day.
  • Breaking Dawn: Things may get rough in this race, but it can't be worse than ending your honeymoon early because a vampire spawn trying to kill you from inside your body.
  • Cheez-Its: I banned myself from them in college, because I'd buy them and eat half the box in the car on the way home (I know, it sounds like a Biggest Loser application tidbit) so I haven't had any since 2005, at the latest. They will be providing me race fuel at mile 23 tomorrow.

Things that are not helping me with my goal:
  • This excerpt from an email I received yesterday. By the way, the distance is closer to 51.5 miles, just so you know

Uhhh....what? I didn't sign on for that. I think Victoria's tweet probably summed up the appropriate reaction.

 Right because it is completely reasonable to run 50 miles but not 51.5

Ok, I see the point, but think of the last race you ran - did you want to do the distance you signed up for, or did you want to do 1.5 miles more than that? I'm guessing that at mile 50, 1.5 miles isn't going to feel like 1.5 miles on an average run.

But, whether I liked it or not, last night I had a 51.5 mile race to prepare for. Of course, being me, I had made a spreadsheet last weekend that detailed what to put in each drop bag, in my camelbak, in my bag for before and after, and with Eric. While boiling potatoes, I diligently crossed off each item, but it was confusing, even so.

Can you see the spreadsheet?

Drop bags and camelbak

I changed the batteries on everything battery powered, whether it was needed or not
Packing took awhile, but I still think nothing is worse than packing for a triathlon.

And that's it, until you hopefully hear from me on Sunday! I may be tweeting, or I may ask my husband to tweet for me, but if you are interested (who wouldn't be?), hurry up and request to follow me, because my tweets are protected, and once I leave for Breaking Dawn, I'm pretty much done with the internet until after the race!

Thank you so much to everyone who has left so many wonderful encouraging comments, I'll try not to let you down!


  1. i am working in my PJs but i'm not running 51.5 miles tomorrow, so i'm jealous!

    enjoy breaking dawn (don't give anything away - i don't see it until december!) AND, most importantly, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

  2. Have a great 50 (51.5) miler tomorrow. You've trained for it and just keep imagining what crossing that finish line will feel like!

  3. Good luck good luck good luck!! You're going to be awesome!!! You've trained hard and made it through the taper. It's time to cash in on all that hard work and kick butt!

    I would seriously have problems with a 51.5mi race. Who does that?!

  4. You know what I've learned? Almost NO ultras are the actual distance, they are all over a little. So, you're just running a true ultra marathon. :)

    I wish we could text as we ran tomorrow, but then we both would die.

  5. I'm pretty sure an additional 1.5 miles after 50 will seem like a marathon of its own! But in the end you will have outrun the JFK 50 mile runners ;)

  6. I'm the same way with Cheez-Its! I refuse to buy them because I can't stop myself from eating the entire box.

    Good luck to you! I cannot wait to hear how it goes. I hope you have a ton of fun along the way. Just get drop bags and Kara doesn't. +1 for you :)

  7. I'm so excited for you!!! Also a wee bit terrified.

    I eat the whole box of cheez-its in one go. i don't buy them anymore either. What's in them, crack?

  8. Be awesome. Also, I can't even imagine how much planning this involves.

    Go own the race. All 51.5 miles of it :)

  9. You could choose to run 50 miles and stop and not run the last 1.5. Hope this helps!

  10. I don't think I can follow your tweets tomorrow. You could just ring me and tell me about each tweet. I can't imagine that would annoy any of the people that either of us are running with too much.... Heh.

  11. I was told by Shelly not to wish you I won't.

    I wish you a strong mind and that mental toughness will be there whenever you call upon it. I wish for you that all those good mantras will pop in your head when you need it. I wish for you that your legs will carry you strong and that you will remember, you are embarking on an experience not many do and that whatever you achieve, it is remarkable and you are wonderful.

    Looking forward to following your blog!

  12. You are sooo much more prepared than I was for my first 50. Now all you have to do is enjoy the day. It really is simply putting one foot in front of the other in a beautiful place with wonderful people. I can't wait to meet you and share a bit of this advetnure together!

  13. YOU HAVEN'T HAD CHEEZ ITS SINCE 2005?! How is this even possible!!

    Seriously though, good luck!!! I have a feeling you will do darn right amazingly well. :)

  14. I am the same with Cheez-Its too. I can't buy them because their yummy goodness ends in an entire box gone in an hour.......what an awesome reward while you are out on the course!

    Good luck tomorrow - you'll do great!

  15. I could do the same thing with a box of cheeze its, or chips, or fries, or get the point. Just call me fatty snacks.
    You are going to rock that race tomorrow.
    Breaking Dawn will be awesome. So jealous you are seeing it tonight. I can't wait for these tweets and your recap. Too bad I don't live closer and I would come cheer for you.

    GOOD LUCK Superstarrrrrrrrr!

  16. Good luck tomorrow! And more importantly, have fun tonight at the movies, ha! That spreadsheet is right up my alley - I agree with Victoria when she said she can't imagine the amount of planning and preparation a race of this length would entail!

  17. While I didn't wear pajamas to work today, I am wearing pajama pants as I read this post right now. Total spoiler on the last Twilight book/movie! Cheez its are awesome, I could eat half a box too. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

  18. Reading this is funny because I already know the spoiler. I wonder what past Alyssa would have thought of 54 miles? Congrats on your big finish!


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