Monday, November 14, 2011

4 days to go!

Finally, the weekend I have been eagerly anticipating for years is arriving in just a few short days. I've spent a lot of time preparing, and now it's time to just sit back and enjoy it. 

Obviously, I'm talking about this.

Note: This post contains spoilers. But, seriously, who hasn't read the books by now?

Not running 50 miles. First of all, I haven't even know that such a thing has existed for years, I only slightly opened myself up to the possibility that it could occur in my lifetime last spring, and "eagerly anticipating" does not even come close to describing my thoughts on the subject.

So let's get back to the truly important event in my life this weekend, or at least the one I can handle thinking/blogging about. Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward, married at last.

I'll be attending the first possible showing that I can make after school. Several people have expressed surprise at this, so let me elaborate.

"You know the theater will be packed with screaming, teenage girls, right?"

Considering I have attended all other Twilight movies on opening night, including one midnight showering (admittedly, that was a mistake) I am extremely familiar with that fact. Additionally, I did not spend 4 and a half minutes puffy painting a Team Edward shirt to only wear around my apartment, and wearing it when the movie has already been out for a week just isn't the same.

"You're going the night before your 50 miler?"

Based on my previous experience with races that terrify me, I see two options before me.

Option One: Stuff my face with carbs at home, re-evaluate my race outfit 42 times, read about other people's 50 mile races, freak out about my race, and when it all becomes full blown panic, go to bed and lay awake all night

Option Two: Stuff my face with carbs while finally fulfilling my dreams of seeing Edward and Bella's honeymoon on the big screen, enjoy shocking and grotesque vampire/werewolf violence, and dream of vampire babies.

I have also considered the fact that I will be unable to move after the race, rendering a movie theater trip impossible, or die during the race, and I am NOT leaving this earth without at least seeing part 1. 

My name is Alyssa Lindsey, and I have an unhealthy obsession with dramatic young adult sci/fi novels turned into movies.

Which is why I was on pins and needles all day today until my lunchtime finally arrived and I could watch the new Hunger Games trailer on Youtube.

Katniss, don't worry, I'll be there soon.
I watched it, and it was so good that I cried, and then my friend came over to my room, and we watched it again and we both cried. Best lunch ever. Also, I was eating a recipe from Runner's World, which everyone knows gives you special running powers and makes you able to complete ridiculous distances that probably no one should even attempt. 

Oh, and since this is supposed to be a running blog, I ran five easy miles on Sunday and this morning.

Have you read/loved/developed an unhealthy obsession with the Twilight and Hunger Games series? If not, please do not even waste time writing a comment, and immediately get started obtaining and reading the books.


  1. Um, yes and yes. More so with Hunger Games and seriously am so excited for the movie to come out! I'm torn on woody harrelson as Haymitch though...guess we'll see :) And equally excited for Twilight except I can't deal with the gaggle of teenage girls...I'm going next weekend!

  2. Omg, I watched the HG trailer today right before lunch and it got me so jazzed! I can't wait.

    i'm so excited for you and Kara this weekend. Also, I fully expect you guys to make fun of me behind my back or harass me while you're passed out and recovering on Sunday.

  3. I'm excited about Breaking Dawn too but I have to admit that I'm going to wait for it to hit the $1 theater before I go see it. Sad, I know, but I just won't pay $10 to see ANYTHING!

    Hooray that the 50 miler is almost here too!

  4. I almost cried watching the Hunger Games trailer and then Jeff pointed and laughed at me. Such a jerk. :)

    I have to drive up to the race on Friday night, or else I'd totally go to the movies too!

  5. Love the Hunger Games I will have to go watch the trailer now, though I hope I don't cry like Kara did.

    I say watch the movie too! Good luck lady!

  6. Ha! I read the first two books (and saw the first movie) but I just don't get Twilight. I wanted to, I really did.
    I will admit interest in the Hunger Games though, I have to get my hands on those books soon.

  7. I'm so pumped for the movie this weekend, too! LOVEEEEEEEED the books. Come to Lubbock so I can make a puffy paint shirt and go with you, k? Thanks.
    I haven't read the Hunger Games. I guess it's worth it???

    Good job on those 5 miles.

  8. Haha... read the first 3 books of Twilight. Saw the first two movies. Haven't read Hunger games yet.

  9. CAN'T WAIT for the Hunger Games movie! I can't believe it's not coming out for such a long time. I'll just have to be like you and watch the trailer over and over til then. sigh.

  10. Great way to keep your mind of the run and then you can relive the movie through all the miles! I wish I could say I'm going to get to see it before the race too but NO my husband clearly does not understant that watching a movie about incredible beings would give me super human powers for the race the next day! Clearly he is uninformed.

  11. I'm totally going to watch the trailer for HG RIGHT. NOW.

    Also, I'll see you at the movie theater ;)

  12. I've watched the Hunger Games trailer like 500 times. I'm not sure I like the comparison to Twilight, which I love to hate. I've actually been to all the previous midnight premieres of the Twilight movies, but I'm a little too fat and grouchy for that this year (I've made a teenage girl cry at 2 out of the 3 movies and that was before the pregnancy induced rage). The people watching alone is worth the price of admission. Also, the movies are almost Rocky Horroresque with the amount of audience participation at those showings. Anyways, I can't wait to see how the handle the crazy bed breaking and bizzaro mutant baby!


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