Friday, November 4, 2011

It's time for terror

Blogging is wonderful, because when something bad happens, like my car window being smashed, not only can I whine on Facebook and Twitter, I have a whole other platform for it. Thanks for the sympathy yesterday! To clarify, the makeup was in an adorable case that had pink polka dots and a cupcake zipper (a  bridesmaid gift from my friend Nicole, which I'm sad about losing). I'm guessing the thief did not actually intend to get some used foundation and mascara, and was probably disappointed at the contents. I always like to look at the bright side though. Now that it's gone, I have an extra 2.5 minutes in the morning that I can devote to blogging, so expect some even higher quality posts. You're welcome, world.

I finally returned to running last night. After a full three days off, I had almost forgotten what it felt like. The first two miles felt like death, but then I got warmed up and the last six were fantastic. I did 8 miles at an average pace of 8:58, and any sub I get sub 9 without trying is a victory in my book.

Here's two random things that have happened, I believe, as a result of running my second marathon in two weeks. 

1. Loss of motivation. For....everything. I have not worked out before work even one time this week. Granted, Monday and Tuesday I had no intention to, but snooze was my new BFF after that. Eating healthy has been replaced with chips and candy. Grad work has been put off...and put off....

The super weird exception to this is that I've cleaned twice since the race. I almost never clean during the week (other than day to day maintenance), so this is shocking behavior for me. I'm talking like vacuuming and scrubbing floors.

2. I'm officially tapering, which is odd, after not truly tapering for two marathons. This completely sucks, because now there is nothing left to do but absorb the fact that I'm running 50 miles in 2 weeks. Just typing that makes me shake. Terror has officially set in.
I love google images
Last night, it was time to celebrate a successful marathon training season with all my favorite training buddies. I don't know how people train for marathons solo.

What do a bunch of healthy, fit, active marathoners do to celebrate? Stuff our faces with delicious, greasy Mexican food.

Two of us even took it a step further and ordered giagantic glasses of sangria. For $3.25, it's a bargain.

We went for the amazing food, not the amazing picture taking skills of the servers
Eric, Mike, Jill, Lily, me, Jackie, and Dan. Eric and Dan were dragged there by their crazy marathon running wives, and just kept laughing at how ridiculous marathoners can sound.

I may not remember much about the Marine Corps Marathon, but I specifically remember someone with a miniature horse in the crowd, because it completely cheered Kara and I up for at least a tenth of a mile. We got in a huge argument after dinner because all of the other MCM runners swore up and down I must have been delusional during the marathon and imagined it. While I don't dispute the delusional part, that horse was there. That you, google, for proving my point when I got home, and thank you, miniature horse, for helping me through 26.2.


  1. I seriously don't understand how people train for marathons alone. If I hadn't joined my running "group," I think I would have gone insane.

    I think hallucinating a tiny horse might be a better story than it actually being there.

  2. I kind of wish there was no picture of the mini horse, and you had to question whether or not it was there.
    I could really use a giant glass of sangria - I haven't had any in years and it looks amazing!

  3. I cannot wait to hear about the JFK 50! That's so impressive :) Maybe you could arrange for a mini horse to cheer you on for that one too ;)

  4. that horse looks like there is something wrong with it! but it would have cheered me up also. i hear ya with the loss of motivation. since i'm in between marathons (and by "in between" i mean 3 months with no marathon training), i'm a little lost. i'm just trying to maintain my speed and fitness but nothing is motivating me right now. couple that with cold weather and pitch black mornings. UGH!

  5. Maybe Ill bring madison to the 50miler and somehow dress her up as a mini horse :-)

  6. Sangria! I know what I want for dinner tonight.

  7. Just because it is brown and white and apparently has four legs doesn't make it a horse. It's probably a minicow. That's probably where the get the little bottles of chocolate milk they sell in gas stations.

  8. I think it is so awesome you and Kara are running a 50 mile run, that is crazy and cool all at the same time!!

  9. 1. Kara is a bad influence.
    2. 8 miles three days after a marathon? Y'all are crazy!
    3. Yeah, that's all I got. Have fun tapering!

  10. After beating myself up training enough times, I now look forward to tapering.

    I got an extra week of taper for the Fire On The Mountain 50k, as it was postponed last weekend due to snow and ice. I'll now be running it on Sunday.

    I'd already slugged through the snow to Cumberland before it was cancelled last weekend, so on Sunday after things warmed up I at least got a chance to drive into the forest (Green Ridge State Forest) to check out where I have to go this weekend.

  11. I feel unmotivated when it comes to anything BUT running lately. Piles of folded laundry that I cannot be bothered to put away. Nice, right? I can't wait to hear about your 50 miler. Insane. I like that you tracked down a miniature pony picture! I know a marathon (and beyond) is a whole different beast, but all my actual training runs for my halfs are solo. It would be tough for me to find someone who has similar pace goals and a similar schedule. But it would be so much more awesome to have people to share in your excitement when you meet your goals, who understand the work you've put into it. I guess that's where blogging/daily mile come in!

  12. hehe, that horse would have made me smile too! :) ya, tapering is sort of something i see as a necessary bugs me because i feel like i NEED to run but then know that i shouldn't because i want to do the best i can for my race. so u're doing the best thing...keep it up and good luck come the big day! :)

  13. Wow, $3.25 for that huge glass of sangria sounds like bad news bears!

    A mini horse? You don't see that every day at a marathon I would think.

  14. Does drinking make the terror of embarking on a 50 mile race subside? I might have to try it if that's the case.


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