Sunday, November 13, 2011

Your weekend: A How - To Guide

I've noticed that bloggers are allowed to give "how to" posts on things they feel they are good at. I felt I was really, exceptionally good at having fun this weekend, so I'm writing a how to post on how to have the most epic weekend of fun, ever.

Step 1: Don't do a long run.

Technically, I did my long run before work on Friday with Lily. Since we are tapering, it's "only" ten miles, which enabled us to do it before work. This meant sleeping in Saturday, and just the anticipation of that is enough to start the weekend off right.

Step 2: Evaluate your friends.

Now here's the really important part. Everyone (I assume) thinks their friends are great, and has fun with them. But to really bump your weekend up from fun to epic, you will need friends that truly devote themselves to all events planned, and that must be at the expense of looking like fools. If you don't have these friends, get new ones, or come to Baltimore to hang out with me and my friends.

Step 3: Have a slumber party

Being married is great and all, but before he put a ring on it, I lived downtown in a house I rented with  my BFFs, and, much like college, every night was a slumber party. It was fantastic, there was always someone to evaluate your outfit, make fun of facebook friends that aren't friends in real life, and if you were watching the finale of Sex and the City for the 347th time and sobbing, your roommates would immediately join you and give it the seriousness it deserves, not make fun of you and talk about how ugly the Russian guy is. 

That life was way too fantastic not to recreate, so two of my former roommates brought their jammies over on Friday night. 

Step 4: Everything must have a theme.
 As you really should know, the fourth installment of the Twilight series movies comes out this Friday. It was vital that we rewatch all of the first three to prepare. Luckily, my friend's 13 year old daughter had the same idea, so she was able to loan me all three DVDs. 
Step 4.5 Own Puffy Paint. It has more uses than you may think

Step 5: Don't just have a theme. COMMIT to the theme.

 For example, pause the movie, to have a photo shoot with the characters. Don't be afraid to use props.

Themes do not end when the event ends.

 We continued our Twilight theme well into the following evening.
Step 6: Serve all meals as a "bar".

Baked potato bar

Sundae Bar (not pictured, it was eaten too fast)

Oatmeal bar
 Step 7: Set a purpose

A lot of groups of friends may text each other on Saturday nights "Hey, let's meet at a bar for a drink" or "Let's go out downtown" and save making specific game plans for special events like birthdays or holidays. 

But why just go out and drink when you can make it a competition? 

Pub Golf, 2011 - 9 bars, one champion

Again, don't be afraid to use props

In Pub Golf, you get points at each "hole" (bar) based on which drink you order. Once again, if you are not going to commit to the theme, why even bother.

I enjoyed this delicious coffee martini, for one point.
 Step 8: Do Karaoke. Always. If they won't give you a mike, use a straw.

I got mostly Bogeys (water) so I lost miserably, but at the ninth bar, three people were tied with 0 points, meaning they'd had a shot at every bar. I devised a final competition for the trophy, and Casi was the triumphant winner.

The runners up got trophies too - we were the only ones to make it for the full 7.5 hours!

And that, my friends, is how to make a weekend epic. Clearly this only takes us up to Saturday night, but if you are not in grad school/have a stack of papers to grade, just apply these tips to Sunday, and you can fully enjoy your 2.5 days off like you  never have before. 



  1. 1. that sounds like a freakin blast. im sure youre the girl everyone wants to be friends with...except the biotches the talk about you behind closed doors.
    2. im glad im not your facebook friend. since were not real life friends, i dont want to think about yall talkin trash. :)
    3. you know how to do it big with the food bar.
    4. so glad you had a fabulous weekend. i wish i lives closer to baltimore!!

  2. oh. my. god. i'm so jealous - what a FANTASTIC weekend! seriously, pub golf? awesome!

    i'm firmly on team edward too but NOT because of robert pattinson. cannot wait for breaking dawn!

  3. OMG you guys are hilarious! I wish I had some friends like this and PS: your puffy paint shirt made me spit my drink out :D lol

  4. haha- this how-to guide was incredible! thanks for sharing- it was truly a terrific weekend!

  5. Dang, I'm jealous of your weekend. I apply the "bar" concept to lots of my meals, but it pisses hubby off because I use 12 more dishes than necessary to make it look nice.
    Also- Pub golf happened once, and it was one of the drunkest nights of my life. 18 holes = death.

  6. This is hilarious and sounds like an epic weekend to me! I've always wanted to do Pub Golf but I have a feeling that would end terribly bad!

  7. I want to be your real life friend so bad.

  8. I really wish I could have come to the Twilight slumber party! I'm so fixated on the race that I even forgot about Breaking Dawn (how bad is that?)

    I want to come drinking with you, but I'm positive I can't keep up, haha.

  9. The fact that you put in the caveat about R. Patz makes me still like you despite your Team Edwardness. I'm so excited I finally found someone who will go to the movie with me (my previous Twilight watching friends moved away) and let me make fun of everyone there. Also, this post makes me sadder than ever that I'm missing the race. You guys are gonna go nuts!

  10. Oh my goodness - hysterical. sounds like an epic night!

  11. Looks a whole lot like a weekend withOUT kids...I love them, I love them, I love them. Yeah, sometimes I need to remind myself. heehee


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