Thursday, November 3, 2011

The $311 bike ride

Yesterday, I really wanted to work out again, but complete paranoia wanted me to give my knee one more day off running, even though it felt much better. At the end of the day, I got an email from Jackie, asking if anyone was interested in a bike ride. It was fate.

When I got home, it had been so long since I cycled I couldn't even find my bike shoes, and my front tire was really low. Not only did I finally use the air pump successfully for the very first time, when I arrived, I also used my emergency pump successfully! After my pumping disasters at my first triathlon and my first flat tire, this was an accomplishment.

We met at Lake Montebello, a 1.3 mile man made lake that I've rode/ran around a million times before. We had a great 9.5 mile ride while chatting and catching up. 

We both successfully remembered how to unclip, dismounted, and headed to our cars. But when I arrived at mine, here's what I found.

It was so weird because we were never more than about half a mile away from the car, and there were tons of runners and bikers everywhere. Nothing was stolen, thank god, from my napkins in the glove compartment, to my broken umbrella in the back seat. It was a dented Honda Civic. Did they really think they would find anything worthwhile?

Edited to add: I was JUST about to push publish and realized my makeup case was stolen. FML. Now I have to go to work ugly.

Thank goodness Jackie was there, because she was able to stay calm, take charge, call the police, help me find my insurance card, and basically act like a normal person, while I was totally confused and mumbling things like ""...."criminal did this?".

In addition to having wonderful friends, I have a fantastic husband who immediately came down so I could drive his car home. He not only drove my car home, but he vacuumed the glass out, taped up the window, and is even taking it to get fixed today.

Did I mention that it was getting dark, and I only had bike shorts and flip flops on, and I was freezing? Luckily the extremely helpful police officer arrived almost immediately.

Of course, as we all know, if your window gets smashed, unless you see the guy do it and are able to tackle him to the ground, the repair is coming out of your pocket. 

At least it was a good bike ride.

Since I know all my readers are wonderful and obviously would convey their sympathy, and since this is really not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, let's answer a funny question in the comments instead.

Would you rather not be able to taste anything, or not be able to hear anything? Discuss.


  1. Oh man, that sucks!! So sorry to hear about it, but it sounds like you have a good attitude. At least he left most things in the car...perhaps the thief thought your make up case was actually a purse?

    As for the question, I'd rather not taste anything. I LOVE food...but I can't give up music. And if I gave up taste, I'd probably have a bikini-ready body year-round.

  2. After having a whiny kid, I'd give up my sense of hearing in a second.

    I wish I had been there to run down whoever who dare touch your beautiful car. :) Maybe some hood rat bitch was late to a hot date and REALLY needed some make up?

  3. I'd rather not hear anything. I could never give up all my fave foods!

  4. Alyssa, I am so sorry to hear about that! Who steals used makeup? That's coming from someone who bought most of her nice makeup USED from someone on her to prison for embezzlement, so I guess I can see using used makeup. Still...

    You have the sweetest husband. Does he have a brother?

  5. That is really crappy about your car. Obviously somebody wanted your makeup really badly.

    AND you are not ugly without makeup.

  6. Omg, seriously, that is awful. I'm glad everyone is ok, though. It's probably better you didn't see the guy do it and then attempt some vigilante justice. Ok, so maybe I'd be the only one to do that.

    You're never ugly.

    Once, my neighbor shot a rock through my car window when he was mowing the lawn. You can never get all of that glass out, so be careful!

  7. Ridiculous. FOR MAKE UP. I can't even comprehend who needs foundation that badly.

    Anyway...I would rather not hear. Easy decision. Not tasting = not living.

  8. Uhm...they stole your makeup?? What the? I'd be so pissed if my makeup got stolen!

    When I was in highschool the window on my car smashed when I shut the door. I kid you not. My parents STILL don't believe me that that's how it happened. At least it's the safety glass stuff and if you find pieces still in the car, they won't be really sharp.

    Hmm...rather not hear or rather not taste...I'd probably rather not hear. I could empty the dishwasher without wanting to die.

  9. God people suck so bad. Although you'd never be ugly, thats annoying and stupid for someone to do. Argh. Like you said - silver lining is that you had a good bike ride right?

    And good question - I think I'd rather not taste anything.. I would hate not being able to hear Caitlyn talk. Hmmmmm.

    Be careful w/ that glass!!

  10. seriously - if I would have seen that dude I would have ran him down and beaten him with your bike pump. (i guess i shouldn't assume it was a dude cause they did take your makeup after all). glad you made it home safely and sorry to end such an amazing ride with such a bummer! and glad to help - i know you would have done exactly the same for me.

    to answer your q: I'd have to go with taste....I couldn't live without music, but my hips could certainly live without the downstream consequences of taste :-)

  11. Ahh that is awful. I will never never understand why people do stuff like that. What jerks. I love me some food but I think it would be taste, I would want to hear my little lovies throughout life.

  12. So sorry Alyssa! Glad nothing but the makeup was taken!

  13. I would have to go without taste. I'm a "more-to-love" kind of gal so it probably wouldn't kill me to have a little less enjoyment when eating haha.

  14. Noooo! That totally sucks. Sorry, dude.

    And taste, definitely. Imagine the weight I could lose! :)

  15. this is why I live where there are more cows than people! Love your atitude about it.

  16. That really sucks about your car window! I would have been a mess too. It's nuts that no one noticed despite so many people being around! Sneaky. I'm also happy to see that you keep napkins in the glove box. I do too, my husband feels this is unnecessary. Hearing vs. taste is tough. If I lost taste, I would probably only eat when actually hungry - not eat everything that's delicious all the time.

  17. Hmm, I'm going with taste because then I'd be less fat, but honestly, this prompt makes me sad. I love food and music. I have an aunt that can't taste. She's skinny and kind of picks at everything.

    If someone smashed in the window on my Civic, I would hunt them down and beat them with a tire iron (where do I find one of those anyways?). I still think you got robbed by a fabulous drag queen who just really needed a makeup fix.

  18. NO!!!! This is awful :( and like you could possibly ever be ugly!!! Good excuse to get all new makeup :)
    I would rather not be able to taste. Then maybe I wouldn't have a chocolate obsession :)

  19. Ugh what an awful thing to happen. That happened to me in college and the jerk stole my bag phone (ha) that makes me sound old and my disc man that I used to run with. I hate people like that, I felt so violated!

    great job with the biking though, and high five to your awesome friend and hubby for taking great care of you in a stressful situation!


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