Thursday, August 16, 2012

Training essentials: fried food and wine

I was going to say something like "it's safe to say my JFK training is off to a great start", but apparently, when you have runner friends who are injured, nothing is safe to say. In fact, innocent comments might even elicit death threats. 

Last week was my second week running over 50 miles in 2012 (51 miles to be exact). I'm looking to try to keep my mileage over 50 for most weeks throughout training, which seems a bit scary. So far, this week has included:

Monday: semi - speed work, 8 miles with 2X2 miles at half marathon pace
Tuesday: 7 miles easy
Wednesday: 9 miles with 3 at marathon pace - I definitely haven't done enough training yet to have a goal marathon pace in mind, but the three miles were 8:43, 8:54, and 8:36, so that probably did the trick. 

This weekend I have my first 20 miler of training coming up - a little intimidating! Other than the 50K, it's been awhile since I've ran that far. 

As always, I'm nailing fueling. Last night, Lily invited us and a few other friends over for some authentic Colombian cooking, courtesy of her and her parents. I didn't take any pictures, because she was such an excellent hostess that I was never without a full glass of wine in my hand. (See? Nailing fueling. Good thing today is a rest day). Luckily Google images is always ready to help me out.

The main dish was arroz con pollo, minus the pollo for me.

 Cuban Arroz Con Pollo - Chicken with Rice

There were arepas, the one type of Colombian food I'd had before, these delicious little corn cakes.

Patacones, which are fried green plantains, apparently different from regular plantains.

They get fried, flattened, and fried again.

Obviously double fried is superior to frying just once. So tasty.

We dipped these in some sort of delicious red sauce, and there was also homemade fresh guacamole, which I could have eaten by the spoonful.

I also reintroduced chocolate into my diet for the first time since the traumatic tooth breaking incident. By the way, I really appreciate all the hilarious fatty mcfatpants comments on that post. It's good to know I'm not alone.

That's about all I have to say, making the takeaway from this post: to train for a 50 mile race, it's important to eat lots of delicious fried food and drink large amounts of wine. Bonus points if you can get someone to cook for you and not only provide, but continually refill your wine.

Do you like trying new ethnic foods? What's your favorite? So far, nothing has usurped Ethiopian for us.


  1. I love ethnic food so much. My favorite is probably Indian, but I've never had Ethiopian.

    I can't wait until I'm running again. I'm feeling quite hostile lately.

  2. I love trying new foods and the description of that meal makes me even hungrier than usual. I wasn't always on board with trying new things but that seemed to change as I got older and realized I'd outgrown some food allergies.

  3. I love ethnic food, especially Thai and Indian. Unfortunately Patrick hates Indian food so I don't get that one often. This post is making me hungry and I just ate breakfast.

    That facebook status cracked me up. Poor Kara.

  4. That was the best facebook exchange ever. Hands down.

    I love patacones - Christian's uncle's wife (my aunt-in-law)is from Colombia and makes them sometimes.... they're sooo good.

    Favorite ethnic food is a tough one. I like it all.

  5. Haha, that exchange between you guys is priceless. Seriously impressed that you are able to keep up 50+ mile weeks and still include speedwork.

    My favorite cuisine is Asian - pretty much any type. Love Thai curries, Chinese meats, Japanese sushi....good thing I live in Georgia, huh?

  6. Love that FB exchange :)

    I'm just addicted to food. Period. Doesn't matter where it's from! I do love Thai food, and if sushi counts as ethnic, I'm all for that! Oh, and Mexican food (like legit Mexican) is always tasty!

  7. I've never eaten anything very adventurous. (That's what she said?)

    I double fried, flattened plantains? Yes please! I've been craving french fries lately, but I think the plantains would more than suffice.

  8. That sounds delicious! Allan lived in Spain for two years so he makes a pretty amazing paella and tortilla de patata.

  9. Why does it gotta be ethnic? RACIST

    Sorry, I've taken my meds early.

    Uh, I like Afghan food a lot. Especially when they look at my bare head when I order and I can almost hear them mentally calling me an infidel.

  10. Awwww I am so glad you like it :D

    Good think we had arroz con pollo minus the pollo jajaja

    I am sad you didnt take genuine pictures but so glad you were busy having wine to do so!!!!




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