Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You miss your old familiar friends

Sunday, we enjoyed my birthday present from my mom - tickets to tour Alcatraz!

We took a ferry from San Francisco over to the island. The old cell block had headphones that narrated an audio tour so you could learn all about the prisoners and life on Alcatraz while you walked around.

The cell block from the outside
I'm pretty far from a history nerd, which probably won't come as a surprise since I've provided amble evidence of my devotion to pop culture as my exclusive entertainment choice. When I get in situations like this (historic sites, museums, etc) I get SUPER excited about being where the history actually took place, and want to read every single plaque and learn ALL THE THINGS, as if I don't have access to Google and libraries and could technically learn this information any time I want. This makes me a really fun museum buddy.

Luckily, there were limited plaques here, and most of the information came from the audio tour, plus Eric was really into the tour too. There was so much to see we stayed for over 3 hours.

The Hole - where the bad prisoners were punished

He would.
When we returned to San Francisco, we were starving, since lunch wasn't available in the prison. We gulped down some hot soup for dinner at Boudin, which seems to be the Panera of the West Coast, but it was pretty good. San Francisco is cold, and it felt especially so to us after months of the temperature rarely dipping below 90 in Baltimore. We were freezing, but that didn't stop us from braving the winds for the mile walk to Ghirardelli for ice cream.

Looking at this picture makes me SO SAD that we're leaving. 

Monday morning, I went for my last run in San Francisco - 8.1 (8:41 pace) miles down the Embarcadero, and through Fisherman's Wharf. I can't even put into words how much I love running with gorgeous views. 

After my run, we took the BART (metro system) over to Oakland, where the newlyweds live. They were nice enough to take us to Napa for some wine tasting, and I was in Heaven.

I was instagramming the shit out of everything.
Eric even found champagne that he liked!

After, we spent the night hanging out with them, watching football, and eating amazing Ethiopian food and gelato. I don't know how I'm going to return to normal food after this vacation, I think I'm going to cry when it's time for lunch and I have to gulp down a tuna sandwich at work.

What's the worst part about ending a vacation for you?


  1. We would be in big trouble if we had all that champagne to taste!

    The worst part about ending a vacation for us is feeling like we didn't go to all the places we wanted to visit.

  2. My favorite part of this post was when you were instagramming the shit out of everything. :)

    Every time you and Eric travel, I decide that I must go there too now. You are a trail blazer.

  3. I was a fool for not titling my Chicago trip blog after the "Perfect Strangers" theme.

    Anyways, glad you guys had fun!

  4. The worst part about ending vacation is usually the realization that I can't sleep in anymore. I love sleep. I'd happily sleep 9-10 hours daily...which obviously doesn't happen when I'm not on vacation.

    Looks like you guys have a blast! We've been to SF a few times, but never toured Alcatraz. Next time!

  5. Yep, I'm with Kara. I love you "instagramming the shit" out of everything.

    The worst part about vacation is coming home and doing laundry. I don't even want to think about it.

    Did you feel like you were in the movie The Rock at Alcatraz? Mike would probably act out scenes from it if we went.

  6. Wait, you eat tuna?? Nice prisoner pics. I think I start to get grumpy on the last day of vacation knowing it's about to end. I'm jealous of your cool SF weather. We enjoyed 2 "cooler" days in the 90-95 range, and it's about to get hot again. Fri and Sun will be over 100. I don't believe fall exists out here.

  7. I want to eat and drink everything you posted. Seeing pictures of the wine tasting is making me really excited for the apricot tasting.

  8. Hahaha that pic of your husband on the john is hilarious!


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