Thursday, September 27, 2012


Confession: I'm not an "on the ball" type of person. I tend to forget about things like meetings and fire drills. I've made duplicate copies of worksheets so many times because not only did I lose the original batch, but I completely forgot I ever made them. A perfect example is that I finally decided to check my flight information for this Friday's trip on Tuesday night. I couldn't find the email confirmation, and freaked out and spent 20 minutes looking through my thousands of old emails. I had finally convinced myself that I must have never hit submit or something and didn't actually buy the ticket and would have to drive up to Rochester for the marathon.

Turns out I archived the email. Genius. 

I am totally disorganized and never ahead of the game, so I was really excited when Eric informed me that we were boycotting football going forward. Something about "replacement refs" that I think he's tried to explain to me like 42 times already. I really beat the curve on this one, I've already been boycotting football for 29 years, quite successfully I might add. 

The boycott doesn't go into effect until tomorrow, because tonight we are using Eric's birthday gift: tickets to the Ravens game! They are playing the Browns, and Eric is a diehard  Browns fan. I'm technically a Ravens fan. "Technically" because I can't make it through more than 30 seconds of football, even the Superbowl, without getting horribly bored and resorting to Twitter or Angry Birds. But I got a free Ravens jersey from my friend, so I faithfully wear it every Friday, because that means that during football season there are only 4 days of the week I have to work to overcome my lack of fashion sense in order to look mildly presentable. 

I've only been to one other NFL game, back in 2009, which was also a Ravens game. There was a huge snowstorm, and they had to delay the game to clear off the seats. We were in the highest row, against the fence, and it wasn't even 20 degrees at the start. 

Tonight the overnight low is 70, so this should be a pretty different experience. Plus I bought my boss's season tickets, (we're sitting with her inlaws!), so we might be able to see the field without binoculars. Against all reason, I'm thrilled to be going to the game, and feel like we'll have a lot of fun. Watching football on TV is boring, but being in the stadium is cool. 

Our view from our last game
I felt this post needed some food porn. I had dinner at Panera last night with my BFF Casi, and I decided to begin my marathon carb loading with the double chocolate walnut cookie.

Speaking of race prep, I don't really consider myself a weather wimp when it comes to running. However, this morning, thunder and lightning woke me up before my alarm, and I got this on my phone.

Ya, back to bed it was. Darn. Luckily all I'm doing is an easy 3 miles, so I should be able to cram that in before the game. TWSS.

Are you organized?

Are you a football fan?


  1. Not a football fan at all. I used to watch the Superbowl in Hong Kong, but that was mostly because you get few excuses to start drinking at a bar at 6 am - when the game starts there. I'm also pretty organized, sorry.

  2. Do not watch football ever. I mean ever. And I, too, am a disorganized mess. Wait til you have kids and you have to keep track of all their papers and things that need to be signed etc. it's a nightmare and I am always one of "those" parents that forget or have to get the reminder call or email or my child has to miss recess because of my lack of skill in the remembering area. This is why I hate homework cause it's more on the parents than on the kids (at least at the elementary level).

  3. I went the coldest football game of my life at the Raven's stadium (it was an Army/Navy game) so I feel your pain about sitting up high because it's so freaking windy. After that game, I didn't think I'd ever feel warm again for the rest of my life.

    I hate sports too but I love going to games. Basically you can buy my attention with Dippin' dots.

  4. I don't like watching football on TV, but in real life I love it. People get so excited! Also, there is beer and ice cream in helmets, so that's really what I'm all about. My old company used to have season tickets that they would sell us for $15 a piece to the Jets. They were awesome seats too.

  5. I am "technically" a Ravens fan because I have a "Go Ravens" shirt that I got from Sip n Bite. I will wear it tonight unless its covered in spit up (highly likely)

    Vanilla Ice creamy, 2 deeps.

  6. So not a football fan. My husband is going to that game tonight too, though I didn't know about it until he left for work this morning...apparently I hear the word football and automatically zone out.

  7. Nice! Way to get out and enjoy. Big game today first one with the refs back working. A lot of people will be watching!

  8. Gmail is a lifesaver, I'd be lost without it. Bad news...the refs and the league reached an agreement. Best birthday present for Eric ever; he doesn't have to go forward with the boycott.
    1. Kind of organized... in that I can usually find something after only a brief moment of panic that I lost it.
    2. I will watch football when it's on, but don't follow any team that closely.

  9. I'm not a sports fan but I really like going to live games. I think that has a lot to do with yelling and beer, though...
    Have fun! If you get really bored, you can squeeze in your easy 3 miles running up and down the stadium steps! The spectators would love that, for sure.

  10. Had I known there would be cookies, I would have been late to the college fair! :)

  11. Neurotic, organized, Type A sort right here.

    I don't really follow football, but I enjoy watching games...especially with groups of friends. It's nice to watch college football after long runs. I can drink wine and nap, and sort of watch it. Notre Dame is good this year, which is pretty exciting!

  12. I read that the most watched reality show on TV this season was the new NFL Reality Show. But I guess that is over now.

  13. Allow me to buck the trend here with a "WOOOOO FOOTBALL!!!!" One of my best good friends is a die hard Browns fan and since I am a Buffalo Bills fan, we like to get together and mourn our teams. Go Bills! (Cracks a beer, cries...)


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