Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's racing time

Now that I'm back from our big trip to San Francisco, the next big thing for me is racing! On my run this morning, I realized I'm racing non-stop this fall.

I have the Wineglass Marathon with Kari a week from Sunday - crazy! After that, I'm going to see Kari again, this time at her stomping grounds, to run the Hartford Marathon, because all the cool kids run two marathons less than two weeks apart with their blog friends. Emily and Emily are running too, and even Eric is coming!

I'm sticking with the two week intervals and running the Fire on the Mountain 50K next, which will be my last big long run before my number one target race, the JFK 50. This time I'm waiting a whole 3 weeks in between, since the last two are ultra marathons.

So, technically, the marathons are training runs, but I have trouble thinking of 26.2 as just "training". Especially when it's a huge race with spectators and medals and, at least in one case, free wine at the end. I guess what really makes them training runs is that I'm not officially tapering until after my 50K, although I will run significantly less for a few days before each race. 
Laminated, for sure.
I decided to return to my practice of going watch-less a few times a week. The idea behind this is to ensure that the runs are easy. I haven't had any problem with that this summer, in fact, the majority if not all my runs have been pathetically slow. Removing the watch only helps by avoiding the self-flagellation that occurs with the slow runs. Since I ran a lot faster in San Francisco, (other than the day after the wedding, but pace doesn't count on runs after open bar events), I'm at least partially blaming the horrible Maryland humidity. 

The past few days, the humidity has finally decreased, and I started to feel more like a real runner again. But this morning, when I was engaged in my usual "hear the alarm, groan, push snooze, check the weather, try to come up with an excuse of why I need to sleep in instead of run routine", I got a special treat. 98% humidity. YAY. 

In the end, I got up and ran 7 miles, and I was really glad it was a designated "watch-less" morning. Really, the only reason I woke up was because the 98% humidity meant that if I skipped running, instead of sleeping in, I'd just lay in bed, wide awake and sweating. Might as well stumble through a miserable run, which is exactly what I did. 

On a more positive side, I ran my highest mileage ever these past two weeks - 65 miles!

The first time didn't technically count, because I had done the previous week's long run on labor day, and as you can see that week has a really low mileage. But this past week I officially ran 65 miles with only one long run!

Running without a watch - love it or hate it?

Do you ever use races as training for other races?


  1. Woohoo! So much blogger friend bonding time!

    I used a 10 miler as part of a training run, but that's not nearly as awesome as you. We are going to have the best time ever.

    I usually run with a watch but don't look at it until the end, so it's almost like I'm watchless.

  2. I haven't tried going out without a watch in a while. I probably should!

    Yes, I've been using almost every race as a training for my first full the season. Its almost fun!

  3. I've been going watchless for months now. I'm also getting fatter all the time. I am an inspiration for the masses.

    I'm so bummed that I'm missing out on all of these races. Next year is going to be awesome!

  4. Holy hell woman-- seeing it in print made me realize how many miles you are putting in!! Does your body ever just say no? Aches and pains? I'm for reals curious!

  5. Congratulations on the 65-mile week. Excellent. Now just don't catch any fat-inducing parasites like that silly Kara, and you're in great shape for fall 50m season.

    1. She should be careful, it's highly contagious.

  6. Good lord, that is a LOT of miles!! I've never broken 60 before. How do you have time for that with 2 jobs? Do you sleep?

    I use races as training runs sometimes. If I do that, I always try to choose either cheap races or ones with really good swag.

  7. Wow, impressive mileage! I'm thinking once the races start the rest of the time until JFK is going to fly by. At least that is what I'm hoping for because I'm still in unmotivated town...you are killing it though!

  8. Does that mean Eric will be cheering us on? So excited!

    I never go watch-less, mainly because I like to switch up my routes and I need to know how far I've gone. Also, I'm pretty horrible at pacing myself, so I need to know I'm not going too fast and am going to fall out halfway through.

  9. Wow! You are my hero! Sounds like a full Plate this Fall! I am a watch less person for sure most of the time. But when I want a real accurate pic of where I am in my training watch is a necessity.

  10. I ran without a watch a lot when ultra training. I needed to make sure I went as slow as possible.

    I heard fantastic things about Wineglass. You are going to do great!

  11. The Rosaryville 50K would be a great tuneup the week before JFK. Hahahahahaha. No, I'm not doing. Yes, I was stupid enough to consider it. But not stupid enough to do it.


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