Sunday, December 16, 2012

Xaro Xhoan Daxos comparison - opinions needed!

I started to write this post on Friday with the intention of publishing it Friday afternoon. After hearing about the devastating events in Connecticut, I decided silence would be a better choice, as there are just no words that can be said about such a horrific event.  

Thursday night I was once again tempted to bag my workout and lay on the couch eating cinnamon toast crunch, but I had to remind myself that I hadn't spent my day chasing kids through a shit factory, so there was really no call for that. I managed to make it through the 50 minutes of hell that is Jillian Michael's Boost Metabolism DVD. I swear she manages to make my abs hurt in every single move.

I haven't done any more exercise this weekend. I could have, but it would have been painful, and involved getting very little sleep Thursday night. I wanted to be at my best so I could have fun with my friends Friday, so I ditched working out. I have no regrets.

I couldn't dive bomb onto the couch Thursday night anyway, since I had work to do. Friday night was our work Christmas party. I had my heart set on these cookies that my good friend The Crouton Queen posted last week. The featured Trader Joes Peppermint Bark baking bits as the star of the show, so I was devastated when I called TJs at lunch and they were all out. I could make the cookies without them, but I was having a mental breakdown because without the candies, the cookies might still taste ok but they wouldn't be festive.

Luckily good old Tollhouse invented these fancy holiday chips that are pretty and green and delicious. But the cookies would still be lacking red, so I added in some Ghirardelli peppermint bark.

I had to do things the old fashioned way, thanks to Trader Joes being no help.

Do you know how hard it was to chop that up instead of doing the logical thing and just eating it? I hope my coworkers appreciated my sacrifice.

I did my duty and taste tested them extensively Thursday night.
Eric rarely gets sick but Thursday night he got hit really suddenly with a high fever. I knew something was really wrong when he came home just as I was taking the cookies out of the oven and said he didn't want any and was going to bed. (He managed to power through to eat 1.5 cookies and said they tasted like cough syrup. The next day he amended that to tasted like Heaven and ate like half the platter.) He got this giant comforter from out of the closet and put it on top of our regular comforter and then fell asleep with his hoodie tied around his head shivering - such a sad sight.

By Saturday he was starting to feel better but still far from 100% so I stayed home with him and we finally caught up on most of our DVR'd TV shows, some from as far back as Halloween.
Eric texted me this picture on Saturday.
We don't ever text. Unless we are in the same room.

You would think after all that laziness I'd be hopping out of bed Sunday morning, but you'd be wrong. I rolled around, occasionally waking up and reading, then falling back asleep. Occasionally some guilty "I get up to clean! I need to go to the grocery store!" thoughts slipped in, but there was really no point to doing those things when the world is ending on Friday. I mean, this is the last weekend I'll ever experience, and I'm sure as hell not wasting it cleaning.

On the off chance that the Mayans were wrong, I still have plenty of excuses to cover me.

1. It was my first weekend after the semester has ended so I have no grad work to do.
2. I'm still selling running shoes today so that counts as work and I needed to rest up for it.
3. My friends with kids are constantly saying things like "enjoy sleep now while you can get it!". So those of you with babies, this morning was for you.

In one week we'll be in my hometown, Rochester, NY, with my family! The countdown begins!

1. Do you feel like you need to justify laziness? I do, but I am so good at coming up with excuses that I almost feel like I can call that my superpower.

2. This is a serious question for those of you with e-readers - is it more comfortable to read those in bed? I love reading in bed (actually doing anything in bed makes it better) and sometimes it can be hard to hold the book up, especially the gigantic Games of Thrones books. 

3. Does Eric look like this character (whose name I can't possibly spell or say) on Games of Thrones? He insists he doesn't.

Edited to add: I really wanted to include this guy's name in my title so I googled "Black Games of Thrones character".

Trying to copy his expression

We lit the Hanukkah candles, so he started belted out "This GIRL IS ON FIRE"

And this is how we have a wild Saturday night.


  1. I'm so glad the cookies worked out! Did your co-workers like them?

    And Eric totally has a doppelganger! Agreed.

  2. I thought Eric looked like that guy when I watched it! Total twin. Be careful Eric doesn't let anyone steal your dragons.

    Those cookies look so amazing. I got the ingredients to make dairy free chocolate chip cookies today and I'm so excited.

  3. ^Kara's comment- we should inform Dad of this recipe!

    Definitely Eric's twin.

    E-readers are the way to go.

  4. It's not Mr. Maryland Leather, but the second closest I've ever seen.

    1. I just died laughing. Eric pointed out that it was not Mr. Maryland Leather as well.

  5. I told you so last year!!

  6. I have an older Kindle and love it. It's so much easier to pack and read because it's so light. Plus I don't have to flip pages (aka the ultimate laziness).

    Definitely Eric's doppelganger!!

    And now I want cookies...

  7. Yes, e-readers are WAY easier to read in bed. I lie on my side with it locked so it doesn't rotate and it's just like having a book that you can prop against a pillow. I have an iPad and have a kindle app and a library app. If you live in Maryland you can check out ebooks right onto your iPad or's awesome.

    New reader, first comment. Love your blog!

  8. How did I miss this post?

    That guy looks exactly like Eric!

    I told Mike about those cookies and now I "HAVE" to make them.


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