Monday, July 15, 2013

Dinosaurs and stumps

On Friday, I ran 6 hot miles before work, and then Eric and I headed to Connecticut to hang out with Kari and Mike. As Kari has already explained, internet friends are the best.

I couldn't get the red eye out of this no matter what I tried. Which wasn't much.
Googlemaps said the trip would take about 4.5 hours and then there was basically a monsoon and it took 8.5 so that was super fun. Luckily those guys showed us a good time or all hell would have broken loose. 

Kari and I did a 10.36 mile run with her friend Saturday morning. I was pretty sure that I'd start lagging behind from the get-go and end up just doing laps around the car until she was done, but I somehow managed to keep up with the respectable pace for 94% humidity (9:26).

Then we cemented our status as super cool blogger by spending the day at a science museum. It had actual dinosaur bones and a mummy, so it was pretty awesome.

We learned about Stegosaurus in school this week, so it was JUST THAT PERFECT

After that, we went to this amazing dinner place. There was a giant tent top, and underneath were tables surrounded by stumps. You sit your "rump on a stump", they cook meat or fish for you, and you bring your sides and drinks. 

Eric is currently doing Insanity and somehow managed to email me this picture while still working out.

It made me really appreciate my new lifestyle.

We contributed that box of wine.
Obviously no weekend for us is complete without some sort of outrageous dessert. This time, it was homemade tagalongs brownies, which were about 8 million times better than they sound.

For once, I dessert I made/picture I took actually looks similar to the Pinterest version!
Sunday morning we were clearly starving and needed more delicious food as soon as possible. Kari and Mike were kind enough to treat us to their favorite breakfast place. There was a huge line when we arrived, which is always a good sign. It was well worth the wait. I had a tomato, mozzarella and bacon omelette.  Kari and I also split a blueberry crunch pancake. This sounds like typical diner food, but trust me, it was something special. Plus, it was gigantic and still good cold in the car for lunch on our way home.

After a few hours of crying, we were ready to say goodbye and hit the road. One of my good friends from college lives in Queens, NY (right on the way back) so we stopped and hung out with her and her family for awhile.

In my mind, we look exactly the same as we did at the bar in 2004.
As you can see, her daughter is the cutest thing ever, and I think I underestimated how hilarious 2 year olds can be. 

The takeaway from this post is, it's hard to make friends as an adult, so always turn to the internet. And eat meat. 

Your top 3 best friends. Don't think about it. How'd you meet them? GO.


  1. Love the photo that says Dear Vegetarians. Where do you find all these hilarious things?

  2. Your friend's 2 year old is adorable. I want to steal her. She can have my sassy 3 year old. Trade!

  3. I agree with your takeaways 100%! Sounds like a great weekend, minus the monsoon. My top 3 best friends are work friend, dance mom friend, and high school best friend.

  4. Obviously I met all of my best friends on the internet. Actually, one I met when I was two and the other two are from high school.

  5. Closest friends are all in real life-- elementary school, high school, and college. I like to do it old school-style.

  6. OMG cutest two year old ever!

    I've met a few close friends via the internet (including my maid of honor!). Everyone else via college/high school.

  7. All three of my best friends I met in elementary school (!!). Seriously. We are now all 25 and I talk to them weekly even though we live on opposite sides of the country (and one of them abroad) now.


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