Monday, July 8, 2013

Local delicacies and pinterest

So I took the last week off from blogging, which worked out nicely because I took last week off from running too (well, mostly, I ran 13 miles total). Everybody get ready for a long list of reasons why that I'm really just writing to justify it to myself.

Oh, wait, no one cares? Good because I don't either. Let's just say I enjoyed a fabulous week with my family and glorious weekend mornings sleeping in, and move on.

I don't know about you and your family, but when our clan plans a get together, our first and foremost priority is food. We immediately start browsing recipes and brainstorming restaurants and usually eventually come to the realization that carrying out all our plans would require like 19 meals a day, and it would make the "before" reels they play on Biggest Loser look like child's play.

Speaking of child's play, what the hell is going on here? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A BABY.

 But we still manage to fit in tons of good food, much improved now that I'm eating meat. As soon as we arrived Sunday, it was time for a fajita bar. The grilled chicken was amazing, but I think the watermelon pico was even better.

One chicken, one beef
Now, I've already made two incredibly decadent desserts for my birthday this year, and making three would just be ludicrous. But my mom wanted to bake me a cake, and I would certainly hope that by 30 years old I've learned to listen to my mom. Besides, for big birthdays one cake per decade seems reasonable.
Malted milk ball cake (sadly we couldn't taste the malt)

Tried my first garbage plate - for any non-Rochester-ites that's a cheeseburger on macaroni salad and home fries (baked beans is the third option). Don't knock it till you try it, it's a local delicacy.
This is only half! I split it with my mom.
Yeah I have a million more food porn pics but I really don't want to come off like one of those lame food bloggers so let's just say I ate lots of good meat, have a good TWSS laugh, and move on. Except for this last one, because I learned to use a new app.

This happened a lot. I can't handle it. I'll limit myself to only two pictures.

Have I mentioned my family is amazing? They got me 30 things I love for 30 as a birthday gift. It was the best. 

I could never choose a favorite gift, because clearly they are all things I love, but the most exciting one was this one.

Fellow upstate NY-ers, please note it's Redcat
Of course, I already knew I was maid of honor, but it was super exciting to make it official. By the way, I'm not a 65 year old spinster librarian, so please don't refer to me as "matron". I got to help my sister do all sorts of wedding dress shopping, and it was awesome. 

As excited as I was to receive this, I must admit that I think I'm equally excited to be good and married off before Pinterest was invented. Get ready kids, I'm about to lay a history lesson on you. 

See, back in my day, if you wanted someone in your wedding party, here's what it sounded like. 

Ring Ring! (That's the sound phones made a long time ago, when they were used primarily for verbal communication, and you would actually have to speak with people, using your voice and everything).
Friend: Hello?
Bride: Hi, how are you, etc, etc, small you want to be in my wedding?
Friend: Wow, yes, I'd love to!

And that was that. But the bar has been raised, and there's no going back. So things have worked out pretty well for me, because I can benefit from all these adorable Pinterest ideas, but not actually have to ever get crafty and do them myself. Then I can just be like "OMG SO CUTE! Totes wish I had done that for my wedding but gosh darn there were no fake bulletin board sites to guide me back then! If only I had a DeLorean!". 

Thoughts on Pinterest? Had any adorable requests to be in someone's wedding like me?

Do you have a little known local delicacy from your hometown?


  1. I'm so jealous of your week. I just had lasagna last week and I was thinking "This isn't as good as Alyssa's mom's lasagna". Man, that was good lasagna.

    My hometown delicacy is The Tortilla Factory, but it closed down :( Now my stomach is sad.

  2. I'm really jealous of your Sheetz gift card. There are no Sheetz around here and it's a tragedy. In Western PA, we put french fries on our steak salad, which is apparently little known. Here in Ohio we have Cincinnati chili, but I'm not sure if that's actually little known. It's friggin delicious, though.

  3. I adore pinterest but this weekend as I was de-hoarding my spare room, I threw out a bunch of mason jars (i.e. old jars from sauces or whatever). Pinterest has convinced me the whole world can be organized and/or fancied up with mason jars. I had to come to terms they weren't referring to me when they said, "SAVE ALL THE JARS!"

  4. you already know my love for the phrase "65 year old spinster librarian". People try to correct me and tell me that you are the matron and I wanna bitch slap them. So glad you liked the wine bottle, but you are 100% right about Pinterest and I am extremely mad it exists. CANNOT HANDLE IT.

  5. Best gift idea ever! I need to start dropping hints on that one....I've got 6 months from TODAY to get them on it!

  6. Lucky for me there exists The Garbage Truck (food truck) in LA, started by a Penfield native. We talked to the owner and I had the pleasure of having one when the truck came up our way for a festival last summer. And Redcat is great!

    Another Roc favorite of mine would have to be Abbott's! Vanilla frozen custard with rainbow sprinkles please. Hope you had some!

  7. Lucky for me there exists The Garbage Truck (food truck) in LA, started by a Penfield native. We talked to the owner and I had the pleasure of having one when the truck came up our way for a festival last summer. And Redcat is great!

    Another Roc favorite of mine would have to be Abbott's! Vanilla frozen custard with rainbow sprinkles please. Hope you had some!

  8. What a great gift idea! Sounds like you had a wonderful week filled with amazing family and food. I adore Pinterest, it is where I keep all the recipes I want to try and crafts I must make. The only local food must here is an amazing Mexican food place, and a wonderful little sandwich shop that makes killer soft serve in different amazing flavors each day.

  9. I had Pinterest for a while and it got overwhelming. Now I just search for stuff I need on it, but I dont have time to keep a fake bulletin board.

    Your desserts are so amazing...what a great gift for your 30th! I need to start dropping hints for Patrick!

    And I'm from San Diego, so fish tacos are our delicacy. And also, Extraordinary Desserts, a dessert place downtown. Sooo good!

  10. Looks like you had a great week although one more food picture and I would have had to write you off as a food blogger.
    I love Pinterest, but kind of go in waves about using it, tends to make me feel like I don't try hard enough to make fun things for my kids and have cool house

  11. I feel like creativity is off the hook these days with Pinterest. Before, only a few extra talented people could do all these things; now, we all know they exist so there are a bunch non-artistic people (like myself) trying to keep up with the cool things. Traumatic.

  12. Matrons wouldn't be spinsters. Geez, use a dictionary why don't you.

    I guess seafood would be our local delicacy, but I actually have no idea.

  13. pinterest makes me feel so inadequate. i pretty much stay away from it.

    30 for 30 is a great bday idea...but it sounds like a pinterest idea? ;)


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