Sunday, June 30, 2013

Slow and hard

We all know I can't resist a good that's what she said (and it's even more important to keep it going strong now that The Office is over), but my post title actually refers to my training this weekend. It was pretty much all done at slow paces that should have felt nice and easy, but they didn't.

Let's start out with Friday's long run. I planned to get up nice and early to beat the heat. Then, I remembered I hate waking up early. Actually, you could take the "early" off that sentence and it would still be true.

That's when I got this really genius idea to use my long run to mimic race day conditions. Both my ultras next month will go past noon, and it's July, so it's safe to say it will be extremely hot. So why not get used to it now? I was filled with this weird false confidence because Thursday's run had been in 93 degree sunlight, and I'd kept a 9:18 pace easily and even had energy to do what Eric claims is the hardest month one insanity workout when I returned.

Whatever I was smoking on Thursday's run was long gone and I suffered through the most miserable miles that I can ever remember. It was god awful, even with walking up some of the hills. After 10 miles, I gave up and turned to the treadmill. I think it was too late though, because that "I want to die" feeling didn't go away, so I only did 3 on there and just called it a stepback week and gave up and used my remaining energy to berate myself for being pathetic.

Saturday, I had a hot (literally) date with my friend Jackie for a long, long overdue swim/bike/run. Like, I seriously am not sure if I have swam since the tri I did the day after Harrison was born, and I got the invitation to his first birthday party today.

I did 5 miles at a 9:50 pace before we met up and based on how I felt/looked/sounded after you would have thought I scaled Everest. I love summer but I really don't love when maintaining a sub-10 minute mile pace feels like a dead sprint.

I knew my swim was going to be a joke, because my swimming skills were pretty much non-existent before I took almost a year off, but I really didn't care because I was so excited to do a workout where I didn't fear succumbing to heat poisoning.

Jumping in this lake > running on asphalt

I swam 600 yards in 17 minutes. I will shamefully confess that I don't really even know how swimming speeds are measured, but I know that this was slow. I'm basing that on the fact that my companions claimed to be slow, but they were waiting quite a while for me. While being horribly out of swim shape was a main factor, also contributing were that my form sucks, and I can't sight for crap. I've used MS paint to demonstrate this.

Ideally one would follow the white dotted line from the star to the green circle (300 yards) and then turn around and follow it back. My path was similar to the orange line.

I would estimate I did slightly over 600 yards.
After the swim, it was time to bike. I am out of biking shape too. On the route we follow, there's an incline that last summer I barely even considered a true "hill" that now completely kicked my ass all four times (two out and backs). We did 14.43 miles in an hour and I was sucking wind the entire time, but in a "hurts so good" type of way.

Lastly, another slow yet satisfying 2 mile run. 

Today, I got up at the ass crack of dawn to knock out a 8 miler to bring my weekly total to 40 miles of running. (Edited to add - the run was hot, miserable, and slow, or at least I assume slow since I didn't bother to bring a Garmin. Pretty much the only reason I didn't turn around was that I pre-wrote this post last night and would judge myself for having to change it.) 

While this is a sad day for anyone who loves the internet (RIP Google Reader), it's a happy day for us, because we are headed to Rochester, NY to hang out with family and friends, help my sister shop for her wedding dress (well that's all me) and we are even babysitting our nephew Tuesday morning!!

Before I packed anything, I packed this for an amazing bride/maid of honor (that's me) and bridesmaid 
slumber party Tuesday night. I got a recipe for some super extra special drinks that supposedly taste like chocolate milkshakes but are all liquor.

How do you convince yourself to run when every run feels like a death march? I'm running out of ideas here.


  1. I've been telling myself to run when it feels like a death march because I'm afraid of the humiliation at our races when you have to leave me at like mile 5 because I'm too slow.

    That run/swim/bike/run day sounds exhausting. I'm tired just thinking about all that sweat.

  2. I forgot you did a Tri the day after Harrison was born! My whole experience of those couple days is pretty blurred. Morphine will do that to ya I guess.

    Love that you are shouting from the mountain tops that you are the MOH!

  3. I actually am running out of ideas as well. But reading your posts helps keep me motivated. I am super impressed! Right now my race training involves getting back into shape so my motivation is even lower than normal. I guess keep plugging away is getting me through my sloth-like paces.

  4. Ughhhhhh yesterday's run was totally my death march and it was only 7/accidentally 8.5 miles. Luckily, I made myself get to the halfway point so I had no choice but to make the back half, otherwise I'd be stuck in a field somewhere. Now that's pressure to finish the run!

  5. My 'long' run on Saturday was a death march as well. I didn't get out off bed early enough and my breathing was all out of whack (not something I've really had before). I suffered through 10 miles and walked some hills I don't normally walk and then ended with some pitiful final miles on the treadmill. I can relate! I'm chalking it up to a bad week.

  6. I would like that drink recipe, please.

    All of my runs feel horrible lately, but I tell myself it's because I'm still healing, so if I want to walk, it's probably what I should do. You know, for my health.

  7. Every run at this point is a death march, I'm just waiting for the day that I really do die while out on a run. The only thing that keeps me going is that if I don't die (slim chance) fall running will be so much easier and faster.

  8. Maybe you're not totally recovered from your 30 on 30 run?? Just a thought...a couple rest days might help.

    When my runs suck, I tend to go home and figure out how to fit them in later in the week. Or if it's an important run, I just tell myself that I'd rather finish and not have to try to make it up later. I'm already dressed and sweaty, right? Might as well finish.

  9. "Both my ultras next month will go past noon, and it's July, so it's safe to say it will be extremely hot."

    No need to read further, that was enough to come to the conclusion that you are officially crazy.

  10. You did a nice job tracing your name. Do you use the circle/star dotted line paper with your students, too? ;p

    Annnnd is that a Bailey's lid? I haven't had Baileys in a while, maybe it's time I got some of that.


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