Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You know who didn't go to business school?

So far, summer is off to a fantastic start. After our exciting murder mystery date Sunday night, I crashed at by 10:15 pm and slept for a glorious 11 hours. Is there anything better than not setting an alarm on Sunday night? I think not. It even alleviated some of my crushing depression over not having a new Game of Thrones episode to watch.

Unfortunately, I had to spend the majority of my first day of summer doing grad work. I was really tempted to throw a giant "IT'S NOT FAIR" tantrum, because it's SUMMER, and I'm not supposed to be doing HOMEWORK. Not to mention that all that freaking thinking was exhausting. I mean, I'm already trying to keep track of all the Game of Thrones characters here.

someecards.com - If more characters on Game of Thrones keep dying, I may actually be able to follow the plot.

The class I'm taking is a leadership class, so I was reading all about business models and stuff like that. Then, I had to attend a meeting at the running store I work at, and they were sharing all sorts of business-y stuff too. I practically went to business school yesterday, I feel I should be awarded an honorary MBA. 

I had a meeting for my running store job at 8pm, and my friends/fellow employees Matt (who just started a blog!) and Katrina agreed to meet for a running date beforehand. Running dates are few and far between these days, so I was super excited for it. I've been a little lacking in the motivation department, so this didn't come a moment too soon. 

To make things even more exciting, I got a text from my friend Perry, saying that he way home from NYC with his wife, and wanted to meet in Baltimore for a run. I met Perry through Kara, so he lives about two hours away and I don't see him much. We both ran the terrifying Stone Mill 55 miler and both he and his wife Crystal waited hours for me to finish. So far in my experience, when you do an ultra with somebody, you forge a special lifetime bond.

So things were all great, until I looked around at our little group when we were ready to begin and realized that everyone had a marathon PR at least 15 minutes faster than me, and I'd been extra slow lately. Luckily, they took it fairly easy on me and we did 7 miles along the water at about a 9:15 pace.

I've gotten a LOT of comments about Eric's suit from my post yesterday (both of the blog and in person variety). He's had that suit since long before we met. He not only had already worn it earlier in the week (to his school's 8th grade graduation), but on many other occasions. Most notably, my mom's wedding in 2007.

He also wore it to my friend Nikki's wedding in 2009. 

It was our first wedding after we were married that had our table listed as "Mr. and Mrs."

So there you have it, he didn't specially rent it to be the most professional pornographer or anything.

I'm not running today in order to rest up for tomorrow's big 30 for 30 event. I plan to take it super easy, walk breaks whenever I want, and the only goal is to cover 30 miles before I get the party started.

What makes you want to throw an IT'S NOT FAIR tantrum?


  1. I had one good running friend and we know how that turned out. Luckily, I can force Bungee to run with me pretty much whenever I want.

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Happy early birthday! Enjoy your miles and celebration tomorrow. I had a complete 'it's not fair' moment on the first day back to work after vacation, catching up, tons of meeting and getting the news that a new initiative will probably require another business trip that I'm not real thrilled about!

  3. Honestly? I want to throw them every time an employee calls in (like this morning) because I know that's never an option for me. Ever. So not fair.

  4. The fact that I missed most of the beautiful spring weather for running since I hurt my stupid quad. Now I am starting to feel a lot better and it is of course getting HOT. I hate running in hot weather. Really hate it.

  5. Must of my life makes me want to throw a tantrum about how life isn't fair. But I guess that's part of being a grown-up. Happy day before your birthday! Good luck on your 30 miles!! I think you should take a picture at every mile reenacting a moment from that year of your life. Too much?

  6. Happey early birthday. Can't wait to hear all about the 30 miles. Have fun! I want to throw tantrums every work day, people make me crazy!

  7. Nice impromptu group run there. And 30 for 30!! Good luck & have fun. Did you recruit anyone to keep you company or are you going solo? And Happy Birthday!!

  8. Eric's suit looks less pimp without the hat. Good luck with 30 for 30 today! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    Happy birthday!

    And my not fair parties happen when people call me at work and say "I'm on the registration website (for a conference) but I don't know how to register." Click RSVP dumbass. Some people....

  9. Happy birthday! I hope Eric's wearing that rocking suit again to celebrate!

  10. Please don't tell anyone else about my lack of business school

  11. Eric doesn't wear that suit. He ROCKS that suit. If Jeff wore that same thing, everyone would die laughing.

    Now I need to scheme ways to make Jeff wear a white pinstriped suit.....

  12. I agree with Kara, Eric rocks that suit!


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