Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My birthday is saved!


I can run 30 miles on my 30th birthday.

This is a plan I've been hatching for awhile now, but I had originally planned on doing the miles on June 23, 4 days after my birthday. (For anyone who's bad at math but is still planning to get me a gift, my actual birthday is June 19.) I was supposed to work at a math professional development put on by my school. While I have ran at 4am to get 20 miles in before a normal workday, I thought 30 might be pushing it. I was ok with waiting, but I'm flying to San Antonio for a work conference on June 23, and I wasn't sure how my legs were going to feel about all that.

Now, the professional development has been moved to the following week, while I'm in Texas, which leaves me wide open on my birthday, THANK GOD.

I live by this rule.

 It's a downer that I won't get paid for it, but the good news is that running for 5-6 hours is free. It's also an excuse to eat extra cake. Just kidding, I don't need an excuse for that, I just need cake with enough frosting to make it worth my time.

Finding out that I don't need to set my alarm clock for most of next week is really helping me push through this last week of school, and trust me, times are tough in my classroom. Today we had our end of the year picnic, but, just like last year, we barely had enough ice cream for the students, so I didn't get any. Worse, my teammate got crazy with opening the M&Ms, and they exploded all over the ground, and zero went into my mouth. Torture.

I didn't even get any whipped cream!
I also had my end of the year evaluation today. With everything going on at the end of the year, I completely forgot about it and if it weren't for that little ding on my outlook calendar, I wouldn't have even made it. Yet, somehow, I'm such a total nutcase that even though I had no memory of scheduling it, I managed to have a nightmare about it last night. Please help me.

I'm really glad I signed up for the Endless Summer 6 hour race next month. Now, anytime I can't be bothered to wake up any of the first 40 times my alarm goes off to run, I can pretend I did it on purpose to shift my run to the hot afternoon temperatures in order to help myself acclimate. Today I did 6 miles at a 9:11 pace, and it weirdly didn't feel like pure hell. It was about 85 degrees out and sunny out, which was fine, because the humidity was only 56%. I'll take hot/sunny with low humidity over 60 degrees and 95% humidity any day.

Have you ever run "birthday miles"? I never have, but I figured I better get it in now because it's rapidly becoming unrealistic.

Do you feel at risk now that a simple coach slap could land you in jail? I tell you, this caused me some serious fear, I emailed my close friends who enjoy ass slapping as much as I do to warn them. While some people posted thoughtful entries about serious political issues, the Ochocinco story was top priority in my world.

As always, gifs provided by Kara. But can you believe it's been a whole day since the butt slapping incident and I couldn't find a single meme?


  1. That guard's expression when the slap happens is my favorite thing ever.

    I totally plan on doing birthday miles next year.

  2. I am far to old to do true *birthday miles* without being in a race. Enjoy it while you can.

  3. Guess what? I'm younger than you by over half a year. Boom.

    Mike's Birthday is Saturday and my gift to him is cake. So I can eat it.

  4. You've probably heard this before, but I did birthday miles a couple years ago. I learned an important lesson. If you're gonna run 20mi before lunch, and 20mi after lunch, then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not forget to eat lunch in between. I also learned what cramping due to lack of electrolytes was like.

  5. Hooray birthday miles!!! I haven't done it but I would like to when I turn 30...unfortunately that's in Jan and it might be freaking freezing.

    So I'm supposed to go to a wedding on the 6 hour run day, but it's in CA and tickets are super expensive...

  6. never did birthday miles...yet!!! running 30 on your 30th sounds like a great way to celebrate!

  7. I ran my first marathon when I turned 26, so that kind of counts, right? Other than that, no.

  8. You are crazy. In the best possible way, but still crazy. :)


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