Monday, June 3, 2013

Recipe for a perfect weekend

I posted Friday about how freaking excited I was for June, and so far, it's lived up to my wildest expectations. I kicked off Friday with a bowl of cereal and Game of Thrones, book 4, because it was too hot to cook and I'm obsessed. My BFF Nicole arrived from NC around 11, and we actually stayed up talking until the late hour of 1am.

Want to know the recipe for a perfect Saturday? Sit on a picnic blanket and eat your weight in wine and cheese with your besties.

#artistic #nofilter

Mini pies and pepperoni optional, yet encouraged.
 Have you played Cards Against Humanity, aka dirty Apples to Apples? Nicole got it for me for my birthday, and it's hilarious. 

Nothing wrong with enjoying this view with our wine.

Sure, it was hot as hell (91, felt like 96) but we had ways of cooling down.

Wine has so many uses.

Plus we lucked out with our usual spot, in the shade right by the bathrooms.

Anything near bathrooms is always a win for me.

We even were able to find some new additions to our tall man club. 

Must be 6'6 or over. Going strong since 2007.

One of the first men inducted.
Speaking of 2007, here we were then.

After a lot of water, some coffee, and showers, we regrouped for the main event. Our last big night out in our 20s.
Maybe I'm biased, but I'm pretty sure we haven't aged a day.
 We got a little distracted at Carolyn's, and then realized if we didn't get to the bar asap we were going to have to pay a $10 cover. Drill Sargent Dow set a breakneck pace and we did a death march and made the mile and a half walk in under 20 minutes. Having ran a marathon less than a week prior, I can safely say walking that fast in heels and 85 degree heat is harder than those last 6 miles. I will stand by that statement until I die. But we didn't have to pay the cover, and that's really worth any torture.

Having finally arrived, we wasted no time beginning our scavenger hunt. If you are having girls night out without making a scavenger hunt ahead of time, you aren't living.

We are running out of items now, we've done so many.
Get 2 guys to slow dance with each other for at least 20 seconds - check.
We completed almost our entire checklist, had a slumber party at Carolyn's, and reminisced over bagels Sunday morning. I had to go to work after breakfast, but even that was still pretty good. 

You wouldn't think such a perfect weekend could get any better, but for once, I was actually counting down the hours until Sunday night. Two words: Red Wedding. I'd been waiting all season for that, and much like the rest of the weekend, it didn't disappoint. On top of that, we even won bingo (against my parents and some other Game of Thrones fans).

House Stark for life.
Conspicuously absent from this weekend? Exercise. Just the way I like it (well, occasionally). And my husband (at least Saturday night). He's awesome, but not my best friend. For some things, you just need your girls.

What's your recipe for a perfect weekend?

Any scavenger hunt ideas? Seriously, just because we are entering our 30s doesn't mean we need to stop.


  1. Fun weekend!

    Am I the only person who doesn't really like Cards Against Humanity? Apples to Applies is really funny because you have to work for the double entendre or the dirty joke. With CAH, it's just all vulgar...there's no art to it.

  2. House Stark me too!!
    91 felt like 96? Pretty sure anything over 85 is just searing oven torture! I am a bit of a heat sissy though.

  3. Red Wedding = dead. Literally. I KNEW it was coming but omg it was so much worse than I imagined it was going to be.

    Scavenger hunt: picture of someone riding an inanimate object.

    See how many people you can get to hold up a picture of a cat and a magnet.

    A picture of the oldest person you can find flipping the bird.

  4. Um, I need to know what the blocked off scavenger hunt question was.

    You should totally bring Cards Against Humanity when you come here. That game is amazing.

  5. Seeing all the GoT updates on Facebook totally made me start reading book #3 again. There is no way I'm going to be shocked by watching the show just because I haven't read the series :) PS I haven't done a scavenger hunt in YEARS!

  6. Just reading your scavenger hunt was hilarious, I can only imagine actually doing it. When I stay up late, it's much less hilarious.

    I'm glad you're taking a serious rest break before gearing up for the Idiot's 100K next month.

  7. I need to play Cards Against Humanity! Please bring it for your visit! We can play during our wine sleepover :)

  8. I am very jealous of all the fun you had over the weekend. My weekend included a lot of loads of laundry, and that is not fun at all. Maybe I need to find better friends.


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