Monday, June 17, 2013

My husband is the most professional pornographer

It's not too often I regret NOT taking shots. In fact, it's usually solidly the other way around. But it happened. I declined all shots on Saturday night. I wish I could claim it was to be responsible, but it was actually just because the combo of hard cider and massive amounts of candy was so sweet (even for me) that I needed a break. 

So then Sunday, I figured I was golden with running. Nope. I ran a watchless 5 miler that I'm ashamed to admit included walking breaks. 

Dear Body,

Will I EVER have a good run again? Just wondering. If so, my 30 for 30 in two days would really be a great time to start. I'll admit that running in the hottest part of the day, after a hard race, hydrating with only hot coffee for hours beforehand isn't a total recipe for success, but still.

What I really need to do is nail down a training plan, or at least plan out my runs, because just deciding distance day to day doesn't really work for a slacker like me.

My birthday is June 19, so I declare the entire rest of the month dedicated to celebrating. We kicked things off last night. Eric and I have always wanted to do one of those murder mystery dinner thingies, and he surprised me with a Groupon to one!

We just realized Thursday night that we would be able to go, and you were supposed to dress in 20s attire, so it was a scramble to put an outfit together! My first thought was Pinterest, and they had fabulous ways to create a flapper dress yourself. Then I remembered that 
a. I hate going to actual stores
b. I'm not crafty
c. I had plans all weekend and no time
d. Even if I did have time, I'm too lazy

So I posted a dress I already owned on my blog, people commented that it would work, my BFF Casi had a headband I could borrow, and that was that. My hair literally took like 4 seconds - I google imaged "flapper", and did two pigtail/bun things.We got tons of compliments on our outfits!

They wanted $20 for this picture....yeah no.
 Right away, Eric got chosen to play a character, and they could not have made a more perfect choice.

SEXY. The weird part is I found myself smiling for this picture.
 If you have one of these in your area, I highly suggest it, we had so much fun. This is when "Sylous" (Eric) was calling out Gus the Milkman while the detective interviewed them.

Sadly, Eric wasn't the killer, nor did we guess correctly. 

So I know I already went out on a limb with new foods and tried chicken wings this weekend, but I took it a step farther. I decided to really get crazy and try a new kind of ice cream.

I'm of the belief that some things just shouldn't be messed with. I've tried fried oreos, and I wasn't impressed. Oreos are a food that are naturally perfect, and you can't mess with perfection. But, I'm here to tell you, this ice cream is a must try. Just as good, if not better, than regular cookies and cream.

What's a food that you don't think can possibly be improved? I also feel this way about Doritos. Cool Ranch? No thanks. You nailed it with the original cheesy flavor, so now just stop.


  1. My new dream job is Smut Peddler.

    1. Mine too. And I will have more girlfriends than Hef.

  2. We tried fried smores at the fair a couple of years ago, they weren't as good as regular smores.

    So, does Eric actually own a white pin-striped suit and have other occasions to wear it?

  3. Please tell me Eric has occasion to wear that suit beyond murder mystery parties! :)

    And I believe pretty much any food can be improved with the additional either Nutella or salt.

    1. Oh Eric wears that suit all the time. He had just worn it to his schools 8th grade graduation earlier in the week, in fact.

  4. I agree perfect foods should not be messed with like Skittles and Starburst. Only the original flavors are the best. and yes Cool Ranch Doritos are not good!

    Love your 20s outfit!

  5. I've tried fried Oreos too and they aren't for me, which is sad because my love for Oreos is pretty strong.

  6. Gummy Bears. So delightful and oh so perfect.

  7. This whole time, I thought I was reading "my husband is the most professional photographer". Not nearly as interesting.

    I love how people are so shocked that he owns a pinstripe suit. Nope. not rented, he actually wore that to mom's wedding.

    I have to disagree about the cool ranch, and so does most of the rest of the world. Why else would they come out with a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos taco??


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