Thursday, June 6, 2013

Alarm clock death match

You know you are old when you have a dream that you found the perfect size Tupperware in your cupboard and you never even knew you owned it. As if having less than 2 weeks left in my 20s wasn't proof enough, now my subconcious needs to remind me.

I was pretty successful at my "zero week" last week, it's amazing how good I am at laziness. Truly, it's a gift. At the very end of the week, like 6pm on Sunday night, I ran an easy 4 miles with Carolyn in the pouring rain. We were going to do more, but lightening was hitting pretty close to us, and that seemed like a valid excuse to quit.

This week has a been like celebrity death match between me and my alarm clock every single damn morning.

This was randomly on last week and it was awesome.

I know that's not exactly shocking information, but my bed is just so comfortable and I hate leaving it. I actually think I have an invention that could cure it (patent pending, don't steal it). I'm going to invent some sort of magical alarm clock that messes with your sheets. They'll be perfectly comfortable when you go to bed, but as soon as it goes off in the morning, they turn into some sort of horsehair-like material and you have no choice but to get up because your bed just became horrible. You would totally buy that if you saw it in the "as seen on TV section of Target", don't lie.

Here's my highly impressive weekly rundown.

Monday: 3 miles am, Bikram pm
Tuesday: 5 miles am
Wednesday: 3 miles am (9:05 pace), Bikram pm
Thursday: 4 miles am (9:25 pace)

Despite the perfect weather most days, all of those runs felt completely horrible. My stomach was off in one way or another, my legs felt like they were made of lead, I was out of breath right away, and things were just all around not right. But it still was good to get back in the habit of running before work. If that makes sense. 

I'm doing a ten mile race a week from Saturday, so I really hope I get over this "9 minute miles feel like sprinting" crap before then. 

I'm also in the middle of a Bikram yoga challenge at the moment. This type of challenge is not exactly specific to yoga, and it's one I have a feeling most of you are familiar with. The "crap my groupon is about to expire!" challenge. I still have to do 2 more classes by Sunday, and it's so not happening.

What makes you feel super old?


  1. You win the internet for a Celebrity Deathmatch reference. Which also makes me feel old because I know the teenagers at our church won't know what the hell that is. Kids these days.

  2. That alarm clock idea is AMAZING! I really need you to get to work on that. I have tried putting my alarm clock across the room, but I'll just walk on back to my bed after I hit snooze because it is so comfy. You're a genius.

    As far as feeling old - I just emailed my friend an article about housing interest rates...definitely something an old person would do.

  3. How much I love my crockpot makes me feel old. That and how excited I get about home updates/painting/etc.

    I have a race a week from Saturday, too! It's a 5k 80s race, though, but hopefully I'll be RUNNING IT!

  4. It's Thursday so you still have time for two more yoga classes. Don't tell me you can run for 55 miles but you can't do yoga 2 days in a row :)

    You're going to like being old. It's just like being young but not fun.

  5. I need that alarm clock. I can turn mine off without ever really waking up. Talent, right here.

    The other weekend, P's friend texted us at like 8pm to go to a rooftop bar. I was all "that would be fun!" followed immediately by "wait, I'm in pj's already....I'm not leaving."

    Did I mention it was Saturday night? PJs at 8pm. It was awesome, and yet made me feel SO old.

  6. I was entering a new employee into the payroll system yesterday, so I pulled out all of her tax forms...and saw she was born in 1991. THAT will make you feel old!

  7. Being happy that I don't have to feed my car during drought or the winter. Nor groom it.

  8. Believing that it really is possible for people to fly, if they make a big enough engine and huge wings on the aerial car.

  9. Giving up on ever getting money out of the tooth fairy again.

  10. Giving up on ever seeing all four Beatles together again.

  11. I feel super old when I get up and look in the mirror in the morning, who is that hag staring back at me. I feel super old when I try to go shopping for anything other than running clothes, why do they all look so strange. I feel super old when I am around high school kids, when did they all start looking so young? I feel super old when I have to go to bed at 8pm because I am so tired, WTF it is still light out!

    Good luck with your bikram yoga!

  12. Umm probably being the only mom out of my friends. Or having a bedtime of 9pm. Or the fact that most nights, I would rather drink at home in my pj's than go out. Ohh how 3 years makes a difference haha

  13. My husband and I recently started going to the matinee movie times. Like 10:30am on a Saturday. I know I'm old because I feel no shame at all for this. Cheaper prices and no noisy kids!

  14. My excitement over Tupperware makes me feel old too. When exactly is one considered middle aged? Is it when you start stalking because you're so excited for your new Tupperware to be delivered? If so, I'm there.


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