Thursday, June 13, 2013

3 Things Thursday

Alternate title: I'm a lazy fatty.

1. TV
 I'm finally starting to slightly get over my GoT depression. Now that there are only 2 more school days, the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible. Also, summer means that we can finally dive into another show. We've had serious talks considering Homeland, Scandal, and Downton Abbey as contenders. But let's get serious, we need to rewatch GoT season 2 first. 

2. Cake
That could actually be 3 things in itself. 

  • I am making oreo cookies and cream cake for my BFF Casi's birthday. Her birthday is tomorrow, but since we have the Baltimore Ten Miler bright and early Saturday, we won't be officially celebrating until Saturday night.
  • I am making Bailey's Truffle Cake for my own birthday celebration, which is a week from tomorrow. I  know what you are thinking.....if you aren't baking that cake until two days after your actual birthday, what will you enjoy for dessert on the night of? That remains to be seen. I'm thinking frozen yogurt.
  • My mom asked me what kind of cake she should bake me when I celebrate my birthday with my family, which is about 2.5 weeks. After careful Pinterest research, we are thinking this Malted Milk Ball Deep Dish Cake is the winner. We all love whopppers, and having deep dish in the title really can't steer us wrong.
3. Grad school
I'm pretty sure I've already complained about this, but my memory sucks, so I'm doing it again. I usually get at least a few weeks in between semesters, and this time it was only 7 days. That means I'm already deeply into the summer semester, despite the fact that school isn't even out for the summer yet. After doing over an hour's worth of assignments yesterday, I had to read over 100 pages, and I have around 150 to read today, plus other assignments (we have to post every single day). 

This is actually not me at all. If assignments aren't done at least a day ahead of time, I panic.
Now reading, on the other hand......

Look, I have some smart friends with titles like MBA, doctor, lawyer, PHD, etc, you get the idea, and I'm sure if they are reading they are laughing at that amount of "work". But let's get real here, this is teaching grad school, I'm not training to become a CEO or perform a brain transplant here, and I'm sure as hell not getting compensated like people who are. (Although I would like to challenge anyone to teach screaming children in June with no AC for 7 hours before beginning their daily assignments.) As I'm sure any parents reading would agree, dealing with children isn't something you learn from a book, no matter how many pages you read or how many times you post on a discussion board. Considering our class was told "this will not be a relevant class to your career" within the first five minutes, I find all that work a little excessive. End rant.

Best homemade dessert you've ever had/favorite TV show and.....GO.


  1. I love how a class teaching you how to teach begins with the motivational phrase "This is a waste of your time!" That's some good teaching style.

    Are you going to save that PB cake to make after ES6?


    Best Homemade dessert: It's a toss up between every dessert that mom has ever made... and.. every dessert that mom has ever made.

  3. Downton Abbey is a must! although I did love Lost also. You didn't watch GoT season 2 before season 3?

    Good luck with your homework! YUCK!

  4. Ohhh, Boston Creme Pie Cupcakes and Fashion Police. Heaven.

  5. My favorite tv show is Doctor Who. I love kooky British tv.

    I don't know that I could actually name a favorite homemade dessert if I tried. MY LIFE IS SO HARD.

  6. OMG!! I cannot wait for yy cake and your cake!! YUMMM!!

    You should watch The Wire

  7. OMG!! I cannot wait for both my cake and your cake - they look amazing! YUM!!!

    You should watch The Wire

  8. My favorite show depends on my mood.

    Now, I want cake.

  9. Downton Abbey is a must! Also Call the Midwives is good, but short, I think there are only 6 episodes available on Netflix. My husband is a teacher doing grad classes too, he just finished teaching on Monday, but has had his summer grad classes for almost 4 weeks now. Man that has been fun for our house.

  10. Soooo as a lawyer, I can tell you that I'm totally in awe of your schedule. Sure, I trained for a marathon and went to grad school but I certainly wasn't spending 8 hours/day with kids!! You're amazing!

    And I want cake.

  11. frozen yogurt? weak sauce. what are you, an HLB? have some real ice cream!

  12. Army Wives > Downton Abbey. Don't put Eric through that British mess.


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