Monday, June 10, 2013

First World Pain sadness

Usually, the last Monday of the school year is cause for intense celebration, or at least good for a happy mood all day. 

Not this time. 

I was too deep into my depression over Game of Thrones, season 3 being over. Did you know they haven't even started filming season 4 yet? Heartbreaking.

My 30th birthday is now officially next week. People keep asking if I'm sad about turning 30. I would say on the scale of First World Pain sadness, turning 30 ranks about a 3 at most. Having to wait at least seven more months for a new Game of Thrones episode is a 9. 

I'm trying really hard to console myself with the fourth book, but Kara just told me informed me that
A Feast For Crows is to the Game of Thrones series what New Moon was to the Twilight series.

If anyone who isn't obsessed with GoT is still reading, I guess I'll talk about running. Next month, I'm running the Endless Summer 6 hour race, which is exactly what it sounds like. 6 hours of running midday in July. So every time I run when it's hot and sunny out now, I consider it a training run. I got in a solid, 83 degree, 7 mile training run on Sunday (9:25 pace). I knew I wasn't getting up to run before work Monday because I planned to be up late Sunday night reading GoT recaps and emotionally recovering.

I had a whole bunch of crap to do after the kids left, like attend a meeting, pick up race bibs, go to Target, etc. Seriously, errands after work are the WORST, am I right or amiright? Every teacher I work with agrees with me, so if you don't feel the same, please provide me with more information about entry level jobs in your career. 

There were crazy tornado warnings all night here, so I knew my run had to be on the treadmill, which was fine, except that I really didn't want to run or do jack shit. I tried to convince Eric to be a lazy fat pig on the couch with me, but he was all whiny about "I really need to do some core work". I pulled myself together enough to do 3 miles at a 9:09 pace, then joined him for Cardio Abs from Insanity, which made me want to die. 

The 3 miles also made me want to keel over with exhaustion, and my heart rate was way higher than it should have been, which bodes well for my 10 mile race on Saturday.

What's at the top of your First World Pain sadness scale right now?


  1. The top of my first world pains list right now is that it's storming outside and the dog won't go out so she's going to wake up at like 5:30am tomorrow and need to pee. I wish she could use the toilet like a normal person.

    File this also under "Problems Alyssa Will Never Have"

  2. No, everyone hates post-work errands. They suck.

    I totally ended up with a random rest day yesterday because I stayed up too late watching GoT...we have problems.

    First world problems: getting back from the gym and finding emails about a conference call that you were supposed to go to but didn't get invited to...that started that very minute! So I called in and did my ab work during it. Awesome :)

  3. Wait, so book #4 is worse than #3??! I'm still trying to get through #3!

  4. Love those books, you can write about them all you want and I will still be reading :) I haven't seen season 3 yet, I guess it is a good time to start since it's over now :)

  5. I DREADED turning 30, but it ended up being not that bad, and my 30s have been my favorite decade so far (I'll be 33 in October). The 20s are overrated.

    And yes, running errands after work is the worst. Whole Foods is near-ish to my work but not my home so any time I have to go there it's after work, which means it's also crazy busy and the parking lot is hell.

  6. I can't think of anything I'm sad about, or anything that actually pains me, but Harrison is getting like 4 teeth at once so come to think of it, that does pain me because I cannot take another second of his crying and whining. Please someone, help me.

  7. My first world pain is that I got back from vacation last night at midnight and I have to work today. Boo!

    On a good note, I am now half way through Game of Thrones and can't wait to finish it so I can watch the first season of the show.


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