Sunday, June 9, 2013

#proof that I really like sweets (and birthdays)

Friday was a huge day in my life. It all began on Thursday, when I got an email informing me that Friday was national donut day, and Dunkin would be giving out free donuts all day long. 

I'm actually really not into donuts at all. Despite my intense love of sweets (as in, I can house an entire bag of candy corn like it's nothing), I don't like them in the morning. Coffee must be black or it's dead to me. So donuts just don't have a place in my life - too sweet for breakfast, yet unsuitable and usually not even available when dessert time roles around. 

But for some reason, this email had me psyched. Proof: after school I had no fewer than 3 coworkers text or Facebook to ask if I had gotten my donut yet because I talked about it so much. I'm not sure why, but every man I told about this free donut deal was all like "you aren't even saving any money, they get you because they make you buy a drink". Um, I'm excited because it's an excuse to get a donut AND a delicious blueberry flavored iced coffee when I wouldn't normally even think about it. I'm not filling out some spreadsheet like "wow, I'll save so much on my normal $10/day donut habit, I can totally put this away for our future kid's college fund!". 

Anyway, Friday was a day when I truly needed that extra caffeine and sugar pick me up. First of all, it was luau day in the third grade.

These girls are the most amazing teammates ever. Seriously obsessed with how much I love them.
So much fun, yet so much noise. After 7+ hours of Hawaiian themed teaching/partying with 60 children, I had to fight rush hour traffic in a tropical storm with tornado warnings for about 3 hours. Is there ever a better time for a donut?

I wasted a lot of time trying to decide which kind to get. Cream filled was a wise choice.
The long drive was to get down to southern MD to make it to Kara's surprise birthday party.

I was a major creepster and obsessed with her kids.
If you think they are cute on the blog, they are like 900 times cuter in person.
I missed the surprise by like 5 minutes, so I probably should have skipped the donut, but she was still shocked to see me. She's a major super sleuth, so I was really impressed both with me not letting it slip, and her not figuring it out. I didn't even blog Friday morning like I wanted to because I was positive anything I'd say about my weekend plans would clue her in even if I made up a total lie.

Kara's husband was nice enough to extend my party invitation to an overnight visit so I didn't have to drive 2.5 hours back home in pouring rain. I came prepared to do whatever mileage Kara had in mind for her long run, but I didn't realize she was planning on 20. I sort of expected it to be more in the 14-16 range.

She knew what needed to be done, and insisted her husband give me a huge, frosting covered corner piece of the cake. Consider me fueled.

I called Eric from her guest bed before I went to sleep around 10:45 pm and he was confused about why I was calling him, assuming I was still at the party. I had to explain my new learning for the evening - when everyone else has young kids, parties end about 8pm.

We were out the door well before 6am Saturday morning for 20 sweaty, humid miles. She had so many running friends who joined us that I considered sending my resume out to the local school system immediately. It's been forever since I had company for a long run! Plus you can't beat the scenery - we saw an osprey carrying a bird, lots of deer and bunnies, dead frogs, sheep, horses, chickens, and I even got to see both live and dead cicadas in real life! Usually all I see on my runs is traffic, trash, and a minimum of like 6 different McDonalds. 

Photo op at mile 19.
I forgot to put my hands on my hips to slim down, so that's why I look like such a fatty. 
After our run, I hung out with Kara, Faith, and Cordelia for awhile, then drove back to Baltimore for my shift at the running store. As soon as my friend and I closed the store, we rushed over to my BFF Carolyn's apartment for a get together to celebrate their last weekend in the city before moving to the suburbs.

Middle school throwback - boys on one side, girls on the other.

Eric and I already made that move 4 years ago, and since I hadn't been home since Friday morning, I opted to pass on drinking so that I could drive home and actually sleep in my own bed and see my husband (Eric was working Saturday night as well - 4 jobs for 2 people is a super fun way of life, I highly recommend it). I thought I'd be missing out since the main event was a karaoke bar, but it turns out that drunk people watching while sober at karaoke is actually maybe even better than being one of the drunk people yourself.

Being sober also meant I could get the full enjoyment of the party's other main event - pie from Dangerously Delicious. This is the Baltimore Bomb, a pie made out of Baltimore's famous and unbelievably delicious Berger cookies.

Remember how at the beginning of this post I said I love sweets? #proof #fatfluential
I would like it stated for the record that Kara woke me up at 5am Saturday morning, and I didn't go to sleep until 2:30am Saturday night. I consider this one of my major life accomplishments. Also good: Sunday morning didn't exist for us. We didn't roll out of bed until noon.

All in all, this was another fabulous weekend in the books. And it's not even over. Tonight, the owner of Charm City Run is having a huge BBQ for the employees of all five of our stores, and I think we all know what comes after that: the season finale of Game of Thrones. Just typing that makes me simultaneously break out in chills with excitement and want to hysterically cry. - Sorry your company doesn't allow bereavement leave for the death of characters on Game of Thrones.

The fun doesn't stop even there though. I'm celebrating a 30th birthday every single weekend in June. Granted, the last two weekends will both be for my own. What can I say, my mom insisted that we celebrate with a fajita bar and any kind of cake I want when I go visit her, and obviously we all know one of the most basic lessons of life is "do what your mother says".

Of all the sweets that I posted, which would you choose: a donut, cake, or pie? Because not everyone can be as lucky as me to have all three for free in one weekend. 

What's the scenery on your usual running route?

Ok - one more Game of Thrones joke. Because it's hilarious.


  1. That sounds like an awesome weekend!

    Uh, not pie. Pie is like cake's ugly stepsister. It has healthy fruit and no frosting. WTF? Just frosting...buttercream or cream cheese, in particular. The best!

    1. Usually I completely 100% agree with this, but this pie is filled with chocolate, sugar, butter, and all the stuff that makes cake so good. Everyone needs to try a Berger cookie and then you will understand.

  2. 3 hours to drive down here?? Yikes! I owe you big time, like I'll be your pacer on the overnight portion of some future 100 mile race. :)

    I adore donuts. If I could have a cake made out of donuts, I'd be so happy. Or if there was Coke flavored cake? OMG. I'd die happy.

    1. By pacer, you mean fellow racer, right?

    2. i think you both need to come up to NYC and get the donut ice cream sandwiches.
      ....and spekuloos wafels, square donuts, levain cookies, junior's cheesecake, red velvet cake from two little red hens, and everything from max brenner.

      then you will have really lived.

  3. I want that pie. And I will have you know that we made it until 8:30 out with the baby one time. It was awful and I'm never doing that again. 7:30 or bust.

  4. Congratulations on succeeding at the luau, donuts, driving, party, and insane early run. But my condolences on missing the experience of having the second half of the long run be in downpouring rain - cause you started too early for that part.

  5. Pie. Always. Unless the cake is ice cream cake.

  6. In a twisted, unforeseen turn of events, it seems both cake and donuts irritate the hell out my lungs so I can't have either anymore :( Fortunately, pie doesn't do anything so I'll take strawberry rhubarb any day of the week!

    Sounds like a fun weekend! Did I mention Will and I may be in Baltimore this summer? True story.

  7. ES6 - making all the heat and humidity so much more worthy!

  8. If my weekend hadn't been awesome, I'd be so jealous of yours...though maybe not the 20 miles. I wish I could have made it down!!


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