Thursday, June 27, 2013

More than 3 things Thursday

1. Last year I attended the ISTE conference (technology for teachers) in San Diego, and finally learned first hand that it is possible to love a city.While I'm not cheating on San Diego, I just returned from attending the conference in San Antonio, and I think that place has earned a close second in my heart. Like I mentioned, I've been there probably nearly 10 times now, but the most recent was back in 2007. Fun fact: we took one of our Save the Date pictures there (at Sea World).

I was having fantasies for weeks about margaritas on the gorgeous River Walk (which is pretty much what it sounds like....a huge stretch of restaurants/bars/shops along a river) and I was not disappointed. Apparently I suck at capturing beauty on camera and for some reason blogger is insisting on rotating the few halfway decent ones I have. So look at these, but imagine it being about 3,000 times better in person. And imagine drinking a margarita. And imagine it being 100 degrees out, but you don't care because you are SO HAPPY to be in San Antonio.

View from our hotel room ....still awesome.

I wanted to cry when I left. For real.

2. Margaritas > exercise. I did a lame 40 minute elliptical session Monday, and a super slow 5 mile run along the River Walk Wednesday. I actually saw some of the prettiest views on my run away from the touristy/bar section, but I hadn't brought my camera or phone because it was insanely hot and I didn't need either one to be destroyed by sweat.

3. One time we were on the shuttle bus to the conference and this lady told my friend Kristin that Microsoft was giving away free tablets. Sounds crazy and way too good to be true right? 

Well, it wasn't. Also I never got the memo that we were supposed to all dress alike that day.
So, this thing is amazing and it's my new favorite toy ever. I've always wanted an ipad, because, who doesn't, but haven't bought one, because they're expensive. This is a windows tablet but it's supposedly like the ipad but better. 

It allows me to browse the internet from a nearly horizontal position, and I love anything that allows further laziness.

Before you judge me for cranking my air so high that I need a robe and a snuggie in June, allow me to remind you that I'm a freak and always cold. Eric was in shorts and nothing else and sweating while he took this picture.

4. I wanted to eat nothing but Mexican food with shocking amounts of guacamole on my trip, but I did deviate for some authentic Texas barbecue. I don't think I've had any barbecue since returning from the dark side (vegetarianism).

Super dark instagram #proof
 I hate bbq sauce, so I was a bit underwhelmed. My friends said the beef brisket wasn't that great and I shouldn't form my opinion based on the experience. The best parts of the meal were actually the bread, garlic mashed potatoes, and margaritas, but carbs and alcohol are always a win.

5. Because blogging is awesome, I already had a friend to hang out with in San Antonio! Steph and I got margaritas (are you sensing a bit of a theme here?) on Tuesday and just enjoyed the views and talked for hours. It was fabulous.

Probably should have taken the pic before I spent like 4 hours in 100 degree sunlight, but whatev.
6. While Steph and I were hanging out, this duck just came up to the table and bit my leg. Birds are no joke in Texas. 

7. I tried really hard to find where I took the picture on my 20th birthday in San Antonio that I posted last week so I could recreate it, but I failed. They must have changed stuff because I took a boat ride all over one end of the river and ran to the other end. So I took this really, really pretty picture with a bull. Not quite as good as my race pictures or childhood pictures, but close. 

8. I'm trying really hard to prepare for the Idiot's 100k, and that includes getting acclimated to heat. That, or Eric and I developed an obsession with New Girl and I stayed up way too late to run before I had to go to work this morning. So I ran 7 miles in the afternoon. 

On a non-shaded route, at a 9:18 pace, I might add.
 9. I tried Insanity Pure Cardio with Eric after my run. Reasons I did a double workout: he's been talking about the program for awhile now, so I wanted to try it, I just feel alive when I sweat, it was couples bonding, etc, etc. No, let's call a spade a spade, I did nothing but drink and eat in Texas for 3 days, so I figured it couldn't hurt to join him and burn some extra calories. It is bikini season after all. I hate when bloggers always have some BS reason for extra long workouts, don't you? Just admit you are trying to stay skinny, or in my case, non-fat. 

 What city are you head over heels in love with?

Do you hate when bloggers always try to pretend there is some other reason why they had to do some crazy ass workout after stuffing their face? Or are you judging me for doing the same (although it wasn't exactly crazy, just insane ..... see what I did there)?


  1. It's plain and simple. I run so I can eat. And drink. I like food and alcohol too much and had to find a way to avoid gaining a shit ton of weight.

    Not sure on fav. city. I rarely travel to be honest but I was in Oklahoma last week so we could have possibly only been 6 hours away from each other...much closer than the current situation.

  2. Yay for a free tablet! But I have the new Microsoft operating system on my laptop and am not a fan. What do you think?

    San Antonio looks awesome! I'm not judging you for double workouts...sometimes you need margaritas, sometimes you need double-sweat sessions. Nothing wrong with that. It all balances out. I try to be honest when I want to lose weight or make up for eating junk. I don't get all emotionally involved in it...that's what I hate about HLBs. Put on a couple lbs/lose doesn't make or break my day, just something to get done (like training).

    And I love San Diego. Like really love that city.

  3. Free tablets?! That is pretty awesome and that picture is also me on the couch at my house - always wrapped in a blanket. I have no shame in admitting to extra exercise when I eat a bunch of crap!

  4. I like how you tried to bury the fact that a duck attempted to rape your leg.

  5. You didn't tell me the tablet was free!!! That's even more exciting and amazing!

    I can't say that I've ever heard of a duck biting anything. Did you retaliate by kicking it.

    I don't know what you're talking about with bloggers. I mean, we just love endorphins!

  6. san francisco. i would live there if it weren't so far away from family and friends.

    we don't even crank our AC up that much and i had a hoodie and blanket on last night.

  7. I hate when bloggers rationalize eating with long workouts. Drives me bananas. And also, you make San Antonio look gorgeous!

  8. I'm in love with NYC as you know. Probably also San Diego even though I've never been there, but that's ok... its a love from afar. Can't wait for AC!!

  9. I just loooove to sweat in the super hot and humid temps. There's nothing I like more than doing to multiple times a day. No, that's not true. I run and workout so I can eat more. I would be as big as a house if I didn't, no need to lie about that. Plus, I doubt anyone would believe me.

  10. I live a couple of hours south of San Antonio; it's a great place! And, at 3 PM here it's a 'feels like' 106! I ran at 6 AM on Saturday for weather like your 3:15 PM. Lucky! :)

    Favorite places I've visited are San Francisco, Seattle and Anchorage area (hours one way and then back and hours the other way).


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