Friday, May 31, 2013

It's almost June!

Last night I did Bikram. It was 90 degrees outside. 115 in the studio. I wanted to pass out. 

It's the last day of May. Insane. I just need to take a second and talk about how freaking amazing the month of June is.

1. Last weekend in our 20s

Technically, this begins tonight, when my BFF Nicole arrives from North Carolina. I originally moved to Baltimore with her and other BFF Carolyn. Here we are looking beautiful in our house shortly after we moved in 2005.

My HS BFF Casi moved down a year later, and we used to have some wild times together, especially at Howl at the Moon, which is the bar where I met Eric.

Amazing BFF wedding collage I made because I know how to use Picasa
 Some of us (Casi and I) are actually about to leave our 20s, and some of us are total jerks who have like 6 more months (I won't name names). Funny how it seems like yesterday when we were all seniors in college, and a late birthday was a huge disadvantage. I was actually pitying these two for having to wait so long to turn 21. So quickly the tables turn, and now the joke's on me. 

Ok that was a long one. Moving on.

2. Great Grapes wine festival - this will take place immediately before our last night out in our 20s. This will be my fourth year in a row. You lay on a picnic blanket, drink wine, and eat cheese. It's the best.

2012 - because I know you all care.
3. The end of the school year. Enough said.

4. The Baltimore Ten Miler. Once again, it's my fourth year in a row. This race is insanely hot and hilly, but for some reason everyone in Baltimore loves it. I am posting a lot of old pictures that no one cares about but me in this post, so for looking at them I'm including another fabulous race photo as a reward.

5. My 30th birthday (June 19). I may have mentioned this once or twice on the blog. It's coming. And it will be awesome.

29th birthday scavenger hunt.
6. 30 miles for 30. I still have big plans to do this the weekend after my birthday. Anyone interested in joining?

7. ISTE - a technology conference for teachers. I'm getting my masters in instructional technology, so I'm lucky enough to go this year for the third time in a row with some awesome friends.

Our first year - I know all my teacher friends know this guy!
 It's in San Antonio. Fun fact - my college boyfriend was in the army, and trained there for almost a year, so I've been there I think 6 or 7 times. Eric and I also went together in 2007 when he was in a wedding that got canceled like the day before we arrived, so we went to Sea World instead. Good times. Since I've already seen the sights, I plan to do nothing but drink margaritas on the Riverwalk in the evenings after the conference.

8. Finally seeing my sister's engagement ring in person and going wedding dress shopping with her! I LOVE wedding dress shopping for other people. All of the fun and none of the pressure and body issues! I actually counted down the days until I could see the ring during the Bob Potts marathon - no idea what it was, and I can't really do math in races so I probably came up with a total of like 780.5, but the point is that's how excited I am. 

What are you most excited about for June?


  1. Sea world sounds way better than a wedding. Win.

  2. June is a brutal month for me because not only do you and Tals share a birthday, but my mom, my dad, and my best friend's birthdays are all in June, along with my parents' anniversary and Father's Day. Basically, life turns into lots of gift giving and dinners :)

  3. June birthdays are great (I happen to have one), I love the Baltimore 10-Miler, and ISTE is awesome. It was in Seattle the year I went. Enjoy the month ahead.

  4. I'm obviously most excited for wedding dress shopping! I don't know how I'll possibly make it another month.. I just cannot wait. I am excited for your 30th birthday too, but not as excited as if I could come to the celebration.

  5. The picture of you with the giant fuzzy penis is still my favorite.

    I was thinking about how I could run 30 for my 30th. It just feels lame to do it by myself, probably broken up over a Saturday haha. Damn baby!

    June is the month of fun and July will be the month of heat and pain. I like it.

  6. I want to be a part of all of these fun events. I need to get out more.

    I'm most excited to heal and start running for real in June. Let's hope it happens.

  7. I'm turning 30 this year too, but I get to wait a few more months. I keep reminding all my friends of this since they were so mean when I wasn't quite 18 or 21...REVENGE IS SWEET!

    June sounds like a great month for you! Have fun!

  8. I'm wondering why you didn't just do yoga outside, it would have been about the same experience. I'm really looking forward to June being OVER. It's going to be a long month. But I have plans to get together with an an awesome blogger, so that will be something to look forward too.

  9. I like the middle Miler picture. You look PISSED. I'm not far behind you... I will enjoy June as my last full month in my 20s. Husband has a conference in San Francisco in June, I'm hoping to piggy-back on that and head up there for the last weekend of his conference.

  10. I'd do your 30 for 30 if I were closer, buy my version would be 30 minutes for 30 because that's probably all I'd have in me.

  11. I might do 30 minutes for 30. But I don't turn 30 for a few more years, so I'll continue my lazy streak until then. Have a fun June!


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