Thursday, May 2, 2013

The picture of co-dependency

Last night I was all excited to post that my beloved Civic was finally being returned to me. My friend was nice enough to take me to the shop after work, I handed over my credit card, yet again, and was on my merry way.

Not even 5 miles of driving later, the dreaded oil light came on again. This damn light was what immediately preceded my terrifying breakdown on the highway last week, so naturally the only reaction to seeing it again was a complete panic attack and calling Eric. 

Well the Honda Civic actually IS really gas efficient.

Unfortunately, I didn't really have much time for the above activities, because I was headed to my school's honor roll awards ceremony. Actually I was already on my school's street, so I decided to temporarily abandon the issue and rush inside, since it was about to start. Turns out that was a wise move. I thought I was there to clap, cheer, and provide moral support to my kids - from the audience. Nope. As soon as I walked in, I heard "and the teachers are going to be handing out the awards! First up, Mrs. Lindsey!" and then the next thing I knew I was on stage with a microphone. 

Eric had advised me to check my oil, so after the ceremony, I rushed out to the parking lot and did just that, because I was supposed to go to a training right from the honor roll night. 

I checked the oil. After I checked it, I really had no idea what to do with that information. So I texted Eric a picture of the dipstick and called him.

My name is Alyssa and I'm helpless with cars and don't care. When people ask me why my car is in the shop, I say it stopped running and if they need further information to contact my husband. I guess we almost have a perfect 1950s marriage because he also handles all the money and I do the cleaning. Except for the fact that I'm the one bringing home the big bucks. 

Really who even cares what this text says?

I was advised to go home and bring it to another shop today, and luckily the car made it home, because if I found myself on the side of the highway again I'm pretty sure I'd be leaving in a straight jacket this time.

This first animal meme I've ever found funny.

Not to worry though, because remember that weekend of awesomeness I mentioned? It's nearly upon me, except it's more like a week of awesomeness.

Friday: Fly to my hometown, Rochester, NY, to hang out with the world's best family and cutest baby

Saturday: Alumni night with my sister and college roomies - we go to our alma mater and pretend we are in college again all night. Enough said.

Sunday: Fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma to present at an educational conference

Thursday: Return home

Saturday: Drive to Delaware for the marathon!

So as you can see, I have more than an entire week before I need my car again, and we all know if there's one thing that solves a problem, it's just peacing out and pretending it doesn't exist. 

What's your breakdown of duties in your relationship?


  1. Yikes! The oil light is scary. You shouldn't drive with it on because your car can literally catch on fire. At least you know how to check the oil, that's points for you.

    In our house, I cook, clean, and pay the bills. Mike does the lawn, gutters, and anything that involves working outside.

  2. Anything mechanical and I'm done. Last night our garage door broke. I instantly went inside and said "It broke...go fix it!" I don't think he can fix this one though so we will fork out some cash to get the spring fixed. I also don't deal with dead animals. So fucking gross.

  3. I think we all know that I beat you at having a 1950s marriage. I don't even know how much money we make or how much I spend, but I do know where the mop is located.

  4. Holy cow, you are so busy! I usually think my life if nuts but then I read your schedule, and realize that I'm probably lazy!

    We haven't gotten into it yet, but I suspect Will is going to be the financial not my thing. I've also decided to rebel against gender roles and am taking yard work duties so I can calm the eff down. I love landscaping and he couldn't care less, so it works :)

  5. We are definitely related because I am also helpless with cars and don't give an eff. That's what men are for. SO EXCITED FOR THIS WEEKEND!!

  6. Have a great time you guys! Having no relationship, I have to do everything. But I am also hopeless with cars... Jodie keeps telling me what I need is a mechanic boyfriend but I can't find one.

  7. I was just in Rochester!

    I hate car things! I can check fluids. And I can drive. And a few other things. Yep, that's about all! Thankfully my brother's a mechanic.

  8. Also, I think I just posted a comment in a blog using my phone! FINALLY!!


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