Thursday, May 30, 2013

Three things Thursday

1. Post marathon, I'm loosely following Kristy's "zero week" plan, which means you do no exercise all week.  I didn't plan that going into the week, but I'm having one of those periods when no matter how early you go to bed, it's nearly impossible to get up in the morning. Also I have awesome plans this weekend that don't involve any exercise other than dancing.

But I did do 32 minutes on the elliptical last night. Partially because I got out of grad class early and Eric was busy volunteering at his school's eighth grade concert. Partially because this became kind of true for me.

Truth. It wouldn't let me crop the black off and I nearly threw my computer at the wall.

I usually think this is kind of a cop out and more of a "running helps me burn calories so I can eat more things and still be thin!" thing (which it absolutely is for me too, not going to lie), but I was truly struggling after more than 72 hours without exercise. That, or something about being at work, supposedly attempting to look professional, yet soaked in sweat like I did just run and continuing to do so because it's 90 degrees with no air flow makes it difficult to remain calm. One of those. 

2. While I'm just as annoyed as everyone else with how memes have overtaken Facebook, they do have a bright side. I would estimate that since their popularity really took off, the amount of texts I receive from my husband has at least quadrupled. Yesterday he sent me this.

 Eric thinks it's funny how much I love sleep, because he's some sort of deranged weirdo about it. He can get 5 hours of sleep, maybe 6 if he's especially tired, and pop out of bed in the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed, fresh as a daisy and ready to take on the day.

On the other hand, those who know me well wisely avoid me completely until I've had at least 2 cups of coffee (or I'm running). There's probably nothing on this earth that makes me angrier than waking up, and I can't think of many things I look forward to as much as going to sleep. It really doesn't matter if I get 5 hours or 10, I always still want more.

3. I shopped for non running clothes. That's kind of a big deal.

I read about this site called Thred Up on Sarah's blog, and I knew it was for me. It's consignment clothes that are like new, and I am sure as hell not above gently used anything if it's cheaper. (And if I have any readers who are undergrads planning to go into the field of education, you would be wise to adopt that attitude.) I got my order last night and it all fits great. I know this because I started off my day with a fashion show (trying everything on and sending pics to my sister). I got all the stuff in the picture for under $50, and it's from places like Loft and NY&Co, so not crap brands either. The link I included is my referral link so if you click it we both get a $10 credit to the site. I'm only posting that link because I really want that $10.

I really love three things Thursday. I hate thinking of post titles, and I love lists. Win/win.

Are you more like me or Eric when it comes to sleep? Even though I love it so much, I'm actually really bad at it and can't sleep unless I have a sleep mask and earplugs, and wake up a minimum of 3 times a night to pee. 


  1. Definitely more like you. Patrick is like that...6 hours and he's raring to go! Six hours and I'm whimpering, looking at my bed. If it were up to me, I'd sleep 9 hours/night. I love sleep!

  2. Ugh I need so much sleep. Now I usually get 8 hours and I still feel like I got no more than 3. Meanwhile Dave is Eric. It's really not fair how they do it.

  3. Um, I'm definitely like you when it comes to sleep. I think Mike is worse, though. It's insane.

    I'm surprised you didn't comment on the grammatical error in the meme.

  4. That is hilarious and is totally true. I'm always asleep while my husband is getting ready for work. It's great!!

  5. I am a mix of you both for sleep. I pride myself on always getting close to a solid 8 hours of sleep. Most people make fun of me for going to bed at 9 or 9:30p, but it means I can be up at 5:30a and ready to take on the day. So while I do need my sleep, when I'm up (and well rested), I am pumped to get started with my day.

    I am, however, much like you when it comes to the "no exercise" plan. It's just not a good plan for the safety of others. And I work people out for a living, so they suffer when I'm not. =P

  6. I checked out that link and laughed because they have shit that I got from an Ann Taylor outlet like 6 years ago. Now I'm really questioning my fashion sense since apparently that shit didn't sell if they are still trying to get rid of it online.

    The amount of sleep I'd like to get and the amount of sleep I need to function are two vastly different things.

  7. Definitely like Eric when it comes to sleep. I wake up at 6am on Saturday morning and lay there cursing myself because I know I shouldn't be awake. Sigh.

    Also, I appear to be following the "zero workout" policy this week myself! Guess that is what happens when you move to a new place and get engulfed in busy season all at once. Oops.

  8. My husband makes fun of me because when I wake up during the week (so at 6 AM) I have to sit on the couch, drink tons of coffee, and stare at the wall for at least an hour to an hour and a half before I can even THINK about taking a shower or talking to people. And he can just get up, take a shower, and be out the door 15 minutes later. HOW do they do that????? On the weekends, I sleep until it physically hurts my body!

    1. just described me! I'm just like you but I turn the news on at least ;)

  9. I need 7 hours of sleep and then I'm great after my cup of coffee. Don't try talking to me before coffee. I'm a bitch. Mike keeps failing at this on the weekends. I get up way earlier than I have to every morning just so I can sit on my ass, watch the news and drink coffee before I have to do anything else.

    I ordered more from Thredup! I got 3 total referrals and I hope you get some too!

  10. Thanks for posting the link to thredUP (and the $10 off!), I hate the hassle of consignment store shopping, so having a site where you can just filter and click on the items is super helpful.


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