Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Important medical advice needed

Hello from Tulsa! I truly never thought I would find myself in Oklahoma, but here I am. And here's why.

I'm kind of a big deal.
My work BFF Kristin and I are doing a presentation, and we are here with some other coworkers learning all sorts of cool stuff at the conference. Don't read that in a sarcastic voice, I mean it.

But the conference is only during the day, so we've taken to amusing ourselves by exploring Tulsa in the meantime. Here's the highlights.

Towing, I've heard of. Immobilization - not so much.
On our hotel. 
That only took about 5 minutes, so we had to find some other way to pass the time.

Cinco de Mayo mojito 

Did you know this is Tulsa's ONLY rooftop restaurant?
 I have a big marathon coming up on Sunday, but Kari was kind enough to write the obligatory freak out post, and saved me the trouble. Actually I'm not quite sure what the hell is going on, because normally public speaking and goal races leave me frozen in terror, but I'm actually feeling quite zen about both today. It helps that the conference doesn't begin until 10:45 am each day, and we are staying in the same hotel as the conference, so I'm free to enjoy plenty of sleep in the lovely hotel bed. 

I'm not exactly hydrating according to typical race wisdom, but I am following the Run Less Run Faster taper plan. Yesterday, I did the "around the world hills" workout on the hotel elliptical for 40 minutes. This morning, I completed the last speed work for the program! Crazy. 

I did a 2 mile warm up at 9:17, followed by 6 x 400 at 7:04 with 400 rest intervals, and a 1 mile cool down at 8:57. I don't know if the treadmill wasn't calibrated right or what (and it was shaking like crazy, so not exactly top of the line), but the 9:17 warm up felt like a walk, and the intervals felt fast but short and relatively easy. 

I know you are all awe struck and jealous of my fabulous travels, but try to put that aside to provide me with important internet medical advice. My marathon is Sunday. I have a physical next week, and I want to get blood work done to check my iron levels and cholesterol and all that good stuff, and the only time I can go is Friday after work. I'm terrified of needles, so I've never done this (and it's seriously the equivalent of someone with a fear of heights voluntarily sky diving) and don't know what to expect. 

Is it a bad idea to get blood work done so close to a goal race? Please weigh in and tell me if I should reschedule the whole thing.


  1. I would reschedule the bloodwork. Why chance it? It's not like you have some life-threatening condition that can't wait a few days.

  2. I was there for work a few weeks ago. We almost went to the rooftop Mexican restaurant, but decided to go to the Mexican restaurant across the street that had lucha libre wrestling.

  3. I gave you my opinion, but I'll post here, too. So long as you're not donating a pint of blood, I think you're safe for the race (or I could just be saying that so you don't beat me AGAIN!).

    Compared to the rest of the speedwork, today's was really easy. I'm with you there at least.

  4. Nah, you can get blood drawn. I just had mine done and they take just a couple of vials...not enough to impact your race performance. It's not like donating a pint of blood.

    You can do it! I know it's super creepy, but I promise it doesn't really hurt. Just don't watch. I can't watch. Ew.

  5. 1. Blood work to test cholesterol and iron levels and such requires very little blood, so it shouldn't affect your running at all (seriously). The most they'd take is still less than a shot's worth of tequila.
    2. If you or any of your coworkers have a car, check out Brookside (Peoria is the actual street name). Good restaurants, bars, and fun stores.
    3. Another sight to see in downtown is the "Center of the Universe" down by the bridges over the tracks. It's a cool echoey place.
    4. Ok, maybe that last one isn't very cool, but downtown offered much less when I was growing up then it does now.

  6. Since a blood draw doesn't really amount to much blood, I wouldn't be concerned. But if you are really freaked out by needles and concerned, maybe it is best to just wait.
    If you do decide to get it drawn, make sure you are plenty hydrated and have a snack beforehand.
    I'm glad I could offer up my extremely great medical advice.

  7. you should be OK since it's such a small amount of blood but i wouldn't risk it. i would reschedule since it's not blood work that you need right this second. better to be super careful. i extend "nothing new on race day" to a few days prior to the race too.

  8. If you were donating blood, a pint, then you should wait, BUT, iron and lipids are only a few vials, and you will be fine. Drink lots the day before, and take a snack with you to eat afterwards. (dont eat before you go or it will mess up your numbers)

  9. If you're terrified of needles I would put it off. You certainly don't need to pass out or get really anxious over something like this right before a big race. It can wait, right?

  10. Bloodwork should be fine, but if you're getting cholesterol tested, you're generally supposed to fast and do it first thing the next morning. I would double check on that. Good luck!

  11. If you're planning to get cholesterol tested, generally they make you fast the night before, so I'm not sure if you can do that after work. Good luck in the marathon- you'll do great!

  12. I feel like it's always a bad idea for you to get blood work done... just sayin.

  13. Do you know that I've always wanted to go on random vacations to cities like Tulsa or Fargo, just for giggles? Looks like you beat me to it.

  14. I say do it because you won't stress about the race because you'll be too focused on the blood issue. Man up, it's just a few vials. :)

  15. I grew up outside of Tulsa and agree with Magdalana's recommendations. (If you run the Tulsa Route 66 marathon someday you can take the Center of the Universe detour for a special coin). Riverside bike/running path is also pretty if you want to do some non treadmill shakeout run if that is allowed by RLRF. I live in Maryland now and am also running Delaware Marathon on Sun. So maybe I will see you there. It is definitely NOT a goal race for me because i am on call at the hospital on Sat night (could not find coverage) but hoping I am not called too much. Not exactly a good pre race plan. So I am driving up early Sunday. As a physician, I echo the sentiments that the small vial of blood for lab draw should not impact your running on Sun. Hydrate up on Friday.


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