Thursday, May 23, 2013

Three things Thursday

Here's 3 things I've been doing (besides checking the weather obsessively and trying not to wet my pants) to prepare for Sunday's marathon.

1. Easy workouts

Yesterday I did 32 minutes on the elliptical. Speaking of the weather, while I was on the machine, the guy on the news told me that whatever front is making it super hot and humid this week is on its way out. By Friday, according to "reliable models". I think if there's one thing we all took away from Snowquester this march, it's  that models are often not to be trusted. Or, that weather is predicted based on models. But still, I'm trusting that guy.

I did a 3 mile run this morning (9:39 pace), and it felt more like a 3 mile slog. I think my alarm went off during my REM cycle, or something, because I woke up completely confused and felt like I'd been drugged. I almost turned it off, but I have huge plans tonight - the third grade recorder concert. I can't miss that, so I somehow managed to get out the door, but since the run was only 3 miles, I never really had time to wake up. Not my finest work, but I did manage to run up behind Eric while he was walking to his car and scare the crap out of him. So there was that.

2. Bikram

I packed all my stuff to go yesterday after work, but it wasn't really appealing. My classroom was over 80 degrees before 9am, so really my whole day was like Bikram. - Today's forecast calls for near record swamp ass.

Except for the stretching. And relaxation. And silence. But the sweating was pretty similar. I went anyway, and the instructor actually paused the class to complement on my dancer pose, or whatever weird name Bikram calls it. I don't think I've ever gotten a yoga compliment.

3. Eating healthy

Yeah, whatever, it's a cliche, but it's happening anyway. The only alcohol I've had in the 11 days since the Delaware Marathon is a tiny little cup of sangria. I've also tried to really reduce my sugar intake. Not crazy Whole30 level restriction, I'm still fine with cereal and pasta sauce and stuff like that, just not things that are blatantly desserts. In fact, I haven't had any desserts since the race. Except Kari's DoubleTree cookie that she forgot in our hotel room, but what was I supposed to do, throw it away? And my friend in grad class made really good chocolate chip blondies for our last class Tuesday night. It would have been just rude not to try one. And just as rude not to take some home when she asked me to because there were tons of extras. But still, for me, that's an extremely low dessert intake. I'll be watching the mail for my gold star. 

I have had lots of yonanas, which perfectly aligns with my goal of eating at least 2 bananas each day.

Does NOT qualify as dessert, but still delicious as its own thing

Do you try to eat healthier or eliminate any specific foods before a race?


  1. It looks like your yonanas machine is taking a bright pink dump. YUM.

    1. It kinda looks like the stuff they use to make Chicken McNuggets.

  2. Are you going to pack your earplugs for the recorder concert?

    You can make that bread I sent you the recipe for as "dessert." If you double the raisins and cut the sugar in half, it still tastes amazing.

    You should bring yonanas when you come here in July. I want to try! Then we can also use our fondue fountain.

  3. I try to avoid alcohol but that's really it. I figure if it's not broke, don't fix it...although I typically avoid mexican food the night before, just in case :)

  4. Eating healthy? Lame.

    The weather forecast looks promising for a PR

  5. High humidity and sweat is favorite weather to run in. I could say I try to eat healthier, but that would most definitely be a lie. I can't say no to dessert, ever.

  6. My recent experience was that whenI carefully planned my eating, slept well, and abstained from drinking, I did well through mile 8 then threw up around mile 10 in a half (Nov). When I treated my half as just another weekend long run with a beer the night before? PR (Dec).

    I've had everything including burgers, mexican and thai before a race without any problems.

    I see a PR in your near future...


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