Friday, May 24, 2013

Home stretch

Home stretch. Less than 48 hours until go time. Powerade, water, bananas and carbs are my life this weekend (and then after the race, chocolate will reclaim its rightful title).

It's a perfect time for a marathon, because I'm on break from grad school. Try not to be too jealous, but we have a whopping 8 days in between the spring and summer semester. So I'm a free woman until Wednesday! Remember how actual college was a million times better than grad school?

We have a pretty low key holiday weekend planned. Tonight, I really want to overcome my aversion to Friday night movies to watch one of my new favorite celebrities in Silver Linings Playbook. Saturday, I plan to sleep in and be a lazy piece of crap until my shift at work, which is from 3-9pm. 

The marathon is at 6am on Sunday, and it's about an hour away, so I'm aiming to be out the door by 3:45am or 4 at the latest. That doesn't sound ideal, but I really never sleep well the night before a race anyway, so I might as well stay busy at work instead of just twiddling my thumbs at home while I get more and more panicky. Plus, earlier start = earlier finish (ideally), which gives me more time post - marathon to stuff my face and I'm thinking of really being ambitious and busting into a second bottle of wine.

I've got some bad news for my readers. I don't know for sure, but this is an extremely small race (only a few hundred runners, no chip timing), so I'm guessing there won't be a ton of photographers along the course. So I don't think you guys are getting any more gorgeous race pictures out of this deal. But, my mom is also devoted to the cause of giving the readers what they want, and she is working on getting me some pictures from my past that make what's been posted here so far look like glamour shots. I'm not sure when it will be, but just know, it's coming, and it's epic.

As of yesterday morning, here's the predicted temperature for the race. If this isn't PR weather, I don't know what is. 

At the start line, the temperature is 44, feels like 38. Actually didn't realize that until I was typing this post - I may need to rearrange my night tonight to include an hour or two of outfit decisions.

Sunday night, you should be reading a triumphantly (and maybe slightly drunk) written post about a PR, or nothing. The only thing I can think of to do if this goes badly is to delete my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and entire online presence and take up a completely new hobby. Maybe scrapbooking. Or jewelry making.

I'm taking the whole "resting my legs" thing very seriously. No unnecessary movement. I texted the red circle to Eric from bed last night (he has a weird thing about not wanting to go to bed at a time usually reserved for young children). Please note that I would have to walk a maximum of 12 steps to the thermostat.

Laziness is wonderful.

I actually included this for two purposes, to showcase my laziness and as a little helpful tip to any single or dating girls out there. Take a look at the rest of the texts. To maintain a happy marriage, never ever text anything remotely romantic or even personal. Save that for real life only. You're welcome.

There's no tracking system, and no one is going with me to the race, so you'll all just have to wait in anticipation for around 10am until I finish! I don't know how you'll handle it, but somehow we'll all get through.

Fill in the blank: _______________________________ is my life this weekend.


  1. Yard work is going to be my life this weekend. It's ok to be jealous.

    Mike and I usually just text insane pictures of Bungee to each other. That's basically the same thing.

  2. Campppppppppping is my life this weekend!

    Tell your mama we're expecting big things. I'm not sure what I'll do if your recap doesn't include at least one epic Alyssa face!

  3. When I text Jeff, I usually just get "OK" as a response because he is the world's slowest texter. It's actually painful to watch him try to text with his flip phone.

    I'm really sad that I can't track you in this marathon. It's the next best thing to actually running with you. Well even better because there is nothing like a sideline marathoner to tell you how you should be running the race (spoiler: faster)

  4. Oh, and good luck. Not that you need it.

  5. That might be perfect marathon starting weather! Not for waiting around (hopefully there's not too much of that with a smaller race) but for actually running it's good. Looking forward to a drunken and triumphant post Sunday night.

  6. Good luck! Hoping or dumbfoundingly amazing Pr.

  7. I like that you say thanks a lot in your texts, I usually am a lot more demanding when I text my husband. My weekend shall be full of laziness, or at least ideally it would be.

  8. Good luck! Just wait, all my texts to my husband are about the baby. It's ridiculous.

  9. I'm glad the drunk blogging is in the works. I look forward to it. I did it once. I didn't regret it. You wont either.

  10. Good luck tomorrow!! I have race envy. I wanted to do this marathon too. But for some reason, my husband & son strongly preferred to head to the beach this holiday weekend rather than go to York, PA & stand around for 4+ hrs in chilly temps while I finish. Shocking, I know. So I will be rooting for you while I drink wine at the beach and wish I was running a marathon this weekend. Looking forward to your race recap even without gorgeous race photos. Hopefully it is a tale of your epic PR because I really dont want to read a blog about jewelry making or scrapbooking. And my husband doesnt text at all. I think he is the only one in this planet under the age of 85 who doesnt. Sad.


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