Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do fries twice in one day count as carb loading?

In a few hours I'll be headed to the airport, and my chapter in Tulsa will be closed. It's been quite a wild ride.

On Tuesday, after our presentation (which got rave reviews, BTW), I glammed up for the conference's red carpet gala. I had two hot dates for the evening.

Check that out - even wore heels

The gala was Oscar - themed!
This is really, really rare, but I developed a crush on a man at the gala. Usually I'm all about the ladies, which I attribute to a higher percentage of attractive females than males on earth. I developed this theory after years of observing the population from behind the register at Starbucks.  Fun fact: I played trumpet for 7 years, up until 11th grade.

Anyway, my crush was a trumpet player in the amazing band at the gala. I had some competition from my friends for him.

When the band took a break, we took in the view of the Oklahoma sunset from the rooftop deck.

Obviously I had to post these on Facebook, as #proof, and within seconds I got a notification that Kara was about to revoke my blogger status for forgetting something very important. 

#duckface #proof #getafterit #coworkersnowthinkiminsane
 After a few hours of dancing, the gala was over, but we were feeling like our night was only beginning. The problem was, it was a Tuesday at 10pm, and we were in Tulsa. 

Yelp, Urban Spoon, and Googlemaps couldn't help us, but finally we met some random teachers from Albany, and we found the 6 of us piled in a cab, on our way to a drag show.

I definitely would not have expected to ever spend a weeknight at a drag show in Oklahoma, but I can't even tell you how glad I am that I did. It certainly wasn't my first time at the rodeo, and wasn't even my first time seeing a drag show "with" my boss (the first time was a long yet hilarious story), but it was my first time getting hit on by a man at a gay bar. 

Not-so-humblebrag - Tulsa has been awesome for my self esteem. The teacher from Albany turned out to be a total creepster and wouldn't stop hitting on me until I moved to another table. Then the next day, a man came up to me on the street and asked if I was a runner or a biker - he said he could tell from my legs! This doesn't really happen a lot, aka ever, to me, so just in case I'm ever having a fat day and post its can't cheer me up, I plan to fly to Tulsa. 

Wednesday, I did 45 minutes on the elliptical. Exciting. Then, we explored Tulsa! Spoiler alert - it didn't take long.

We had lunch at this lovely little outdoor restaurant.

We got two recommendations for neighborhoods to check out. Both of them....didn't have much going on. A few restaurants/bars, maybe one or two shops, and....that's about it. Maybe we are spoiled being from a big city? Nevertheless, it was a gorgeous, sunny day, so we still had fun wandering around.

The real downer was that we found this, but
none of my friends watch GoT, so I couldn't
make any funny jokes.
 We had the BEST DINNER EVER. For real.

First, we went back to this German beer garden type place that we found Monday night. It literally looks like a garage, so you are semi - outside. We ordered a bunch of their happy hour apps for the table (FYI - there were only 4 of us). Two orders of duck fat fries, a pretzel, and two orders of mini chili cheese bacon wrapped hot dogs. 

We devoured this and some beers (pear cider for me, which was absolutely delicious). We still felt a tad hungry after, but didn't really want more of the same. So we made the obvious choice. We took a little break and sat and chatted for a few hours before round two of dinner. What goes great with German food?

11pm unpictured sushi. Clearly. If eating fries twice in one day (I had sweet potato fries with lunch), plus sushi and a cookie dough milkshake counts as carb loading, which I'm pretty sure it does, color me marathon ready!

tl:dr version - don't plan your trip to Tulsa for the excellent sight seeing, but if you have awesome people to hang out with, it can still be super fun and tasty.

Ever been to a drag show? Thoughts?


  1. I WANT PEAR CIDER. Dave and I have been obsessed with hard cider for literally months, and I'm also obsessed with Harrison's pears (as in, baby food), and am planning to eat so many jars of them after I get my wisdom teeth out. My goal in life is now to find pear cider. And duck fat fries, obviously.

  2. cookie dough milkshake!? wtf is that?? I want one ASAP!

  3. Cookie dough milkshake!? WTF is that! I need one ASAP!

  4. Ok, I only skimmed this because I want full details on Sunday and don't want to hear stories I've already read.

    Remind me to tell you about high school and college boyfriend trumpet player. That should get us through a few miles.

  5. I went to a drag show in Thailand, of all places, and it was seriously amazing. If you wouldn't have told me, I never would've known they were men!

  6. I have never been to a rag show, but I think it would be fun, my husband would be so freaked out though!

  7. I really want to go to Tulsa now. I haven't been hit on in ages. Turns out that a toddler and baby are a turn off for men. Who knew?

    1. Just run the Baltimore marathon again! You were beating guys off with a stick in 2011!

  8. I stayed at the hotel of your gala (The Mayo) when I was in Tulsa! I knew because of the Oneok building across the street.

  9. This post is hysterical! I've been following your blog for a few months and you always make me laugh out loud. Good for you for having someone say you've got great legs and getting hit on. Good luck at the marathon!

  10. You didn't critique the duck fat fries... did they really taste different? Duck is one of my fave foods! And pear cider sounds incredible too. I love hard cider, it's rare to find it on a menu here. Perhaps I'll move to Tulsa...!

  11. I think I'd feel guilty eating duck fat fries. Poor Daffy never saw it coming (says the girl that demanded steak for dinner). Potatoes are a starch, so clearly this was perfect carb loading. I hope the marathon went well!


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