Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As I mentioned yesterday, the treadmill has been set up, and not a moment too soon. Today is a snow day, and if we didn't have a treadmill, I would have actually had to go outside and run in the dreaded Snowquester.

Terrifying, right?
But thank god that wasn't the case. Instead,I got to run in style, while finishing the first episode of Downton Abbey on my Kindle. I wouldn't say I'm hooked yet, but it wasn't bad and I've been told to stick with it.

I swear I was actually running, not walking.
I thought you could see the sweet display from this angle, but I guess not.

It has buttons 1-10 for speed and incline, so you can just push the button to choose your speed, you don't have to hit the little up arrow a million times. I didn't even know this existed.

Since I might actually run on the treadmill more often now, I set the incline at 1.0 since that's supposed to be the minimum where no one can accuse you of cheating. We also set up a double layer of mats underneath it, and Eric said he couldn't feel the vibrations at all even when he was right next to me taking pictures (as opposed to before we had them when the whole freaking place was shaking).

So that's good since it means:
1. I can run in the morning without being that neighbor that everyone hates.
2. I'm not a fatty who will knock things off the walls with my running impact.

I returned to my handy dandy training plan and did yesterday's workout, 5 miles with 2 at marathon pace. The treadmill only tells me speeds in mph, so I did the 2 miles at 7.0, which turned out to be an 8:34 pace, so a little too fast, but whatev. 

Unlike a normal snowday, I was actually able to be ever so slightly productive. I worked on grad work for most of the morning. I made Eric take a picture to prove it.

And here it is.
He did apparently take a real one, after all.

#studying #proof
Now I have to get ready to go to my second job, and having to leave the house is really killing my snowday mojo. Being a grown up is hard, having to put on real clothes and have a job and all. Rough stuff.

What would you do if you got a snow day tomorrow (aka no work or leaving the house, whatever your job may be, it's imaginary, ok)?


  1. I can't wait to see the treadmill! Now you are as cool and amazing as Kara and I am.

    If I had a snow day tomorrow, I'd still have to work, but in a fun world, I would spend it running on the TM and then lounging on the couch watching TV.

  2. I wish I could be as excited about treadmill running as you are!! If I had a snow day, I definitely wouldn't change out of my comfy clothes.

  3. Aaaah! I am so jealous of your treadmill. Speaking of which, we were looking at houses at on Monday night, and Patrick said "we can put a mini gym in the basement - you know, some free weights and a treadmill..." And I was like "what?! I've never mentioned getting a treadmill!" And he said, "But of course you want one, so I was thinking of getting it for you for next Christmas!" It's like 10 months away, and I'm excited for Christmas already.

    Not that we found a house or anything.

    I have to work from home when it snows...bill bill bill! Oh billable hours...I sometimes hate you.

    If I had a free day, I would design my marathon training plan for North Face. Does your friend want to do that for me? ;)

    Good luck this weekend!!

  4. I would sleep! lol Is that silly? I actually live in Wisconsin, so every day is a snow day here and nothing changes. I LOVE to snowshoe!


  5. I'm going to stop blogging because I can never top this post with that pic of Eric.

  6. Wait, I am so confused. Isn't there supposed to be snow for a snow day to occur?

  7. That set up of the laptop on the couch looks amazing and I need it. Does Eric know you posted that picture on here?


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