Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weirdo food or not: you decide

This is an exciting time in my life. 2 more school days until spring break begins, 3 days until The Host is out, and 5 days until Game of Thrones, season 3. I don't even know how I'm handling all this. 

According the oh so wise internet, the first week of Whole30 is supposed to be spectacularly awful. I thought I had some sort of get out of jail free card, since I thought it went really well. It turns out that maybe instead of being a super special snowflake who got to skip all that, I may just be extra delayed. The "hangover" that's supposed to hit hard on day 2 attacked me today.  I think the only reason I avoided it yesterday was my 13 hours of sleep and avoiding people at all costs. In fact, I really need to finish half assing this post so I can get to bed immediately if I want to survive tomorrow.

I really didn't feel like exercising, or working, or moving at all today, but I dug deep and made it to Bikram. Even though the room was 115 degrees and I was laying on the floor, I kept falling asleep during savasana (resting pose where you just lay there....aka my favorite part). 

To prove that I'm not eating like a total weirdo (or maybe as the final nail in the coffin to convince readers that I am), I'll share some of my meals. I know I usually really don't give a crap about people's freaky fad diet food, so I won't be offended if you skip this whole part. Please note, I'm horrible at food "photography".

Most days, breakfast has been two hardboiled eggs and a banana with cinnamon and almond butter.
On the weekend I got wild and actually ate my eggs hot, with some veggies. Good enough to instagram.
Red Thai Curry Sausage Stronganoff - Eric approved
I've been meaning to make my mom's marinara sauce for forever now,
and it was amazing with spaghetti squash.
Plantain chips - also tested and approved by a normal person.
You're not really supposed to have dessert, but I got desperate Saturday night and made yonanas with vegan whipped cream and it really hit the spot, although it in no way replaced or was anywhere close to an actual sundae. I hate when people try to convince me healthy stuff is dessert. 

Living on the wild side here.

I actually feel like I can fit in more with this than as a vegetarian, although I haven't actually gone anywhere, so time will tell. Other notable changes: I'm also pretty sick of water, so I'm drinking a crap ton of herbal tea. You can't have breath mints (yeah, this thing is no joke) so I use mouthwash after my coffee every morning while 24 kids stare at me. I've eaten a ridiculous amount of meat. And so many eggs that I'm really starting to wonder if this whole thing was a scam cooked up by chicken farmers.

So let's weigh in - weirdo food or did you see anything you would eat?


  1. I'll only judge you if you start calling it "nut buttah". Friggin HLBs. I also can't judge on the eggs because I ate 6 a day more than once when I was pregnant.

  2. Your diet is effective. After looking at those pictures, I never want to eat again.

  3. Please have me over for dinner. I'll bring you a dozen eggs, which should last you guys at least 12 hours.

  4. Good call on the banana and almond butter...except I thought almond butter wasn't allowed bc of the sugar?! Are there other kinds? Teach me, oh wise one.

  5. Probably stuff I'd eat....but you give me crap about it being too damn healthy!

  6. That all seems normal! :)
    Although, I admit, looking through that, I feel like I'd still be hungry!

  7. I think I would eat all of that. I love herbal tea so that part would be easy.

  8. I would eat the chips and the spaghetti squash, and that is all.

    I wish you better luck on your diet activities than I ever have on mine...usually by Day 4 or so I am crying on the floor and Brian is going out to get me chicken wings. I am such a wimp.

  9. I might eat the plantain chips and that's it. Allan, however, would eat any of the above food items. Aside from onions there's nothing he won't eat.

  10. Wait, the title of this blog is a joke.. right?

  11. Heading over for a loop around the lake now. I'm sure that after that I would be happy to eat any of that stuff, no matter what it is.


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