Sunday, March 17, 2013

My wild weekend

Wild St. Patrick's Day weekend over here!

I worked Saturday night and then got Popeyes for Eric on the way home (he was pulling an all nighter doing grad school midterms). Have you ever had one of their biscuits? They are epic. Combined with some smoked Gouda and Prosecco, it was quite a delicious dinner. It looks small, but don't worry I went back for more cheese and had a huge dessert. 

I've had plenty of wild St. Patrick's Days in my early 20s but now, ain't nobody got time for that (hangover). 
2007 - a night that went down in history
Eric's response to seeing that picture "Why the f%$^ were you dating a bear?".

That's not to say I won't be celebrating. I'm going to see Safe Haven with my two BFFs this afternoon. It was supposed to be our annual Valentine's Day date, but I had to skip town unexpectedly for that holiday, so now it's a St. Patrick's Day date.

No clue what it's about, but it's based on a Nicholas Sparks book, so
I know all I need to.

This weekend did have some excitement. I was super psyched all day Friday because I didn't have a long run Saturday, so I could drink that night. I had like a glass and a half of Prosecco while we caught up on the Biggest Loser (we're still behind though). Amazing.

Then I came really close to achieving one of my major life goals, but I had to open my big mouth and talk about it, and now it's probably down the drain.

Words with Friends, for those who aren't in the know

Of course right after this she got like a 35 point word and now we are neck and neck and I am paralyzed by fear and can't play.

Saturday morning I tried Yogalates. The yoga part was SUPER yogini and the chick running it was a tiny older woman who kept talking about aligning your 7 chakras. All the stretching felt great though, and it was nice and easy, perfect for recovery.

Then came the Pilates part. The sweet little old lady turned into a drill sergeant. I swear I'm not exaggerating when I say I'd rather run another marathon then repeat that 30 minutes of core work. I've never done Pilates and my entire body was shaking and it hurt so bad.

I got a really cute new pair of running shorts, that I absolutely needed, because they were on huge clearance at work. I checked the weather to see if maybe I could wear them today.

I thought winter is supposed to be pretty much over now? This is unacceptable.

Oh, and I signed up for two marathons this weekend. Because I have problems. More on that later!

How'd you celebrate St. Patrick's Day this weekend? We are totally wearing green to the movies!


  1. I bet your unaligned chakras can explain your lack of marathon PR.

    Your mom is a master at WWF. Now I'm glad I didn't play your sister. I can only handle getting horribly beaten by one member of your family at a time.

    I didn't even remember it was St. Patrick's day today, so obviously I partied hard.

  2. Never had a Popeyes' biscuit, or anything else from Popeyes. Love the Cracker Barrel's biscuits and the Red Lobster's biscuits... how do they compare?

    OK, now I want to have biscuits for breakfast... wonder where I can go?

  3. Mmmm Popeyes, love that place. We once went through a Popeyes drive-thru in the heart of the Rochester ghetto, and it was scary, but worth it. I love that yogini is an adjective now.

  4. Which marathons did you sign up for? I wore green for a St. Patrick's Day race on Thursday, but I totally forgot today. But I am drinking whiskey now, and even though it's Scotch it should still count for something.

  5. I was so excited that the yoga instructor on Saturday wasn't a yogini. She was totally normal and just took you through the poses and the breathing. Glorious.

    I've taken one pilates class and I will never do it again. It's so hard!

    I didn't wear green, but I did hang out with Mike who is half Irish and has a red beard. Does that count?

  6. I spend my St. Patricks day in my pajamas cleaning and doing laundry. It was super epic.

    I love yoga but HATE pilates. Core work and me just don't get along, even though I know I need to do it.

  7. I drank a few too many margaritas for St. Patrick's Day. Admittedly, it was at book club, so I'm still a tragic grandma type.

  8. I just saw the marathons you signed up for on your sidebar. You signed up for the one that I was debating about signing up for back in December before the prices increased but then I chickened out...hmm...

  9. I celebrated St Patty's day with a 10 min marathon PR in Shamrock Virginia Beach, still missed by goal (to beat Oprah) by 30 seconds though. Thought I had it too until the bitter end when I saw the clock. My Garmin said 26.7 though, so I will pretend I beat her at 26.2. That sideways winter ocean wind was brutal! I had to skip the finishers tent (no free 4 beers or Irish stew for me) because I had exactly 7 mins left to my hotel checkout time and hot shower (before long drive) won over party tent. I am thinking of running Delaware marathon next, to get that Oprah, I mean get another state done.


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