Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sleep trumps running - version 2.0

Last night, I moved all sorts of heavy stuff that I had no business lifting because Eric was going to the gym until late and I was determined to run on the treadmill Tuesday morning. I moved a whole bunch of stuff around to set the treadmill up in its new home (did I mention we live in an apartment and have no room for a treadmill?). I was in business for a morning run without having to deal with any of the nasty wind and other crap weather likes to throw at us runners.

Kari is coming to visit this weekend to run the marathon with me so I decided to that that opportunity to carry out my long term plan of SWF'ing her.

OMG, remember Livejournals? My roommates and I had an amazing one in college.
So, I started a book that Kari recommended (Gone Girl) and finally followed her advice to take melatonin before I went to sleep. 

That's nearly a year of killer sleep, right there in my hand.

That stuff is amazing, probably because of science, and I slept great. 

When it was time to run I got up, made the bed, and brushed my teeth. As I was brushing my teeth, I started thinking about how great it was going to be to run on my very own treadmill. Then I started thinking about how going back to bed would be even better. So that's what I did. Eric was pretty confused. 

I'm not too worried though, because as soon as everyone stops bitching about the cold it will be time to bitch about Maryland's horrible humidity, so I'll have plenty of time to develop a close friendship with the treadmill.

I posted a while ago about running 20 miles before work. That was fun and all, but you know what's a really good time? Going to work feeling nice and rested. I recommend everyone try it.

I am nailing this taper so freaking hard.

My morning was already off to a great start with all that extra sleep, and then my friend sent me this tweet, and that really sealed the deal.

I plan on implementing this first thing tomorrow.
Even with a three hour lecture on analyzing accountability data in grad class after school, I'd still rate today as a solid 8 out of 10. Maybe 7, because after dinner I made the unfortunate discovery that the special box of unseasonable Thin Mints that my parents gave me last weekend only had two left. 

Who would you want to SWF? 


  1. I just posted about how I need to stop spending money and now I just order melatonin. Thanks...

  2. Replies
    1. I approve of your dedication to sleep. I want to SWF you just for the sleep.

  3. Isn't the right answer always Katniss?

  4. No, swf is stupid content that locks up the web browser.

  5. Is it time yet for you to change this setting

    "Thanks for commenting! Comments make me probably more happy than they should."

    to something like this

    "Thanks for commenting! Comments help to overload my email and fill my otherwise empty, boring day."

  6. Oh, Livejournal, I hope mine doesn't exist anymore, that could be really scary. I've been a huge fan of sleep over running all winter. It was nice for awhile. :)

  7. Can you SWF someone you will never meet? Because if so, my choice is Marisa Miller. Maybe I could pose as a long lost relative, since we do have the last name and all. Good work on the sleep. I need some of that melatonin in my life :(

  8. I KNEW IT! I'm not coming home from this race am I? You're going to kill me and dump the body in a snow drift.

    1. What good would that serve? Surely she is more likely to lock you up in the basement writing blog entries for her...

  9. Sleep trumps everything for me lately!

  10. Sleep trumps everything for me lately!

  11. Thigh gap! Never heard that one before, but I LOVE it... hilarious.


Thanks for commenting! Comments make me probably more happy than they should.