Monday, March 25, 2013

RLRF - it's on like donkey kong

I'm super surprised and impressed that most of the comments on my Whole30 post were positive, and very little mocking occurred! In that case, I'll share my thoughts and recipes with all you lovely supporters. I went back and forth over whether or not to share it on the blog, but in the end, it came down to the fact that my life is not that interesting, and it was either that or a post about how we caught up on our DVR Saturday night.

Today is day one of using the Run Less, Run Faster (RLRF) training plan. I haven't actually had time to read the book yet, I've been busy trying to read the whole30 book, plus crap for grad school. I can only take in so much nonfiction at a time.

Ideally, I would have read this before beginning,
but I'm impatient.
The plan only has 3 runs a week, and it was supposed to start tomorrow, but then something amazing happened.

SNOW DAY. Three days before spring break. That's right. 

We even got actual snow! #proof
Let me tell you why snow days are amazing. You know that weird paradox where you can never get comfortable when you go to bed, but then when your alarm goes off your bed suddenly transformed into a magical cloud from Heaven and you never want to leave but you have to? Just me? Doubt it. A snow day allows you to capitalize on that glorious feeling that is usually just a fleeting moment.

And capitalize I did, reading and/or sleeping until about 9am, when I finally emerged in a mood so cheerful it's usually reserved for those on psychedelic drugs. Eric: "your minimum amount of sleep must be like, 15 hours".

Without it, Eric would be majorly screwed.

So obviously I had to start the plan a day early, because any time you can do speed work well rested, caffeinated  and fueled, instead of 10 minutes after your alarm goes off at 5:30 am, you DO IT. Just 12 cups of coffee later, I was ready.

I decided it was important for me to do this run wearing ALL THE COLORS, and did you know I can also run with my eyes closed?

This special day called for new shoes. I got the Mizuno Wave Mushas months ago through the Mezamashii Project, and finally busted them out. For running shoe nerds, they are supposed to provide some stability while still being lightweight (only 6.8 oz and a 9mm heel drop). Super running shoe nerds make their husband sit in the corner and videotape their feet running in them in order to evaluate their stride, which is what I did. They passed the test, so I am feeling good about wearing them to my 10 mile race coming up.

They were awesome - lightweight yet supportive as promised! Quite comfortable too!
The workout was: 10-20 min warmup, 3 X (2 X 1200) (2 min RI) (4 min between sets) 10 min cooldown.

Confused? So was I. Basically I ran 2 miles easy, then did .75 mile intervals at a 7:30 pace, alternating 2 and 4 minute walking breaks in between, with a mile easy cooldown, 8.5 miles total (and then another half mile walking because I still wasn't cooled down). I had high hopes of jogging during the rest intervals, but this workout kicked my ass, and Eric had to put headphones in because I kept yelling obscenities, so that was out.

Cheat sheet necessary.
I couldn't watch Buffy, because it was too bright outside and my Kindle Fire doesn't do well with dark scenes and a light atmosphere. I watched Arrested Development instead. First World Pains to the max right here.

This training plan is going to be TOUGH. The first workout nearly destroyed me. So....we'll see how this goes!

What do you love the most: sleep, coffee, or chocolate? Or other?


  1. I haven't had a real snow day since HS, so I am jealous. Then again I really can't complain about work. I definitely love sleep the most and I am officially terrified about tomorrow.

  2. yup, that sounds about right! good times for the next few weeks :)

  3. I have heard a lot of great things from friends who have used the training plans in the books! And they didn't die, so I think you'll be ok!

  4. I hate speedwork workouts that require freaking cliffnotes. Why does it have to be SO COMPLICATED???

    Obviously I need coffee.

  5. Snow days are the best! Unfortunately today's snow day was during my spring about a waste of snow! lol

  6. sleep and then food, in that order.

    Nice job on the workout, was a little confusing!~

  7. All of my friends in your area were shocked that snow actually showed up this time. Well played, Mother Nature. Have fun with your speed workouts! I'm going to go eat ice cream in bed instead of running.

  8. ugh that is a tough choice. I used to love sleep, but now since I never get it, I resent it. In that case, I probably love coffee the most. But I do love chocolate. The fact that I can't decide is a serious first world problem.

  9. Ha, you're right-- the RLRF workouts are always hard to remember! I'd always write them in a note on my phone and prop it up on the treadmill. If I was outside, I was screwed :) Also, do you drink coffee black?!

    1. As Eric likes to say, I like my coffee like I like my men.

  10. Mushas! Did you tell Matt Craig? one of his favorite shoes....

  11. I'm a little disappointed you are doing the Whole30 "non-diet" because how will you be #fatfluential ?
    I'm seriously jealous of your snow days. I'm in desperate need of a vacation day.
    I think sleep is my favorite. No amount of coffee can wake me up if I am too tired.

  12. I heart SLEEEEEEEP. My nightly minimum is also probably around 15 hours. Reason number one million why I am not ready for my own children yet.

  13. I'm a pretty huge fan of sleep. There's nothing quite like a looong night of sleep during which Allan doesn't wake me up with snoring.

    I like your new Mizunos! Hope you enjoy them.


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