Thursday, March 14, 2013

My rage isn't new

By popular request, I'm going to reveal something I'd really rather keep a secret. 

My beautiful "seeing the time clock face" isn't unique to this race.

First of all, it's been seen before, especially in this post

But that's not what I'm talking about. I've been making that face for like 20 years.

#rage #proof 
I didn't really want that picture to be on the internet. There are already more than enough horrible pictures of me on the interwebz to provide people who hated me in high school with plenty of fodder for amusement. HA! Just kidding, that wouldn't happen, I obviously wasn't popular in high school, as evidenced by the fact that I'm a blogger.

But Kara and my mom really pushed for the release of that picture. Kara provided me with excellent hospitality last weekend, letting me hold her baby and stuffing me full of carbs, so I sort of owed her. And my mom, well, she gave me life. For starters. 

So I was really in a pickle, but ultimately, I caved, so I hope you enjoy that picture as much as they have. It seems to be a constant face I make in candid pictures, I've even seen it in my wedding pictures, from the happiest day of my life. 

I really didn't want people to force me to eat any more. PS my shirt said bride.
Now I feel the need to post this. So the takeaway from this post isn't "damn that girl's ugly and I was right, she was a dork in high school!".

On this topic, this meme really summed up my life this week.
Does a yourecard count as a meme?
I've always been in the pro-sleep anti-look good camp, but this week I feel I've really taken it to an extreme. Like Kari said, I haven't been sore or extra hungry since the marathon, but don't worry, I haven't let it stop me from eating more and resting and "recovering" excessively. But I have been ridiculously tired, where no amount of sleep can satisfy me. So headbands, jeans, and fleece it is. Sorry coworkers.

I miraculously found energy to complete a 25 minute workout tonight - Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, Level 2. At least it was an intense 25 minutes. 

Sleep or appearance?

Anyone out there a blogger who was popular in high school and cares to dispute my theory? So far the only exception I've come across is my sister.


  1. Sleep. Always sleep. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go thank Kara.

  2. What's a blogger? Is that an "app" on those iphones you kids have?

  3. I work in my pajamas. I think we know the answer to that question.

    I think the best thing about that picture is that it's what comes up on Eric's phone when you call him.

  4. Hahaha, I love that picture of you as a kid. You had a mane!

  5. This post has brought me such joy. I got to see your grumpy face and you in that hot dress, so this was pretty much a home run.

    1. This post brings Kara joy because she is a Ginger-lover. Your hair was so vibrant! And that scowl is fantastic.

  6. I think I should probably read your blog more often. And since I don't know you at all, I'm allowed to say that you have a child doppelganger in the at&t commercial when the girl talks about the werewolf. no?
    and you're popular now among people that live in the computer. and that's pretty much all that matters.

  7. I feel like I shouldn't admit this to you because I may never hear the end of it, but I was kinda Ms. High School. Captain of the dance team, homecoming royalty, prom, NHS...yeah, that girl. And I blog. So there. I win.

    But damn, if that face still doesn't make me laugh!!!

  8. Sleep always trumps looks. Glad to see you've been representing the #rage for decades.

  9. I choose coffee. Seriously, I put off getting ready so I can sit my ass down and have coffee.

    I wasn't exactly popular, but I also wasn't uncool. I was in the middle I think.

  10. Sleep always wins and definitely wasn't one of the uber-popular kids. I fit the mold of typical blogger. Picture is pretty funny!

  11. My takeaway from this post is that Nicole's hair did look really good for your wedding

  12. Sleep always wins. It can even shift my AM run to a PM run when I stay up too late doing taxes or something totally responsible like that.....


  13. i have to laugh at your pic as a kid - not because of your rage face - but the hair. i, too, am a curly girl and i have a billion pics of my hair looking just like that when i was little. who told us to use a brush?!?! that's curly hair suicide.


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