Monday, March 18, 2013

I met Sean T (in my living room)

Ladies, please take my advice, and go see Safe Haven immediately. It's no The Notebook, but nothing is, and it's way better than the last several Nicholas Sparks movies I've seen. 

I'm not so into Josh Duhamel or whatever his name is, because so far, once you go black you never go back has in fact, been true for me, but it my heart was pounding during the movie (due to the plot) and there is a kid in there that was at Olsen twin level acting. I do NOT throw that compliment around lightly.

Let's talk about people I AM into. Tonight is the Biggest Loser finale, and Eric and I devoted all our spare time this weekend to catching up on the FIVE episodes we were behind on. We only actually had time for 3, so hard choices had to be made.

I could not allow us to miss the finale, because it's live, and Jillian is going to be live tweeting, and I need to text all my friends watching, and Jillian has already described her outfit in her podcast and it sounds hot as hell. 

So to recap - Josh whatever I can't say or spell your last name - eh. Jillian Michaels - YES. I'm still considering a plan to gain like 200 pounds and try out for the show.

In my last post I was whining all about not being able to wear my new shorts because spring forgot to arrive, but then I remembered I have a fun new indoor running toy and now I can run in shorts any time I want. 

New shorts and me looking SUPER excited to run.
In my lifelong quest to become more like Kara and Kari, I finally watched the first episode of Buffy while I ran an easy 5 miles. I liked Downton Abbey, but it didn't really seem to be suited for psyching me up for treadmill running. Buffy seemed to really do the trick. 

Last week was a recovery week, so I took it nice and easy, ran only 10 miles, and didn't exercise before work even one time. I returned to the world of 6am this morning (5am is yet to come) and did a little cross training with a brand new workout video.

Kara sent me this for Christmas. When it originally arrived from amazon, there was no indication that it was a gift, so I had no idea where it came from, and Eric and I were frantically checking our bank account and my amazon account and I was pretty convinced I had some sort of sleep disorder that involved ordering random workout DVDs. So it was a gift and a puzzle, all in one.

After Christmas, I was too busy wasting my time running 50+ miles a week in order to not PR to try it out. It was a pretty good workout, but I'm a little concerned that my lack of sober dancing skills hindered me.

8 minutes until the Biggest Loser Finale. Blog post over.

What's your favorite workout video? Seriously, I need ideas.


  1. OH MY GOD! I totally had a hip-hop abs video when I was like, 12. Really. I busted out some serious dance moves back in the day, but I didn't get abs.
    Favorite workout video lately: youtube videos from the blogger Blogilates. I hate her, but I think that means I'm getting a good workout.

  2. 1. Those shorts are hot!

    2. I love that you are starting Buffy

    3. In fairness, I told you a gift was coming :)

  3. and zwow on YouTube are good places to find workouts.

  4. When I run on my treadmill, I don't even bother with shorts. That should be your next goal for being just like me.

    Now I'm kind of sad I didn't get to see the finale live and text with you about it. Oh well, I'll text you when I'm watching and it'll be like you get to relive it.

    1. When your thighs touch, you need fabric in between them.

  5. All of my favorite work out videos are Jillian, so that doesn't help you. Sean T looks pretty fun though. Maybe bring that next time you visit and we can do our routine living room workout DVD together.

  6. Those shorts are super cute! They look like they fit really well too. And I love Downton Abbey but I definitely don't think it's good for a treadmill either. I've read about Kara's love for Buffy, so I may have to try it .... although I'm not sure anything can rival the wonderfulness that is the movie with Luke Perry. As IF!

  7. Buffy is awesome! Excellent choice. Do you feel like you are running from vampires?

    And I enjoyed Gilad on "Bodies in Motion" for awhile in High School. What ever happened to that guy?

  8. I couldn't imagine watching Downton Abbey on the treadmill. Biggest Loser was amazing and I'm not sure who was hotter: Danni, Lisa, Jillian, or Dolvett!

  9. DA is definitely not a treadmill type of show....glad Buffy worked for you!

  10. I've never seen Downton Abbey, but it definitely does not seem like a workout show. It does seem like the perfect show for couchtime though. I think I'm going to have to go try that now.

  11. I watch Buffy on the treadmill regularly!


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